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  1. What about the animals? If I don't get to see every animal in the world on that ship it's going to be a deal breaker :p. The Ark being built does kinda sound like a crazy idea. Hope they make their money back or bring immense amounts of joy to people because I don't see it being worth it otherwise.
  2. MTV Decoded is some of the trashiest television that you can find. It spouts SJW rhetoric ad nauseam to the point of making a person sick just by watching. As for what race Jesus was,.. who cares? People who try to make an argument over that just want to spread hate and should be ignored outright.
  3. Unfortunately, according to recent news, it seems that the only worship Trump is doing is at the alter of money. Promising millions and giving on 10,000 is a real scummy thing to do. If you weren't going to do it, why would you promise it?
  4. Britain has voted Brexit. So what does this mean? Pros: Britain not having to pay into the EU budget, Sovereignty or having control over all of Britain's affairs without having outside input from the EU, Immigration strains will plummet with Britain not being the center of financial power in the EU, and possibly increase security due to tighter immigration restrictions. Cons: Trade agreements have to be redone which results in an immediate decrease of trade initially, job opportunities lost for British workers in the EU, and possibly decreased security from not having a EU "security blanket" (ie: increased cooperation between EU countries). As an American I can say I am only affected by this distantly in regards to the world economy situation after the Brexit, but I would love to hear what a person from the UK or EU thinks about the situation. Also if a Scotsman(woman) can explain the Scotland situation that would clear up a lot.
  5. This move would be suicidal for the Republican Party, it's a dumb move that would just propel their opponent(Hilary) to Presidency, while also causing serious problems within the party. Like @atpollard said "This sells newspapers", It doesn't make sense for anyone with a brain.
  6. Whenever a politician says anything about religion you have to take it with a grain of salt, the majority of time they are just pandering for votes and it's hard to trust them. It's better off focusing on a candidate's policies, it gives you a better idea of what they are about. I just can't believe in a politician that says anything about religion during a election year, they come off as insincere just because it's a election year.
  7. Exactly this, a lower court can't overrule a higher court, so in the end all they are doing is wasting peoples time and money. That money can be spent in other ways that actually help the people like infrastructure or education.
  8. This would actually work, and it is shown quite often in movies as the overarching theme like Independence Day, Cowboys & Aliens, The Avengers. The only problem with this is that it requires an alien invasion so I think we might be in for a long wait. Other than aliens, everyone agreeing on a common enemy is a herculean task that I don't see us achieving anytime soon.
  9. Wow, I didn't know this and I'm a huge Hugh Jackman fan. I have seen a lot of his television interviews and he never really mentions his faith. Nice to see a celebrity that isn't into whatever the religion of the week happens to be.
  10. Put a snippet of a rant I had on another forum and got back Dan Brown :(. This must be the equivalent of try harder next time. I don't know where I went wrong... well, I'm off to go write mediocre books for a ton of cash now.
  11. Sounds to me like the principal is on a power trip, I can't see any other reasoning to this. It's off campus, and not a private school so he doesn't have any say. It's off campus as well so he shouldn't have any say in what the students do while not at school. Unless there is a law that says otherwise in Wisconsin?
  12. If somebody says cars are doing more damage than terrorist they're equating two issues that are unrelated. Both issues have to be dealt with, and saying cars kill more people in response to terrorist kill people is just ignorant. It's apples and oranges they don't relate.
  13. He looks so sad when he finally gets into the bowl, or maybe he wanted out when he got in. That look at the end reminds me of puss n'boots from Shrek :).
  14. Building a wall on the boarder is a ridiculous idea, just looking at the cost and logistics of it makes me cringe. So many things that haven't been addressed properly like where is the money going to come from? Who is going to man the walls (The main reason the wall of china was historically successful at keeping the mongols out was because of the people manning the wall, and not just the wall itself.)? Anyway, its a childish idea, and if they want immigration control they are going to have to come up with something that actually will work and not something that a child would come up with.
  15. Hey everybody, Beardedfellow here I'm new to this site and would like to give you a brief introduction of myself. I am not Protestant, but I am Catholic, although I hope that doesn't put anybody off. I like to hear a broad spectrum of religious views, I think it helps me understand the world in a more comprehensive way. Welp, that's all for now, I hope to talk to some of you folks in the future.
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