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John Calvin puts forward a very simple reason why love is the greatest gift: “Because faith and hope are our own: love is diffused among others.” In other words, faith and hope benefit the possessor, but love always benefits another. In John 13:34–35 Jesus says, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Love always requires an “other” as an object; love cannot remain within itself, and that is part of what makes love the greatest gift.


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  1. I am a political junkie also.. and it cracks me up when ´religious´ people get all angry about Bernie the socialist. I always ask them if they have ever read the book of Acts. Then you pull out a pocket bible and watch them try to even find it. For me, I know I am saved, and I know that the words written in red are the most important things we can live by. We should NOT form our own opinion on things, and then cherry-pick scripture to support our ideas ( what most people do when debating about homosexuality). Instead, if you want to have your opinion about homosexuality, it should come by understanding the Bible as a whole, and pay special attention to the words in red.
  2. The problem with the poll cited above is that it really doesn´t indicate what most people believe, but that most people just want the issue to go away. The Christian religion loses influence in the world when we focus on stuff like homosexuality. We are seen as judgmental, angry and hateful, and to be honest, watching some church leaders on TV, I understand it. We need to stop bringing up homosexuality as the root of all problems in the world and instead look at things like love and charity. People need to read Mathew every month, and really focus on what Jesus said in his own worlds and make living the way he describes as the focus on our lives. In the 4 gospels, Jesus talked about ´judging others´ about 48 times... the only time I remember him talking about anything related to sex, was when the woman was about to be stoned for adultery... and instead of using that moment to teach about adultery, what did he use that moment to teach us ´let those among you who have never sinned, cast the first stone´.(do not judge others).
  3. Creationism and the Big Bang theory have the same problem, ´what came before´.. Neither can win a logical argument because the human mind cannot properly understand time. If you are talking about God, or you are talking about the Big Bang, both sides cannot answer the question, what came 1 second before. There are as many impossible questions you can pose to scientists that require as much ´faith´ in believing as any religious requires. In the beginning, supposedly all the matter in the universe was condense into the size of the head of a needle. Well, who put that matter there? Where did it come from? How long was it in that state before it exploded? What caused it to explode suddenly? Any answer even the smartest physicists give you to those questions will require just as much non-science based ´belief´ as just a belief in God.
  4. This is the problem with most religious people who get involved in this debate. They do not have a strong enough science background to actually read the scientific reports to understand that there is no ´link´ between genes and homosexuality. this is the way the process works 1. Scientists publish some study about genes and homosexuality 2. Mainstream media does generic article saying ´scientists link genetics to homosexuality´ which is a complete misstatement of the actual research 3. Religious people argue against the article written by the media without actually reading the original research, and turn the fight into ´beliefs´ rather than science Why? because everyone is lazy, both sides of the argument don´t want to actually ready the science and debate the results of the science, they just want to turn it into a war of opinions, because any moron can argue their opinions without research.
  5. petesede

    Non-canonized Old Testament age books.

    I love reading the non-Bible books that are about the Bible or at least politics or history written during the same time frame of the Bible. Even some of the books written within a generation or two after Jesus are very educational. Someone on this forum uses the name Origin, who was very prolific at writing during the early days. A lot of his writing really explain what the apostles were thinking and what they were worried about. I will give this warning about non-canonical books though, almost all con-men will tell you 99% the truth, but the deception is in that 1%. The fake gospels all do that, they all have 99% of stuff that seems reasonable, but then there is just the one twist which is where the con is.
  6. petesede

    ISIS is spreading around the world

    People need to get rid of this idea that ISIS is a movement. ISIS is not ´spreading´ they are just picking up groups that already existed. For instance, southern Philippines ( the south most island) has always been a ´terrorist´ hotbed. They are not really muslims, they are not religious fanatics.. they are just thugs who jump from association to association depending on who is popular in the world. They were Al Queda, now they are ISIS.. but they are just the same group of people who kidnap people from ransom. It is just completely false to say ´ISIS has spread to the Philippines´ it really hasn´t, the same thugs that have always been there, just say they are ISIS now because the terror in that name will cause more people to pay the ransoms. They just collected from Indonesia for kidnapping a boat of fisherman. The exact same thing happened in Paris and Brussels. Those guys were not even Muslim. One of the guys bought ´Islam for dummies´ from Amazon just months before the attack. What you have is poor, thugs who have no hope in life, who join a ´big name´ organization just to feel important. ISIS, outside of Syria, is nothing more than class warfare. They are picking up poor, uneducated people with no hope for a future and making them feel important and part of a bigger thing and giving them the necessary tools to strike back at the rich people oppressing them. In every place other than Syria, there is almost no religious element to ISIS. They are just brainwashing poor, hopeless people.
  7. I don´t understand. Why is this a ´shame´ list? Isn´t this just a page where people can go to find universities that do not support the left-wing agenda? As a Christian, shouldn´t this page be something we should be encouraing HS juniors and seniors to look at when deciding where they want to go to school? In fact, couldn´t we develop scholarships that can be used at any university listed on that page. Instead of being ´shamed´ about our beliefs, maybe we should use the tools they give us in the best way we can.
  8. petesede


    I think most of what has happened is that the religion of the Jews have been allies with us throughout history in many wars, and for this reason it is politically incorrect to challenge Jews on their lack of faith in Christ, it is just something you don´t bring up with your friends. You have all type of things happen, for instance like with Mel Gibson.. It is just better to not challenge them if you don´t want to be labelled
  9. petesede

    Do we need any texts....

    Not like every line had exactly the same number of characters as the lines above it. But the copies were like photocopies of each other. If the original scroll had 78 characters on a line, the person scribing the copy had 78 characters on the line. They never used smaller writing to fit more words on a scroll. So scroll 8, line 14, the last word would be exactly the same on thousands of scroll 8s. The Jews were also insane about memorizing their texts and at different ages you would have to have memorized more of it until at age 13ish, you would have all 5 books memorized. With so many people having memorized the texts, it would be impossible for an error to go unnoticed.
  10. petesede

    Poll Question: Creationism, OEC or YEC?

    I am a believer in OC. As a person with a degree in science, there is just too much ´science´ that I would have to disregard to believe in an earth that is 6000 years old. Or as I like to joke.. there are people in Texas who think the world is 6000 years old, yet work in the fossil fuel industry. I also believe in the ´kind´ theory for the most part. Again, even non-religious people get this wrong and are not able to differentiate between evolution and natural selection. They are very different things. Natural selection is what makes rabbits in artic areas white. The more white the off-spring, the greater the chance of survival, which makes them all white after a few generations. You can do this with fruit-flies or beta fish in a month. One idea i do discount though is the idea of ´intelligent design´ Evolution is ugly, wrong, massively wasteful and anything but intelligent. It is throwing 1000 things at a wall and seeing which one sticks. You put a bacteria in a solution, and 999,999,999 of them die and 1 lives, Evolution is carpet-bombing.. it is highly inaccurate and anything except intelligent.
  11. petesede

    Do we need any texts....

    God revealed himself directly to the people of the OT. But I was imprecise with my wording.. not ´bible´ but texts. the Jews had religious texts very early, and learned to reproduce them with amazing accuracy. The scrolls were written with exactly the same line length so they could proofread very easily. Entire scrolls were discarded if a single line was ´short´ a letter.
  12. petesede

    Does marriage have any eternal significance?

    I am just not sure that is biblical accurate though. There is nothing in the bible ´above´ a normal marriage. Even the Bible doesn´t talk about anything past death, as to where you would be united in eternity. A lot of the wording used in marriage ceremonies are based on the bible, but not totally accurate to the meaning in the Bible. To the overall topic, I really don´t think so, but I do think the concept of heaven is beyond our ability to comprehend it. What happens is our ´perfection´ would be different than our spouses perfection?
  13. petesede

    Who's your candidate?

    Other than abortion, I am fine with most of the platform of the Dems. It is weird, but as much as we moan about socialism and social medicine, education etc.. if you read the book of Acts... it is hard not to believe that socialism is closer to what the apostles has in mind for us. I certainly like the idea of helping the poor and think that is where Christ´s heart is... and he spoke often about judging people and loving the sinner and things like that, which makes some of the hateful things the Reps say at odds with the Gospel of Mathew. I read a funny thing on Facebook, it was a quote from Jesus ´ I gave them 4 gospels, and they quote leviticus.....´ and that really sums it up to me. If you ignore the words of Jesus but use the Bible to quote OT stuff, then you are not walking with Jesus.
  14. The amount of people who take Jesus for their personal savior is a fraction of the population. I think maybe you are putting narrow a bit too narrow. Even at a single point in time now, only a very small percentage of a handful of countries have Christianity taught to them to the point of understanding Jesus as the only path. When you think about the world´s big populations like China and India, which are largely not saved... yes.. we are the narrow path.
  15. petesede

    Do we need any texts....

    Everything we know about God comes from the Bible. Without a belief in the accuracy and importance of the Bible, our ´religion´ is whatever we want it to be. You can wake up tomorrow and completely change your beliefs and change who you think God is and his traits. When you start having the power to decide who God is, then God is no longer a god... he is just your own imagination and creation. It takes a special kinda arrogance to just say ´well this is who I think my God is...´

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