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  1. Not being part of the elect is not a sin, much less the unforgivable sin, which has already been established by @theophilus. I know this will certainly send us down the OSAS rabbit hole, but if you actually believe in the doctrine of the elect, then you must know that it is not something that we choose to be a part of. When you are elect, then it is because you were chosen, and you don't even find out that you were part of the elect until after this realization was imparted to you by the Holy Spirit, at which point there really is no decision to be made, or rejection of Christ that is possible.
  2. If only we could exact justice the way God prescribed to individuals like her. Sure, there are plenty of planks in my eye, but as long as I am aware of those and still recognize the evil that she represents there should be some justification in bringing some sort of appropriate consequence.
  3. I am not saying that you are saying that. I am just drawing a slightly facetious conclusion from the article.
  4. So, based on this logic that would make Beto a racist, right? Just trying to follow the bouncing ball.
  5. Another group of brainwashed kids duped into supporting a non-issue. Yes, slavery was a bad thing, but it ended over a hundred years ago in this country. So the idea of paying a group of people back for something their ancestors went through is ludicrous. If they want to generate funds to pay for education then just setup a fund directly named for that. Stop this appropriating of guilt that no one alive today is responsible for.
  6. If management is not uniformly applying the rules to all of their employees then there is a case for unfair discrimination. Could this be the thing that brings Harris' presidential campaign to a screeching halt? I sure hope so.
  7. I work in an oil field with high concentrations of H2S so pretty much everyone is required to be in the respiratory program, which means we are supposed to be able to put on a SCBA at a moments notice, so no beards. It is pretty much a requirement of employment.
  8. There are plenty of periods throughout our country's history where it was great. During the world wars come to mind off the bat, especially the second one. Had it not been for us, considering ours was one of very few countries that did not see battle on its own soil, it allowed us to build a war machine with minimal complications. Had the US not gotten involved, which was entirely inevitable due to how events played out, who knows how far Hitler would have gotten, much less Japan.
  9. The Green New Deal was garbage legislation and was given its due consideration. Just another attempt at the left at somehow spinning failure into some sort of positive.
  10. Analyst: Buy Boeing Because It's "Too Big to Fail" @themotleyfool #stocks BA WWW.FOOL.COM Love it or hate it, a market that's starved for airplanes needs Boeing to survive. Didn't someone say basically the same thing about the titanic?
  11. Good. Maybe her, and her fellow mouth-breathers will be voted out, or be recalled. The sooner the better.
  12. Well, there are two ways to get rid of her (legally). Recall election (which would be ideal, yet costly), or just vote her out in the next election.
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