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  1. Pretty much for the same reason she and every other harpie on that awful show can't be charged with a hate crime. Because it falls under free speech. Just because I don't like what someone else is saying does not mean it is criminal. There are plenty of people who would love to see The View kicked off the air, but the constitution protects their idiotic ravings.
  2. I would have to say yes, as a true theocracy, which is what we would be under if we recognized Jesus as our sovereign, and everyone worked toward pleasing God rather than being focused on being rewarded for own efforts. A kingdom under His rule would most certainly not be a democracy, as is evidenced by how God structured Israel's government.
  3. What she may not realize, though, is that just because she is at the top of the pile of crap, she is still on a pile of crap.
  4. This just shows that they may have read portions of the bible, but they don't understand what is taught. They are using this as a way to appeal to conservatives, but true Christians will always see right through their false platitudes.
  5. Pretty much what you would expect from this apostate denomination.
  6. Ok, but what about the migrants making there way across their southern border. It is great that they are preventing people from crossing our border, but why are they allowing them in their country in the first place?
  7. Oh, they have platforms, just nothing that is cohesive. Their menu of platforms looks like a buffet put together by a bipolar schizophrenic.
  8. What is truly apparent here, at least to those outside the democratic party, is they have no sense of self. Meaning, they are so focused on being about everything that Conservatives are not they losing site of where it will take them. They champion everything from equal pay, to lgbtq "rights", to banning guns, to being friends to illegal immigrants (at least on the surface), to welcoming muslim politicians with open arms. They are completely blind to the fact that the muslim agenda is to take over our country one politician at a time and slowly start to institute sharia law, which is completely against many of the major platform items the Democrats run on. Instead of having to deal with Conservatives saying that "alternative" lifestyles are simply not ok, they will eventually have to start dealing with laws that will be instituted to criminalize these lifestyles, and not just have people who live this way wind up in prison, there will be executions. They truly have difficulty seeing the forest for the trees.
  9. I am not going to say I like Cory Booker, but the question that was posed seems rather loaded.
  10. I don't think the CRC has gotten quite as bad as the PCUSA, though they do allow women deacons. Not sure if they have gotten any further than that (i.e., gay pastors, etc...).
  11. And another one rides the heretical bus, or at the very least apostate. And this is interesting coming from someone who claims to be coming from a reformed background. Although, I am aware how far the CRC has fallen from its original roots. I actually grew up in that denomination, but have since left it and thankfully attend a church that is more faithful to the full counsel of God.
  12. Knotical

    Playing your hand.jpg

    Where can I get a deck of these cards?
  13. Knotical

    Where do you land?

    Reformed! And proud of it! 😏
  14. I will take a look, though, I am trying to limit the number of social networking sites I frequent. I may end up replacing Facebook with one of these other ones.
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