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  1. Adultery and abandonment are the only reasons I have found in scripture. God still says in Malachi that He hates divorce. Although I do believe there is some grey area around abuse and by no way do I advocate staying in an abusive relationship, but that is a place where you'd just have to listen to God and go in the direction He points you in. And I second what atpollard wrote, there is never a time when divorce is mandatory.
  2. Thank you for this! It is much appreciated :) Spurgeon always tends to have a way with words that I can wrap my head around.
  3. Okay I see that this is just going in circles. My husband's testimony is all I need to see the truth in my faith. He was raised strict Roman Catholic and knows the ins and outs of the church. He went on his own journey to find the truth and searched scripture thoroughly. You may say I am making wild claims, but most of my family as well as my in laws and very close friends are Catholic. Am I supposed to think they are all just lying to me when they tell me about their faith? I am making claims based on studies I have done myself as well as personal conversations I have had with Catholics who have told me these things. I said I was not speaking of every Catholic, but you can't be speaking for every Catholic either considering the Catholics I know have told me the "wild" claims that I have made, and obviously the Catholics you are referring to have a different perspective. I do not agree with many of the traditions of Catholicism as I do not find a majority of them in scripture. You claim they were orally passed down, but YOUR words are that "no evidence means your claim fails." So how do you know that anything passed down orally has been passed down correctly? A lot of Catholic traditions have not been around since Paul or Timothy walked the earth. For example, the Catholic doctrine of papal infallibility only became official in 1870 under Pius IX. And regardless of when it became official, scripture states in Romans that NO MAN is infallible. Our evidence is in scripture, that is why God provided us with His written Word. 2 Tim 3:16 is evidence to that.
  4. Thanks for posting this. I have wondered recently about these verses as well and it is very helpful to see other member's insights. Sorry I can't offer some of my own. But I will definitely be doing a study of Psalm 82.
  5. I think we all have to be cautious when anyone has a dream or apparition or vision to share. The enemy is smart and can easily lead people the wrong way. We always just have to look to scripture. If God's glory is the result as well as a changed life, there may be some validity. I am a natural skeptic so it's hard for me to just hear these kind of stories and believe. It takes proof for me to find any legitimacy in things like this.
  6. My husband is a former Catholic and has provided me with literature in which my claim is supported. Unfortunately I do not have these documents on me at the time. I do remember that Catechism teaches that tradition and scripture are on the same level, it is paragraph 97 I believe. As a Bible believer, I do not believe anything should hold a torch to the scriptures, no matter what it is. I also know that many Catholic churches (and I am not saying all of them) do not encourage Bible study, but only the teachings of the priest and pope. Which could pose a problem if the teachings are not lined up with scripture. IMO, the Pope and priests being called Father over rules the Bible since scripture states in Matthew 23:9 that no one on earth should be called Father. That is just one example. I am not here to offend, just stating my opinion based scripture.
  7. Oh that is interesting. Thank you for providing that info. I should know better than to repeat the stuff I hear on the news!
  8. Just another day in America under the Obama administration. It seems like everyday I am hearing stories like this. Obama seems to have his own agenda, and the doesn't seem to be his priority.
  9. I have been told by my Catholic family and I have also done studies. Tradition over rules Biblical doctrine in the Catholic church. Maybe not every Catholic church, but from what I understand it is taught to follow tradition instead of the Bible if the two contradict.
  10. Well then I'm entirely confused as to what their issue is. I should clarify, I was just re stating what I heard on the news. They reported that it was funded by tax payers.
  11. Hi David, let me rack my brain real quick- when it comes to science stuff I have to admit, it's in one ear and out the other with me... It had something to do with the bones that kind of hang or come from whales rib bones. Apparently prehistoric wolves had the same bones. And apparently these particular wolves went extinct some 4 billion years ago. I might have some of the details wrong but it was something like that. They had a whale's skeleton and they showed us the bones on it. Needless to say, it didn't convince us.
  12. Yep what a joke! This is exactly why I think the whole election and voting process could very well be rigged.
  13. I think Trump CAN take down Hillary, but that's supposing the election isn't rigged. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if it were. If it is not rigged, I think he may have enough supporters depending on who he brings aboard as his VP. Right now a whole lot of Republicans don't back Trump. But a lot of Democrats don't back Hillary either so who know?!
  14. I agree with BookishGirl. Any non Catholic I know gives no second thought to the pope. Although it is quite scary that his words are taken as God's words by Catholics, especially since what he says can over rule the Bible.
  15. I saw the Ark Encounter on the news last night. Atheists are mad that tax payer money was spent to build it. IMO, it should be considered historical, not religious. And if it is considered religious, any other museum needs to be considered religious as well, even if the religion is atheism. I just took my kids to an aquarium where an employee tried to teach them that whales evolved from prehistoric wolves. Since I teach my kids God's truths, I was not offended; I know the beliefs of most scientists/biologists. I expected that going in. Just as anyone should know what they're getting into when they go into the Ark Encounter. No one is forcing anyone to go or forcing their beliefs on anyone. Just like no one told me at the aquarium that I had to tell my kids that evolution was true. Did I go trying to file a law suit or crying that I was offended? Of course not!
  16. This is exactly why I am rarely seen on social media. I remember the days of MySpace and how I would log on to it for hours and the time would slip through my fingers before I knew it. I have social media accounts, but I only use them to keep in touch with people I don't usually get to spend time with. I log on maybe once a month. I see how everyone is obsessed with it and I know once I start I could end up just like them. So I try to stay away from stuff like that. That's not to say I don't get sucked into TV shows every once and a while. It's so easy nowadays since we can just binge watch a whole series in one sitting. I filled my Roku up mostly with Christian channels and Bible readings. But it is still sometimes hard to choose the right path considering everything we could possibly imagine is right there at our fingertips!
  17. Recently I have been reading Rice Brooks. He is an apologist. His book God's Not Dead inspired the movie of the same title. Now I am reading Man Myth Messiah, which was inspiration for the sequel to God's Not Dead. I love reading any kind of apologetic teachings.
  18. I always try plans and sometimes do devotionals, but I end up just starting at the beginning and reading all the way through. This time though, I started with the NT. Switched it up a little.
  19. Unfortunately, you are 100% correct. I couldn't agree more with the entirety of your comment. It is so sad to see what a lot of churches are coming to. Prayer is our only hope, and if God guides us to speak up then we speak up. All this type of doctrine does is tickle people's ears. I guess we should expect this, since it is Biblical prophecy, but it doesn't make it any less sad. People are flocking to it because it is so easy and makes you feel good. We don't need a feel good gospel, we need our hearts to break for this world. Only then can we have true revival.
  20. I really like apologetic studies so I watch the NRB channel a lot. I also love Rice Broocks' books. Right now I'm reading Man Myth Messiah. I also like Chuck Missler. Another one of my favorite pastors to listen to is Chip Ingram. Richard Ellis is great too, he really tells it like it is.
  21. You are right, and I do know the Bible says that. But I can't help but hope for better times. :(
  22. We have also stopped shopping there. We stopped a couple years ago when they made a big deal about the "boy/girl" colors that their isles were. They changed them all to tan backgrounds. Truth is, I would never have noticed the isles in the children's section if they hadn't made a big deal out of it. Now with the bathroom thing, I wish they'd re think their actions because I was a very loyal shopper and prefer Target to the other stores around here. But it is not worth it to compromise my values, especially since I am my children's biggest example.
  23. This is the sickest thing I have seen. God bless her. We should all follow her example. But seriously, when is this going to stop??
  24. I love the meme, William and couldn't agree with it more! There was a man on the news who identifies as a dragon. Which raised the question in our home, so if we identify as a dog, can we just use the restroom anywhere? Will we be charged with indecent exposure? If the transgender bathroom law is in effect, I personally don't think it will ever end. There is of course the issue of men (or women for that matter) pretending they identify as the opposite sex because they are pedophiles. It has already been happening and it is a perfect excuse for someone who was looking to follow a child into the restroom. I can not change how I feel and if that makes me a bigot or intolerant in certain people's eyes then so be it.
  25. Although I wish a tranquilizer would have been able to be used, it wasn't. I don't know how a child ended up in the Gorilla's habitat, but he did. If it were my kid, I would have wanted them to do what they had to do to get my child out of that position as quickly as possible.
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