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  1. Serving Christ doesn't have to involve some sort of grand gesture though. You don't have to move mountains, feed millions, or preach the Lord's work to all corners of the globe. I firmly believe that the small things are the ones that matter, because they can affect someone's day more than you realize. A simple hello, helping an elderly cross the street, giving street urchins a part of your lunch so all of you can eat. I think that's the way we can serve the Lord best; by not being too involved with ourselves, and go out and think of other people as well. The little things cause ripple effects to people around you, and in due time, these small acts would multiply, because for every person you help, they will pass it on, and so on, and so on.
  2. As much as I would like to appreciate how they are helping others, I think it's about time that they helped themselves and their own kind first. They are basically siphoning off funding for their own people - people who fought for their country, instead they are being pushed aside so the US could look good helping other countries that have fallen on hard times. It's a really sad thing when PR is more important than actually doing some good in your own backyard. I guess it's hard to put yourself in the US's shoes though. You have to act like a leader, a benevolent host, a winged savior, just because the world expects you to do it. It's a pretty messed up situation on all sides.
  3. This is a travesty to history students everywhere. I mean, the person could have just as easily taken paper from a notebook or something, or even just his hands and just wash it afterwards. It's like the paper has survived countless events in time, countless regime changes, countless wars, bloodshed, only to be defeated by a person who needed to use the restroom a little sooner than expected. As a person who has been a fan of the History channel since I was a kid, this is really painful to look at. Artifacts like this deserve to be in a spotlight at a museum, and you would probably pay a lot to see it, just to feel the history behind it.
  4. I think one of the best feelings you can ever experience is having to wait for something or someone, and being able to see them again. That feeling cannot be replicated. The feeling of longing to see someone, talk to someone, be in someone's company. I think it's the same with God, I think we live our lives knowing that He will be at the end, ready to guide us in the next life. I have had lots of debates in my head about this, but I think that's the general consensus is that the wait is part of the journey, the feeling of longing is part of what makes the after effect great, and it would make the reunion a lot more special if you have invested your emotions and time on it.
  5. I think it boils down to how you are going to sleep at the end of the day. If you have truly lived with honor, then you will sleep more peacefully than those with troubled consciences. Because no matter how you avoid or ignore your conscience, it would still win out at the end of the day, and people who walk the Earth with God in their hearts and having the capabilities to live life without stepping on others, I'd like to believe that they sleep better at night than those who steal from the needy for their own personal gains. But when it is all said and done, I'd also like to believe that God will do all the judging, and when the time comes, those who lived with honor would be rewarded for their actions.
  6. I think we need to love our enemies and all that, is because at the end of the day, we are all human. It's not for us to judge the actions of others, that's what they meant when it's just live and let live. We are all humans, just trying to get to the end of the day with a full belly, sleep at night with a roof over your head, and then to do it all over again in the morning. It's not for us to judge, it's God's will at the end, and whether we have done our duties, lived a life worth living, and when the time comes that we have to move on to the next life, I'd like to believe that all your actions in this world will be weighed, and the people who have done wrong, the people who have abused their power, the people who manipulated others, would be judged accordingly. But for now, we live, survive at the end of the day, and do it all over again the next day.
  7. The Ark has been an incredibly awe-inspiring and majestic creation in the Old Testament. It has always been one of the main stories in the countless theology classes that I have had growing up. I think, if given enough time, it would be plausible to store enough animals, create enough room, and store enough food for all the animals, as well as the few people who were in the Ark. I think it also has something to do with Divine Intervention, and it made a lot of the process easier. It was still hard, it took a lot of long nights and dedication to be able to build it, but without the Lord's protection, it never would have survived in one piece after a mythical flood like the one described in the Bible.
  8. I honestly don't think the theory that the Earth was flat, or geocentric theory, is a Christian thing. I don't believe it's a religion thing in general, either. It's just because the lands are flat, and when you are looking at it even from the top of the mountain, no one could ever speculate that the Earth is round. It's basically a map, and the dark edges have not been discovered yet by the fleets of explorers that each country has released. Up until people theorized that the Earth revolves around the Sun that the basic consensus would be that the Earth is round, and the rotation and revolution creates days and years. I really don't think it's a religion thing that the Earth was flat, but religion IS the reason for the explorations, as they wanted to spread their teachings and beliefs to as many people as possible.
  9. The way of life, according to the Bible, and the countless years I have spent listening to my Theology professors, is that, in its essence, being able to love your neighbor as you love yourself. They always say that, and at the core of every decision, you should have this one in mind. Not that God is watching, or you will go to eternal damnation if you don't, it's just that you should treat people in the same way that you would have done to yourself. Or better yet, think of it on their shoes, and a little bit of helping hand can go a long way. I have always found that to be a really simple mentality, and you really don't have to change the world, just changing the life of a friend, a coworker, or even a stranger on the bus to follow Jesus' way of life.
  10. Lots of churches, cities, and even countries, claim to have the true church of God. Some claim that the stones in the verse Matthew 16:18 "And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it." are the very same ones that were found in the Bible. I don't know if they truly believe it, or they are simply using it to attract followers and devotees from all over the globe, but it has been a popular thing to claim in churches, for some reason. I think you don't need a grand church for the Lord to hear it. I think all you need is a sincere heart.
  11. Devotion is a very big term to use for religious people. It means that making a huge priority of your time and day to be able to praise the Lord and all that. But for me, it's doing the little things that matter, and it would show enough devotion to your faith as much as staying at the church for the better part of the day. Helping someone in need, sharing your meal with someone who forgot their lunch, giving money to a coworker to be able to take that break, helping someone push their car to the side of the road when they get car trouble. I think that shows that you are devoted to being with other people, and I think your actions should speak louder than having to pray in front of people to show how devoted you are.
  12. Distractions come up daily in life. I don't think you can avoid it. You can't just simply shut off the distractions from everywhere else and focus on your life completely. You have to get distracted every now and again to be able to refresh your mind and let your body relax a bit. And as they say, everything in moderation, as too much distraction would also lead you astray, and you would never get anything done. For me at my work, I give myself times during the day to take a break, because a stressed mind is a useless one, and a stressed mind often leads to mistakes. As long as you are regulating work and free time, I don't see why you should indulge yourself with a break once in a while.
  13. I've always been taught that Mary, the mother, is the mother of all, and we should pay respects as such. She looks out for everyone, which says a lot because whenever I was a kid growing up, especially in class, the teachers always held more regard for Mother Mary, compared to Jesus or God. I've always wondered about this, but I guess I never got the time to ask. But I think it's because kids always listen to their mother, and if you ask Mary for help, you can always count on Her talking to God or Jesus about it. But then again, I'm never really the religious type, and I guess that's the assumption that I have made through the years. I don't think I'm right, but I always like to believe that that's really what happens behind the scenes.
  14. I prefer prayers to be quiet. It's more sincere that way. Praying out loud, especially within earshot of people, really makes me doubt the sincerity of the one praying. With these people, it's more of "showing" that they are religious, instead of actually communicating with someone higher than ourselves. That's why I hate it when people do it in public. Even the whole kneeling thing while on a public area. It just makes them look like they are seeking attention from everyone else. Like a beacon, urging people to look at the superior person praying, because you are not as religious as they are. I prefer prayers in privacy, in silence, because that is the only time you can be yourself.
  15. I like the idea. It's very easy to access porn these days, and for children, nothing's stopping them from looking these things up. That's why they have very low morals these days, I think the idea of filtering porn, as well as graphic content, would make the children better growing up, instead of being raised by porn and violence on their television screens. Lots of things to consider, because even in today's games, kids are just playing stuff that aren't suited for them left and right, and if the parents are too lax about trying to discipline their children, maybe the filter that the government will use would finally be the key to controlling what children these days can watch and play.
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