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  1. Analyst: Buy Boeing Because It's "Too Big to Fail" @themotleyfool #stocks BA WWW.FOOL.COM Love it or hate it, a market that's starved for airplanes needs Boeing to survive. Didn't someone say basically the same thing about the titanic?
  2. Good. Maybe her, and her fellow mouth-breathers will be voted out, or be recalled. The sooner the better.
  3. Well, there are two ways to get rid of her (legally). Recall election (which would be ideal, yet costly), or just vote her out in the next election.
  4. Hey, if a hollywood director can get fired over stupid comments he made years ago, this guy should simply bow out of the Presidential race altogether. Of course since he is a demoncrat, they will most likely spin this into some sort of platform during his campaign.
  5. Best wishes to you and yours, @William . I know moving out of California (to Texas) was a really good move for us, even though the area we were living was probably not as liberal as where you are moving from. I pray the church you will be attending is as supportive as we have found ours to be.
  6. I foresee some major chaos should the democrats start implementing things they want. I just wonder what their endgame truly is. To me they are becoming the party of traitors, as they are more and more promoting things that would be considered treasonous.
  7. I wouldn't put it past the democrats to not only make it legal for noncitizens (illegal aliens) to vote, but to pass a law that says anything that is currently considered voter fraud is perfectly ok. But then I really shouldn't be giving them any ideas.
  8. And another one rides the bus. The democratic party clown bus for the presidency, that is. It is simply amazing how these people can somehow justify wasting so much time and money on lost causes.
  9. Seems problematic from the word, "go." Quite frankly, it would be a very ill-advised place to divulge that kind of stuff, since any site can be hacked at anytime and any "dirty" information would be up for the highest bidder. Regardless of whether God would approve, would anyone really want to put that kind of information out there, which is ultimately discoverable?
  10. Typical politician using an act of nature to turn it into some sort of self promoting message and includes a little caviat of suspected racism. I guess mother nature is a racist now.
  11. Because they are evil cowards who bend to the loudest voice, even if it is wrong.
  12. Knotical


    There is a whole lot of crazy in the Arminian view of salvation, and is really hard to reconcile with the bible. It basically asserts that works righteousness is involved, even though it isn't
  13. While I was working in California with my current company I was represented by a union, even though I was not a paying member. For some crazy reason our collective bargaining agreement was always handled by one of two different unions depending on the location we worked. The attitude most people had about being part of a union was if you wanted to be crappy employee, then join a union, otherwise there really was no perceived benefit. Yes, I still work for the same company in pretty much the same role, but in a completely different state. No unions, and pretty much the same pay that is available in California for my position. Quite honestly, back in the day unions had their uses, but for the most part they have outlived their usefulness.
  14. The big difference between the Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed is the reference to how Jesus descended into Hell. The Nicene Creed omits this, and the more conservative of the Reformed denominations use this one over the Apostle's Creed. If they do use the Apostle's Creed there is an explanation as to what that phrase means. Have you also looked at the Athanasian Creed? I have found it has a really good description of the Trinity.
  15. The only area I have heard of that could be viewed from a homosexual slant is the relationship between David and Jonathan, but as we know this is complete bunk as both men had multiple wives and many children. The devil will try to pervert anything he can get his hands on.
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