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John Calvin puts forward a very simple reason why love is the greatest gift: “Because faith and hope are our own: love is diffused among others.” In other words, faith and hope benefit the possessor, but love always benefits another. In John 13:34–35 Jesus says, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Love always requires an “other” as an object; love cannot remain within itself, and that is part of what makes love the greatest gift.


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  1. Corzhens

    Question about Noah's Ark

    When the Bible account goes against the laws of science, I would always place the blame on the writer. Maybe blame is not the proper term, mistake or whatever. The Bible was written in pre-modern times but not in ancient times. Take for instance the account of Noah's Ark, we don't have an estimate of the date that it happened but definitely it happened during the pre-historic period. How can the writer define all the animals in their specific names when the writer himself does not even know all those animals? With the measurements, I believe that the numbers written are not that accurate since the cubit is just an estimated measure of length. Again, the accuracy may be in question when it comes to the actual size of the ark but I'd say it is again the fault of the writer. He may not have reviewed his data. Even now, it happens to news reports that factual errors in newspapers are committed. And to think that aside from the reporter, there's the copywriter and the proofreader which they didn't have when the Bible was written.
  2. Corzhens

    The Lord's Prayer, how do you say it ?

    Like some of the comments here, I also love the traditional version with the words art in heaven and trespasses, etc. But I don't think it matters much if the words are changed. What's important is the sincerity and the sacredness of praying the Lord's prayer. But what I don't agree with is the singing of such in some churches. Not all Catholic churches sing it but most have the singing version and with different versions of melody. For me, the Lord's Prayer is a serious prayer that is recited with utmost sincerity. Singing it loses that sincerity (or maybe there is another appropriate term that I cannot find to express the feeling).
  3. Corzhens

    One World Religion

    The Pope may be talking of ecumenism which I understand as a cooperation among Christian denominations. But that one-world-religion may be a misnomer, maybe a one-Christian-religion is more apt. Pardon me if there is a Muslim here but it looks like Christianity and Islam are poles apart when it comes to practice. It is impossible for Christians to have an ecumenical relation with Muslims. Back to the topic, I think it is good to have a one-world-religion even if it's only in principle. As one friend said, he has an inclination to turn atheist because he is getting confused with the countless religions in the world. With emphasis on Christianity, he said that there is 1 Bible but now it seems that there are so many versions. And which is accurate and which is not? Well, the guy has a point but I don't think turning atheist is the answer to his confusion.
  4. There is one local sect here that disallows their member to marry someone from another religion. The only recourse is for the other party to convert to their religion. From a layman's point of view, that is kind of strict because it is uncommon. However, in fairness to that sect's rule, marrying someone who has another belief may cause relationship problems in the future. I have a female friend who is Catholic and had married a Muslim. At first, they were okay. But eventually, their relationship suffered because of their differences in religious culture. For instance, Muslims are allowed to marry up to 4 wives while Christians don't. That's already a cause of discussion to a Christian wife. Another issue is the religion of their children. Most likely, the children will be confused in having 2 religions at home. And in worst cases, the couple would divide the children like 2 will become Christians and 2 will become Muslims. So I'd say that it is safer for the relationship to be married to a person with the same beliefs.
  5. Corzhens

    Group for singles

    Our security guard's son is a member of the group Singles For Christ. Unlike ordinary young people who are fond of Friday nights out with drinking and gallivanting, Raffy is a homebody and his usual activities are those related to church. When he married, we were surprised that the wedding was held in a military camp and the reception was in a hotel restaurant. Considering that Raffy's father is only a security guard, I wonder how he was able to have that grand wedding. In his membership with the singles group, he was given the opportunity to meet people in all walks of life, so to speak. And being an active member, he was a lecturer similar to a catechist. As one of them would say, a lecturer in the group learns enough sociology knowledge to be able to reach to be assigned as a lecturer. And a lecturer is looked up to by the members of the singles club. And in the course of his lecturing, Raffy had come to know influential people. By the way, he met his wife in that club who is also a member. Now that he is out of the club since he is not single anymore, he is still called as guest speaker once in a while.
  6. Corzhens

    Sex and the Single Person

    It used to be that sex outside marriage is frowned up especially by the elders. When I was still in school, I would be hearing talks about a young woman dating an older guy and the neighbors would say that the woman is surely having a sexual relationship. That was the culture in those days, that an older man is experienced in sex so when he gets a young woman for a girlfriend, naturally what follows is a sexual relationship. Being born and raised in a conservative family, I'm glad that I had traversed the straight and narrow when it comes to sexual relationship. I am disappointed to see in my circle young women changing boyfriend frequently or getting pregnant outside of marriage. It seems to me that having a sexual relationship is as casual as it can be. Even in social media, there is this status that says "in a relationship" to vaguely mean that the person has a relationship with someone not his spouse. But we cannot stem the tide of change and society is always changing unfortunately for the worse.
  7. Corzhens

    Intel versus AMD

    Thanks very much for your advice on the transfer of files. We have a 1TB external drive that we use for archiving and that would be a conduit storage for siphoning all the contents of the 2 units of 500 GB drive inside the computer into the new computer. That's why we are intending to have a 1TB internal disk for the news. PS. Last night, I had a serious talk with my husband regarding the planned new computer. He is again considering a laptop because he wants the old computer to stay in its location on the computer table in the living room. If we get another desktop then there would be a problem with space while a laptop doesn't need a table of its own. But then again, there are so many factors to consider so we are once again back to the drawing board. Hoping that we can have the final decision within this week.
  8. Corzhens

    Family Feuds: How to Respond

    May I continue with my story. But this time, it is about the younger sister of my husband. It was one Christmas eve when my parents-in-law came home for a vacation from residing in the US (they are American citizens). Since the family is complete, my husband was ready with his camera. Everyone was in the terrace for the informal pictorial except for Agnes, the brat of a sister. My husband had already set the camera and when Agnes came from her room, my husband joked that we should applause. That earned the ire of the bratty sister and she started shouting at my husband. Everybody was quiet. To think that it was a Christmas eve and in a few minutes we would be eating together the midnight dinner, it was really sad. But my husband did not say a word, he just let his sister talk and shout. After a few shots of the camera, my husband declared the end of the pictorial. And before anyone could mention the dinner, my husband said to me in a loud voice that it was time to go home. And we left, just like that. It was a ruined Christmas because of that sister who has no manner. And it is more sad to realize that it was the last Christmas together for the family because the following year, my husband's parents left for the US. I admire the patience of my husband because I had witnessed the bad manners of his sister and yet he did not engage her into a war of words.
  9. When I was a girl, getting pregnant out of wedlock is a terrible shame that the girl sometimes resort to suicide. On a lesser magnitude, the family would move residence to avoid ridicule. One of our neighbors gave birth to a baby in secret and later told neighbors that the baby is the child of her mother, the grandparents registered the baby in their name. But now, I am seeing girls who are pregnant out of marriage and they seem to be proud of it, even posting it in social media that they are pregnant and not married. My husband's niece was in that situation and the parents seem not to react as if a single girl getting pregnant is just normal. Worse, the government is condoning that act since they are now recognizing the so called single mother - meaning a woman with children who is not married. What is happening to our society? Marriage is losing its popularity? Worse, the same sex marriage is getting approved in many places not only in the US but also in some other countries. In fact, there are personalities who availed of the same sex marriage from abroad and are now living in the country as man and man (not wife).
  10. Corzhens

    5 ways sports can disciple your child

    When my sister's children were in grade school, she enrolled her first daughter and son to a martial arts school. I was surprised when we were invited to one competition that they joined. It was a karate competition. And although the kids did not win any prize, I admired their skills because I never imagined that they can learn karate. Their personality is meek and mild. That was the reason why my sister had enrolled them to learn karate because they might be abused in school for their passive personality. Bullying is everywhere, I agree. Now that they are adults and have jobs, I realize that karate did not only teach them self-defense but also discipline in life. They made good in their studies unlike other students who fail in their classes. My nephew and niece have finished college and have good jobs. Now I see them as a good daughter and son who exhibit discipline in everything. And maybe if not for karate they might be irresponsible or not caring.
  11. Corzhens

    Can science prove God?

    I am not a wide reader nor a science aficionado. But my take on this thread is that science is the ways of man and God has His own ways. Take for instance the mystery life, science can only evaluate what it sees. And based on the observation of scientists, man is born after the egg cell is fertilized by the sperm cell. And man dies when his physical body develops deformity that is anathema to living, i.e. he gets sick. What science cannot see is why a man becomes an embryo and how an embryo becomes alive. Does it have a soul? Does the baby in the womb has a spirit? By the way, what is the difference between the soul and spirit? My definition of the soul is the life itself that when a human dies, the soul is gone. With the spirit, that is the consciousness of the person that when we die, the spirit remains to be alive - that is my opinion and not based on my religious orientation. So my take on this thread is that science cannot prove God since God is not visible and cannot be observed.
  12. Corzhens

    Intel versus AMD

    Thanks very much for your opinion on the matter. Now I understand the difference. But that's what I am afraid of, the issues about failing after some years. Our home computer is used for simple software like MS Office programs and internet as well. The only heavier load of use is video editing but this is occasional only. Our old computer is turning 7 in July but it's already showing old age symptoms that's why we have decided to purchase a replacement. We are looking for a lifespan of 5 years for the new computer that we intend to buy that's why I am doing a little research. Thanks again for the information. God bless you.
  13. Corzhens

    Intel versus AMD

    is there anyone here who knows the difference between AMD processor from Intel? We are in the process of purchasing a new desktop. The first quotation I got this morning is an AMD computer with a tag price of 20k (in pesos) and the second offer is an Intel type of desktop for 28k. Since the price difference is not small, I am inclined to buy the AMD. However, I want to be sure that there are no issues because the operating system will be Windows 10 (more likely although no final on this one yet). Another option we are looking at is a laptop. However, the laptop costs more than the desktop. And after a thorough evaluation, we are now decided on the desktop. Some quotations are still to come from HP and Dell computers.
  14. Corzhens

    Family Feuds: How to Respond

    This is something I learned from my husband. There was that usual sibling rivalry between me and my sister who is older by 4 years. But when my boyfriend (now my husband) learned of it, he went out of his way to mend things between me and my sister. The first move is to invent an occasion in the house so he can invite me and my sister (and also his husband). After some occasions like that, things have changed a bit. When I married my boyfriend, we would always invite my sister and her family to anywhere we can afford like restaurants or resorts. Things went fast and sooner than I know that there is good relationship between me and my sister. That was more than 20 years ago. Now it appears that my best friend (aside from my husband) is my sister. In fact, we were in a beach resort last week, 2 families bonding as always. My sisters children treat me as second mother. It is ironic because my husband's younger sister is a brat. And my husband couldn't mend his relationship simply because his sister wouldn't even try to change.
  15. Corzhens

    What are your children learning from you?

    The first thing that the children can learn from me is manners particularly the manner of talking with people. In the Philippines, we have that word of respect PO which is used in speaking with older people. Like in English, you can say "Hello" to an elder but in the Philippines it is more proper to say "Hello Po" to denote respect to the elder. In our house, saying cuss word is not allowed. Even my husband abhors cuss words because he says it ruins the personality. Next lesson is generosity. We are a middle class family with our own home and own cars. Some neighbors can be considered poor. We show the children that giving extra food to the neighbors is a good deed. We have a bottle of candies in the living room - candies reserved for the neighborhood children that pass by our house. As the saying goes - it is better to give than to receive.

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