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  1. I wouldn't say it glosses over Christ's suffering, it more highlights the fact that He is no longer on it. Additionally, if you consider the commandment that states that we should not make for ourselves a graven image, that could be taken to mean we should not have a cross in our sanctuaries period. Of course it really just depends on what kind of importance we place on the cross. It is something we use as an object of worship, or just a symbol to remind us Christ's sacrifice.
  2. I would be very leary of any first generation phone, regardless of how experienced the company is. There are always going to be bugs. Especially, with low to mid level entries.
  3. Too bad in the US the state is increasingly trying to dictate what is taught in public schools. This is leading to brain dead, liberal college students who suddenly start protesting things that their professors don't like, and on and on. We are home schooling our kids, because we can't afford a private Christian education, and absolutely refuse to send our kids to a public school. Homeschooling is growing steadily in the US, to the dismay of the state run education system. Of course it depends on the state, but many of the more conservative states do not have much in the way of restrictions on home schooling.
  4. Or you could write in a third candidate. Did that when Romney was running against Obama. Couldn't bring myself to vote for either of them. Ended up writing in Ron Paul. Honestly, if more people did this we could actually make an impact. Take pairs of people who are dissillusioned by their respective parties, come to together and agree to vote on the same third party, just to send a message to the establishment.
  5. I have been a big supporters for the Pauls (Rand and Ron) who have been, historically, libertarian in their policy stances. Of course plenty of people who have become disillusioned by their original parties (Dems and Reps) have joined the Libertarian ranks, but it has not benefited from the broad spectrum of political views of the people that are now part of that group. The cross section of views is so vast it is no wonder the libertarian, much less the Tea Party, never really gained any traction as a major political party.
  6. Are you going to turn this into a poll? I see myself as a Conservative with Libertarian leanings. I support small government in that they are here to represent us on the world stage and protect us from foreign enemies. When it comes to the economy they should stay out of it and let capitalism and the free market do what it does best.
  7. Any individual who would vote in contradiction with what the bible teaches I would wonder if they were ever a Christian in the first place. Of course that is ultimately up to God to decide, but true Christians are able to be discerning, and should be in order to identify wolves in sheep clothing.
  8. Wait, do you mean to say that Al Gore did NOT invent the internet?!?!? I feel so misled.
  9. Nah, now that Trump has basically secured a window of opportunity to get our troops out we should do just that. Let them sort it out after the cease-fire.
  10. Here's an idea. If parents don't know how to protect their kids while they do things online then they should not be allowed to be online without supervision. It is as simple as that. We only allow our kids about half an hour of screen time a week. Sometimes a little more. Other than that they are only allowed on certain sites related to their homeschooling which are pretty well locked down in relation to what they are exposed to. Parents need to be parents. And if they don't understand what that means in this day and age, then they better find someone who will educate them.
  11. And this was just reported. Facepalm: Pixel 4's face unlock works when your eyes are closed WWW.ANDROIDPOLICE.COM Google has switched from a fingerprint reader to an Apple-style "face unlock" system on its new Pixel 4, but it seems that Google may not have taken the
  12. Well, it is a step in the right direction. At least for now. Now we can pull our troops out of there and if they want to go back to blowing each other up, so be it. If they can't figure out a better way to resolve their conflict why should we continue to try to stand in their way and get our own people injured/killed. Not our circus, not our monkeys.
  13. The only churches I know of that have Jesus on the cross (which is called a crucifix) are catholic. I don't I have ever seen a protestant church with anything more than an empty cross. Ours doesn't have anything behind the pulpit other than a benign pattern that is merely for aesthetic value.
  14. As far as I have seen it only has to do with the S10 Samsung phones.
  15. I was considering getting the 10e, but after seeing these reports I may either wait, or just not use biometrics to unlock it until they issue a fix for the flaw.
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