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  1. Personally, I like the brown ales and stouts more than anything. I have brewed the caribou slobber from northern brewer a couple of times with good results. I have a couple kits I received last Christmas I was able to brew yet. Hopefully, when things cool down here they will still be good. The kits I have are a porter and an ale.
  2. If we followed more closely to biblical laws there would be a lot fewer people in prison, as those who committed crimes that required the death penalty would no longer be alive. Including rape, murder, etc... Now people who are in prison because they decided to drink, smoke, take drugs, etc... don't necessarily belong there, unless of course they ended up doing something stupid as a result of their choice. That's where things get a little fuzzy when it comes to the legal system. If we actually modeled our laws after the bible there were be a lot fewer people in prison.
  3. Only to control the government, which is what the constitution was originally for.
  4. One thing we don't need is the government making more laws to protect us from ourselves. If an individual wants to make the bad decision to put something that will ultimately do them harm into their bodies that is their choice and should live, or die, with the consequences.
  5. I have for a number of years now. A while back my wife bought be a starter kit from Northern Brewer. It comes with a fermenter, two brew kits, some bottle caps, a cap press, and some fizz tabs. The instructions actually say, "If you can make mac-n-cheese you can brew beer." It is not all that complicated, but it is always to gets some tips here and there so you don't make some rookie mistakes. I would start with 1 gallon batches then graduate once your confidence grows.
  6. Not sure if anyone has been watching, but it looks like our government is moving toward banning vaping. As much as I like this effort this will just force the sale of e-cigs underground. What was originally touted as a safe alternative to smoking is suddenly becoming even worse that what it is supposed to replace. Irreparable lung damage is in your future if you choose to partake.
  7. Knotical


    Would his name be Nicholas McCage?
  8. Oh, you can explain it, but I kind of thought it was self-explanatory.
  9. Added your option, though I will have to limit to that, otherwise I will be updating the options list constantly as we go.
  10. Star was hurled across our Milky Way galaxy by new, unseen kind of black hole NEWS.YAHOO.COM Keck Observatory data revealed that PG1610+062 is actually a surprisingly young, massive star So, not only do we have to worry about a random strike from a planet killing asteroid, but now we need to worry about stars being flung about by black-holes. Good to know. How would you like to see the world end? Planet killing asteroid that may take a while to completely kill off all life on the planet, or being flash boiled by an errant star?
  11. The one show in the group, The Flash, at least stayed away from promoting that lifestyle, even though the lead actor actually is. The trouble with that was all the time travel and alternate universes they started diving into. I just can not get into these kinds of story lines as they ultimately develop a myriad of plot holes. Some so big you could drive a truck through.
  12. Yes, we stopped watching those shows as well, though not just because of all the gayness being displayed. The later seasons of Arrow got tedious and sometimes laughable in regard to some of the things happening. I realize it is basically fantasy, but at least part of it has to be rooted in reality to make it somewhat relatable. One of the issues I had with it was one of the people on the team, I don't know his name other than Curtis, was when he would get geared up to go fight the bad guys he would go from having a rather impressive fro to suddenly having corn rows. Honestly, how long does this guy take to get into his costume, or is that somehow a superpower that his hair is suddenly like that when he gets into uniform. My wife was watching Supergirl for a while with our oldest son, but when they gave her "sister" her love interest they stopped watching.
  13. It has been announced that the first openly gay character will be in the next Captain Marvel movie. This is really disappointing, though not unexpected. Unfortunately, we are continuing to see the gay community shove their lifestyle in our faces. As much as I have enjoyed the MCU movies I hope this one tanks and sends a message to hollywood that they will not dictate what is, and is not, acceptable in entertainment.
  14. Wouldn't the answer be in the bible?
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