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  1. What I know about God is He's more than just light. He is a real Person. And that Jesus is His Son who was given to men as a GIFT. And His sacrifice saved us all. Everyone might have theories about who God is but what Jesus taught is, God is our Father. This is why children were expected to honor their parents because by extension they'd learn obey God's commandments. If we could obey our parents why shouldn't we obey God who created us all?
  2. While GM seeds can increase yields per acreage since one of the reasons companies like Monsanto are trying to merge with others in order to dominate the seeds market is because they want to control the world food market. Should these companies have it their way, the rumors you heard (seeds from GM plants are sterile) will get to be true. These companies will want farmers to purchase new seeds each planting season and they'll overprice them once they get the monopoly they seek. And as only a few will buy the seeds there'll follow the famines the bible warns us about. It's how they'll thin the world population? It's no conspiracy theory.
  3. The women in most churches I've been to don't wear any head coverings that save for the nuns I've seen in Catholic churches. I don't know though if it is something scripture expects Christian women to abide by because save for Paul, none of the othe apostles demand that women cover up their heads. I've read though head covering was a tradition that was a sign of humility (when men covered their heads) while for women it was more of a sign of modesty.
  4. Christians are meant to be the salt of the earth. You don't need to beat yourself for backsliding. Peter is a good example of someone who denied he knew Jesus but Jesus drew him back and Peter did some good work for the Lord. Like Peter, anyone who has strayed from the straight and narrow path can still come back to the Lord and He will still guide and use you to draw more people to Him.
  5. I pray no less than 3 times a day. It's like have set prayer times though. Before each meal, I always thank God for the meal and before I sleep I also say well rounded prayers. There are people I know who are always praying almost all the time. I'd like to be more like them.
  6. Smithee

    Thinking About Sins

    I read the testimony of one man who said he was for years, trying to stop lying but he'd find himself lying anyway. He'd feel guilty after he'd told the lie, pray for forgiveness and promise that he'd never lie again. But it kept happening. So he decided to start praying, asking God to help him break the habit. He got the help he needed. Six months later, he didn't lie that much and by the end of that year he hardly told any lies. When something seems too hard for you, don't give up, take it the LORD IN PRAYER . . . Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.
  7. The bible doesn't say much about cremation but maybe these verses do prove cremation is wrong?
  8. First there was envy. Satan wanted to be like God. The angels who followed him were deceived very much the same way the electorate is deceived by politicians. They knew they couldn't overthrow God. All they wanted was to establish a kingdom of their own with Satan as their leader. The second wave of (fallen) angels fell because of lust. They "saw that the daughters of men were beautiful" and they came down to marry them.
  9. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2016/08/28/pope-francis-pledges-visit-quake-devastation/89506686/ Science doesn't have all the answers. While it's possible to predict that there'll be an earthquake in earthquake-prone areas what of when a seismic event causes an earthquake in a place where earthquakes are a rare occurrence? It's another sign that we are living in the last days.
  10. There are some conspiracy theories which claim that education is deliberately being dumbed down. One would ask why. I believe that the elite wants to create two classes. Their kids will get the best education while the kids of everyone else get dumbed education. In time the kids who don't get the best education will have to serve those who did — as slaves. Sounds unconvincing but there certainly is something brewing.
  11. Only 80 mosques in the whole country? Apparently there aren't many Muslims in Angola. This is probably the reason why they could ban Islam without fear of reprisals. I doubt though that the ban will eliminate Islam from the country.
  12. Smithee


    There are better ways to express one's faith. That's is one way one's Christian faith could be expressed.
  13. Smithee


    Praying to "Virgins" or Mary is a human tradition which encourages Christian to do what "men" teach instead of doing what Jesus expects us to do. Before He went back to heaven Jesus told His disciples to ask for anything they wanted, IN HIS NAME. Nowhere in scripture are we told to pray to saints or Mary. Though many devout Catholics try to rationalize "Mary worship," scripture says something entirely different. Servants of God know their place. Mary did.
  14. Going slightly off-topic here but I'd like to know what your thoughts on this are. When missionaries went to Africa to preach in the 1800s, the natives, some, many gods and others one god. When Christianity began spreading, many of these new converts continued to use the names of the gods they worshipped as the name of God. They were wrong. That's why I think no one should have tried to translate God's name.
  15. Be kind to everyone but don't let them take advantage of you. But Christians are supposed to be nicer than everyone else. We must be Perfect as our Father in heaven is Perfect. That's what Jesus expects from us. If being nice demands that you "see no evil" nor stand up against it then that's where the line must drawn.
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