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John Calvin puts forward a very simple reason why love is the greatest gift: “Because faith and hope are our own: love is diffused among others.” In other words, faith and hope benefit the possessor, but love always benefits another. In John 13:34–35 Jesus says, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Love always requires an “other” as an object; love cannot remain within itself, and that is part of what makes love the greatest gift.


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  1. th1b.taylor

    Clinton Foundation

    It looks as though most claiming the name of the LORD are not willing to discuss such a subject. I admit I believe Matthew 7:1 but it is not, by any means the key verse as the lost inside and out of the Church desire it to be. It is the introduction to the paragraph where the conditions are mapped out for what God's children are to do before they, as described next in the chapter, judge the fruit of a man or a woman. I confess, this is not milk nor is it pablum but it is the meat for mature Christians and by the fifth year in the faith, a man or a woman of God should be able to digest more than milk. I am eternally peasec that our Father did not saddle us with her, even though I know this nztion must fall before the Gog and Magoog attack on Israel but I pray,, not in this old soldier's life, I pray I have expired before it happens.
  2. th1b.taylor

    Why I Love Jesus But Reject Islam

    You need to find some work on the4 life of Mohamed because he did not care for any standards. He was much more of a bandit leader than anything else and him consummating the ¿marriage? with his eight year old wife is well recorded. And always consider that he was a bitter man because neither the Jewish Priests nor the Christians would accept him as a Prophet of God. Please study to know the truth.
  3. th1b.taylor

    Why I Love Jesus But Reject Islam

    Jason, That is not true. Our concept of fair has nothing to do with the judgment of God on the sinful. You need to read through the scriptures this next year, done so prayerfully with a submissive spirit and God will amaze you with the things He teaches.
  4. th1b.taylor

    Why I Love Jesus But Reject Islam

    Bjt at issue is it is another gospel and one of them must be a lie. And Islam did not exist until the seventh century, over six hundred years after Jesus preached the truth and we are taught, throughout, in scripture tto hate sin and they are actively and intentionally deep in sin.
  5. th1b.taylor

    Here's why we need a wall at the Mexican border

    All of this is true but none of this has anything to do with controlling the southern border, where the greatest violations are running crazy, I know because i live in one of the border states and it is costing the state of Texas billions because the feds have put restraints of the Border Patrol Officers.
  6. th1b.taylor

    Here's why we need a wall at the Mexican border

    Your parents did not come here looking to change our culture and they chose to work inside the culture. The gangters coming here illegally across our southern, mixed with the Innocent children and ladies are a mixture of Arabs with ISIS and Central American Gangsters selling dope and it is killing the nation.
  7. th1b.taylor

    Here's why we need a wall at the Mexican border

    You do not get that idea in any of God's Churches. Inhospitably might have been a small factor but homosexuality was the issue. A study of scripture proves that it is a sin and God detests rampant sin.
  8. th1b.taylor

    Clinton Foundation

    This evening Fox News is reporting on the breaking story of the, no longer rumored, investigation of the Clinton Foundation and they have learned from to, independent but unnamed FBI sources that an indite for the quid pro quo activities ( pay for play) of Hilary Clinton as well as it is determined that as many as foreign governments hackked her private server, the same server that had those Secret emails on it. Can she govern from prison?
  9. Hey William, I dug around the site and found the reccomended method of installing Brave on their sit and with an apt-get command I reinstalled, it works great in Ubuntu 16.04 now.
  10. I'm guessing you are straight on, it would not happen in a Church I attended.
  11. th1b.taylor

    Here's why we need a wall at the Mexican border

    Hello Bobby, People so dislike questions because they for us to think. Of course, by starting this thread, my opinion on the wall is established. But there are points that matter a great deal that people do not wish to consider that should be discussed because they do impact the entire matter. In the Eighties I founded a small Construction company and was making money hand over fist doing Tract and Custom work. When the onslaught from south of the Border began, there was an onslaught of migrant workers willing to work for less than a third of my starting wage. They were unskilled and un-trainable because they did not speak English. And the work they produced was extremely sub-par and my company always drew top dollar because of the lack of items to go back and repair. I bowed my back and refusing to lower our standards, I refused to hire them and they drove me out of business. And still, thes better that thirty years later, I am told they come here to do the jobs no American will do, bringing up the question, "Who did these jobs before the influx?" And that is the question, "Who do you think did these jobs before this invasion?"
  12. th1b.taylor

    Here's why we need a wall at the Mexican border

    Well, I like your spunk and your attitude. If you can live with our nightmares you are one fine lady. May God always bless you and yours.
  13. th1b.taylor

    Here's why we need a wall at the Mexican border

    Yes mam, and I know all that you have said is true because I will soon be seventy-two and I fought three tours in South Vietnam when LBJ would not let us win and end that war. May God bless you and yours as He has me and mine.
  14. th1b.taylor

    Hi Peeps!

    Ah, the difference! My baby was just that in my case. Every time we were shot all to pieces she got me and the others home. But do I have a tale for you. This one is reported to be true. An Aviator in the Navy, they do not have pilots in the Navy, so this Aviator had completed his last tour in Vietnam and having made Ace was touring college campuses, encouraging young grads to join the Navy to fly. After he was back on Carrier Duty he received a letter of inquiry from one, about to graduate. The youngster wanted his advise, should he join the Air Force or the Navy? He wrote the youngster in this way: If you want to sleep in a nice warm bed with your wife, join the Air Force. If you want your mother-in-law and father-in-law to love you, join the Air Force. If you ever want to meet that cute little oriental girl at the end of the bar, join the Navy. He signed it and then wrote; PS What ever you do, do not join the Army except you have balls the size of basket balls, they're crazy. And me... I have no idea what that meant! May God bless brother.

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