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  1. Interestingly enough when Obama speaks of climate change the issue is debatable among scientists and scholars. There is definitely some sort of change going on, but it is believed that it just is a natural cycle that occurs over thousands of years. On the other hand the problem with ISIS is something that we can actually have some say in. Trying to control the elements, or trying to rid of ISIS are two different things. The former being much less of a factor that we can control.
  2. Hitler was a horrible human being. I've read that he was abused as a child, but he operated as a man that didn't believe in God or in the morality of good vs bad. Who knows what the world would look like right now if he was successful in taking over Russia and the UK.
  3. I've never heard that interpretation Smithee. I know that some people try to bend the 6 days into meaning something else, but I truly believe that it was just that. As far as the shattered earth theory I never heard of that. I know that the Garden of Eden was completely hidden from man after Adam and Eve were cast out.
  4. I'm not sure it's for us to judge that. Yes, were supposed to look at the signs of the times, and be watchful for the return of Christ, but we can't predict what exactly is happening in the immediate future. God made this universe, in which the earth we are living on is located, and created it with all sorts of quirks. There have been earthquakes every year since way back in time, so it would be hard to distinguish if this earthquake or any other is a sign of the end of days. If we took that as a sign then we could have taken the any on of the major earthquakes as a sign in the last 1000 years.
  5. I think it is. Eating healthy protects your "temple". It also shows a lot about yourself as a person, and your self control. I believe that God wants people to exert self control in everything they do in life, and not overly indulge in things that are of this world. That could mean overindulgence in food, activities that keep your mind off God, and any other distractions.
  6. Exorcisms are not something I would dabble in. I've heard that a lot of exorcisms of the past were being done on children with genetic disorders. People that were mentally handicapped were being treated as people possessed. I believe there are cases of demonic possession, but I'm not sure how they manifest themselves. I wouldn't expose myself to that element willingly.
  7. I need a cat like that one. It has the coolest ears. Bruce Lee was definitely one of the greatest icons in the past half a century. I wonder what his career would look like if he was still alive today. Would he still be making movies in his old age?
  8. I use a Hewlett Packard laptop that's operating system is Window 10. I need to upgrade as I've been trying to do more musical work, and my laptop isn't powerful enough to run some of the recording programs like Pro Tools. I'm thinking about switching over to a Macbook.
  9. I can see why there are criticisms with some of the tradition. Praying to certain saints and the Virgin Mary aren't a component of other sects. I've heard people go as far as saying praying to the Virgin Mary statues and what not is equivalent to idolatry.
  10. I've always found it interesting to watch two scientists, one of faith and the other atheist, duke it out in debate over the origins of the universe. I've found this one between Richard Dawkings and John Lennox. If you have the time I find their arguments pretty captivating. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0UIbd0eLxw
  11. That's a good man right there. Wish that more of these Hollywood actors would come out more publicly as being Christians. I'm sure though that it would affect their ability to gain roles. Either way though they're gaining much more than just money if they can help others that are at odds with their faith.
  12. There are a lot of alarming things going on in these countries that have allowed large Muslim populations to migrate to. Some of the statistics are alarming. The increases of rape in certain areas or neighborhoods that are predominantly Muslim. The increases in violent crimes in those areas as well. The fact that there are sleeper cells that are known in some of the Muslim enclaves in Belgium. I think it's not something to fear, because if you have real faith in God you should not fear man, but I think that it's something we should monitor.
  13. I think that people put their faith in the wrong things instead of God. Most people that believe in the existence of aliens are either agnostic or atheist. Their version of god and creation is science. The irony is they are those "need to see it to believe it type of people" and they use that excuse for not having faith in God. Then they turn around and have faith in some alien race that they've never seen and have no evidence for existing.
  14. I think if anything it would be mathematics would be closer than science to the communicative language. Or an avenue of communication in the sense that we can see how everything is set, and structured in a way that can be calculated. The real communicative language though would be through the Holy Spirit and reading scriptures.
  15. The father should be able to have influence over his son just as much as the mother. She wants him to grow up Muslim, and so she is unwilling to let the husband expose her son to the church. That is a pretty sad situation for the kid to be in a pickle with. With this type of force the mother is trying to impose it wont be too long before she's teaching their son that his father is an infidel. That can only lead to a strained relationship with the father and son. Hopefully the dad can get full custody of the child.
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