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I have a large family, and live in Texas. Which is way better than California. Just ask anyone.


Running the Knotical kid farm.


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The number 42.

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    I have a large family, and live in Texas. Which is way better than California. Just ask anyone.
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    Running the Knotical kid farm.
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    The number 42.
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  1. Oh, I have. And the only explanation I can come to is they weren't/aren't playing with a full deck. But there are people who overly obsess about the end times. And by that I mean spend more time than they should (in my opinion) on the subject.
  2. For those that know me I have a very specific approach when it comes to the end times. Prepare your heart should the end happen today, but prepare your life should it not occur until after you are dead and gone. With that in mind, what is truly the point of having more than a cursory understanding of the end times? I never get into discussions about pre/post trib stuff. I never get into discussions about the rapture itself either. Part of my attitude toward stems from seeing people I grew up around, or have been influence by in one degree or another, make decisions that end up detremental to themselves and people around them. In one such case an individual quit their job and ended up losing their house and ultimately had to get a new job and move into a rental, all because they believed the end was imminent. Thoughts?
  3. I don't recall. I will have to ask my pastor. He seems to be the only part of our session that actually goes to presbytery.
  4. I know. I attended an AofG church in southern California (I am feeling much better now). They had women elders too.
  5. I am hoping you didn't get much flack from posting on Reddit, considering how anti-Christian they are on that site. Glad you found a church you are able to plug into. My advise, and I speak from experience, it is best to continue to come to a biblical resolution with your former pastor and his family, but it may be another case of things that will just fall by the wayside. Honestly, as long as you have a forgiving heart and don't let this experience tempt you into anything else you should be good. Just pray that God's will is done.
  6. @drivenfuture Take a look at the site @William posted. The number of good reformed churches in West Texas are sparse, but they are out there. I attend one in Midland. If you feel comfortable you can message me directly and we can discuss.
  7. This doesn't sound like a good approach at biblical conflict resolution. You and the pastor, especially, should be looking to resolve this biblically. As a side note, and not really to open a can of worms, but considering you have a female deacon it sounds like the male leadership in this church is lacking anyway. I would not be surprised if they continue to try and sweep this under the rug.
  8. Speaking of puppies, we may be having a litter soon. Want one? I believe the breed could be called Mutt Terrier.
  9. Definitely a sticky situation you have found yourself in. A couple things I would have done differently would be not turn myself into (secular) authorities, and I would have found a Christian counselor, or possibly approached an elder in the church and discussed the situation. This definitely sounds like an issue within the church that needs to be handled, at least initially, that way. All parties concerned should be interviewed to find out what actually happened. Honestly, if you can not find anything within your online correspondence with this girl that would raise any flags then it must be something that occurred "offline." That needs to be fleshed out and solved. I am hesitant to suggest approaching the pastor of whom this girl is a daughter as there could be a bit of conflict of interest, which is why it was wise to first approach an assistant pastor, and may be good for you to approach an elder. Once that is done you will be able to tell in the aftermath if this church is somewhere you should continue to attend, or if you should seek a new church home. All that being said, I will agree that it is not wise to connect with anyone on social media that is under age, regardless of your reputation. I would even go so far as to say I would not interact with anyone you are related to that is underage, unless you know them and their parents really well. Welcome to the forum. I hope you find the community encouraging and edifying.
  10. Have you heard any of the tracks off of his recent album? They are horrible. Not just in message (which they are more naive than anything), but musically. This is something Jimmy Fallon would use in his Bad Songs segment on the Tonight Show. The only reason it is getting any air time is because of who it is. I have a feeling he will get disillusioned after he realizes he really doesn't have an audience amongst true Christians. It may take a while, as he will find a bit of a following from the apostate churches out there, but it will happen.
  11. I found a new idea which is a take on the old Turducken, but my wife is not really up for it. What do you guys think? I believe it is called the Turkraken.
  12. Depending on the church this could be a problem. Our denomination will appoint elders and deacons for life. Unless they choose to resign or move away they will always be an officer of that church. With that it would basically require some sort of major unrepented sin that would cause the leadership of the church to expel that officer. There are other denominations that have a rotation of elders and/or deacons where every couple/few years they appoint new officers while the ones that were on the board end their stint. There are pros and cons to both approaches.
  13. Didn't mean to sound condescending. But, then how would you want to find out this information, someone tell you (which you can then question the validity), or have the Holy Spirit reveal it to you?
  14. How can I sell you something you already have? 🤔
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