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  1. What I know about God is He's more than just light. He is a real Person. And that Jesus is His Son who was given to men as a GIFT. And His sacrifice saved us all. Everyone might have theories about who God is but what Jesus taught is, God is our Father. This is why children were expected to honor their parents because by extension they'd learn obey God's commandments. If we could obey our parents why shouldn't we obey God who created us all?
  2. Smithee


    There are better ways to express one's faith. That's is one way one's Christian faith could be expressed.
  3. Going slightly off-topic here but I'd like to know what your thoughts on this are. When missionaries went to Africa to preach in the 1800s, the natives, some, many gods and others one god. When Christianity began spreading, many of these new converts continued to use the names of the gods they worshipped as the name of God. They were wrong. That's why I think no one should have tried to translate God's name.
  4. Christianity is against same sex marriages so it does matter who someone decides to kiss. While yes I don't see why they shouldn't be welcomed to church so they can be reminded that what they are doing is wrong, the church shouldn't be forced to acknowledge a union which is clearly defined as sinful by scriptures. A sin is a sin. Even if it is white-washed, it still is a sin.
  5. What we can learn from Daniel's experiences is that God can use us wherever we are to lead many to righteousness. We have no excuses for failing to be the salt of the earth. Despite being a slave, Daniel's righteousness is what got him real power not only in the Babylonian's kingdom but also in the Medo-Persian empire but that was not all . . . many of Darius' subjects converted to Judaism when they were convinced that the God Daniel worshipped was all-powerful. Of course that bit isn't in the bible but we can make an inference from what happened during Nebuchanezzar's reign. And to lead many to righteousness, all Daniel had done was — obey the commandments of God.
  6. You should also be wary of some false teachers who are spreading the lies that people can and do get married in heaven. There's this book I saw written by someone who purpotedly is a priest who tries to sell the idea that "we" know very little about heaven. True that is, but Jesus was here and did tell us a little about heaven. Anyone who contradicts the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Son of God is a liar.
  7. I thought one could sit on the fence believing that if you are neither for nor against abortion there really isn't anything wrong. After reading this, I now I realize I was wrong. If someone asked me if murder was wrong, my answer would be, "everyone knows murder is . . . " Same should apply to abortion. If it's both murder and sacrificing unborn children to Molech then we all should take a stance against abortion. The pen always has been mightier than the sword. We may not have the power to change laws but we do have the ability to change people's attitude towards abortion.
  8. Some of the laws in the OT were only for the Israelites and could only be applicable back in those days. There's the an eye for an eye law for example. When the Law-giver was here, what did He say? God's moral standards are way higher than our highest moral standards. So while some OT laws may not apply today, at all times aim for purity of heart for, "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God."
  9. But people do have a choice to do what's right, don't they? Free will. That's what makes all the difference. Before His crucifixion, Jesus said once He was raised, He would draw ALL MEN to Him. All. Not the elect. Not the chosen few. If it were not possible for all wicked people to turn from their ways so they could live, God wouldn't have said that to Ezekiel. So no one really has an excuse for failing to live the way God desires them to. While every can choose to do whatever they please, if you were chosen to do the work of God, you have to do it. Take Jeremiah as an example: Can we therefore say God was unfair in setting Jeremiah apart as prophet long before he was born? Or Cyrus as the liberator of the Jews long before he was born? While God has the ability to save everyone, the LORD also is the God of Justice. Humans deserve their punishment — death. If everyone was saved would God still be Just if all the criminals were let of the hook? Remember Nebuchadnezzar's punishment? He'd exalted himself and had to be punished. What of everyone else who doesn't obey the commandments of the King? The holy ones want justice don't they? But God can grant a pardon to a few of the miscreants, can't He? Our deeds. God doesn't make us do anything.
  10. God didn't create people for destruction. This is what God made man for. Adam and Eve for a while were to be sort of the representatives of God on earth but that changed when Adam sinned. His sin doomed all his descendents but God chose to have mercy on some but not because any of them deserved to be saved.
  11. The church often excommunicated people who openly disobeyed the laws of God. Corinthians 5 Homosexuality in the bible is classed as a sin in the bible. And in the New Testament too If homosexuals know this but won't change, why should they be in church in the first place?
  12. Jesus instructed His disciples to leave any village that rejected them or their message. That can be applied today . . . how the church should deal with those who aren't willing to obey God's commandments. Talk to them, inform them that God doesn't like homosexuality and if they aren't willing to change then there's no reason to associate yourself with them. Whoever is not with us is against us. So if they aren't obeying God, who is their master?
  13. By the way, Joseph Smith actually was referred to as "the New Mohammad." Lots of similiarities between Islam and Mormonism can easily be found using Google. What I find most disgusting about them though is their belief that God has a wife whom they [Mormons] call "heavenly mother."
  14. There's no argument against Christianity that I struggle with. When you struggle with anything then look to the bible for answers for as Jesus was tempted in the desert, He got ammo to defend Himself against Satan from the scriptures. It is written . . . all Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for instruction, for conviction, for correction, and for training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be complete, fully equipped for every good work. This is why we should use Scripture the same way Jesus did.
  15. Thought Mormons will vehemently deny that their religion teaches Jesus Christ and Lucifer were brothers that is something anyone who reads their literature can deduce. Anyone who believes that is no Christian. Jesus is GOD. Saying Jesus and Satan were brothers is tantamount to claiming that satan is a god [which he isn't]. What does that make Mormonism? An entirely different religion — one that is much closer to Islam. There are some who even call Mormonism the Islam of the West — Joseph Smith being what Mohammad is to Muslims — a prophet.
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