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  1. Because the Bible speaks out against tattooing and piercing, when I became a Christian I stopped wearing pierced earrings and let the holes close up. I still have the scars on my ears as a reminder but there are no holes in my ears except the ones that God put there Himself. I also have two tattoos, that I got when I was 21 but never got any more because I became born again when I was 23. I turned it all over to the Lord and I know He's forgiven me, so all is well. I will not get more tattoos, nor will I ever again pierce my ears. I've seen cases where Christians have decided to go out and get tattooed for whatever reason, and to me, that's a sin and it's not even something that I want to do in any way, shape or form, but I do know that tattoos can be addicting, which is why so many people have multiple "ink" on their bodies.
  2. These are wise words. We definitely need to consider that all important step of marriage to be something sacred and holy, not throwaway. Jumping right into marriage without serious consideration, is a horrible idea for a couple considering that next step. If your marriage isn't working out, then there are options. Christian counseling is one such course of action. The idea is to do whatever you can with divorce being a final and last option. I wouldn't advise anyone to remain in an abusing relationship, of course, but otherwise, there are ways to make it work if the couple works at it hard enough.
  3. If you have had sex with this woman you are already married to her in the eyes of God. You are two that have become one during the sex act, so I would suggest that this is the main reason why you are finding it so difficult to remain chaste in each other's presence. This is one good reason for a man and woman to remain physically pure until they are actually married, to avoid the pitfalls of lusting after each other constantly. The only thing that still needs to happen is that ceremony and the signing of the license. Did you know that you can technically get married without the ceremony? All you have to do is sign the marriage license and have the person performing the ceremony sign it and poof, you're married. That was something interesting that my pastor told me on my wedding day five years ago. He said, "did you know you were already married an hour ago?" We had just finished the actual ceremony when he asked me that. I think that you are going to have to pray about this. Pray with your future spouse and also discuss it with her, so the two of you can work out the situation together. Elopement or moving up the date might be the answer for you, preferably if invitations haven't already been sent out. Prayer is DEFINITELY a good place to begin.
  4. I love this answer. He was always there, in the beginning, as part of the Godhead who created everything, including us. It's hard to imagine being both fully human, and fully God at the same time. None of us could ever pull that off, of course. We would be lost in something like that, unable to continue, but He is and was divine to begin with, so He didn't have two polar opposite natures pulling Him apart as we would have in the same situation. It's nice to know that we have a God who fully understands us. He didn't just create us and then stand back and watch us stumble around into oblivion. He actually became one of us, in all our grit and grime, and can fully relate to us. I imagine that this can only enhance His love for us.
  5. Well, let's put it this way... if gay people aren't allowed inside our churches, where exactly WILL they go in order to hear the Word of God and perhaps become His own? We are called upon to deliver that Word to the masses, and gays and lesbians are included in that description. We need to be all-inclusive in some things just to enable people to be able to learn about and grow in Christ. There have been people who have converted from the gay lifestyle because of Jesus, so we have to remember those few in order to help others as well. I'm not talking about gay pastors or lesbian Sunday school teachers here. I'm talking about people feeling welcome to come in off the street from ANY walk of life and be greeted as though they were our dearest friends. Should gay people be allowed church membership? Perhaps not... but they definitely should be allowed in and welcomed with open arms.
  6. Well, He was capable, even after He rose from the dead, to appear anywhere He wanted to, to anyone. I realize that He has since ascended into Heaven, but the fact is, He certainly COULD walk among us if He chose to do so. And He IS among us, spiritually speaking, even without actually being here in the flesh. He stated that where two or more are gathered in His name, there He would be also, and that is true of today just as much as it was way back when He said it. I don't think Jesus walks among us in human flesh form, but yes, I firmly believe He is here with us. I think He enjoys watching us enjoy stuff, and I think He's with us when we hurt and stress as well.
  7. Actually, God WAS a human being, at least for about 33 years or so. Jesus came here to Earth, lived among us in a human body, and ate food. I couldn't tell you what his favorite dish was, but I'm sure he probably had one or some. He certainly ate bread and fish, and probably ate whatever was available, not being a rich person. He most likely ate foods that were (and are today) popular during Jewish festivals and holidays. God tells us what to eat and what not to eat, not because He prefers certain things over others but because He wants us to be strong and healthy. He has given us those foods and denied others for a reason, to give us the very best that we can get.
  8. Absolutely, God is triune. That is how we differentiate Him from other, human-created gods. In the beginning there was God, who is ageless and forevermore. He is always named in the Bible as being three persons who are one. There have been enough verses posted above, so I will leave all that alone and just add that if we don't believe in the Holy Trinity, then which Person are we going to leave out? The Father? The Son? The Holy Spirit? Without all three, you have nothing, really, as they all serve a purpose toward the Creation, love, life and Heaven. We are the product of that very God and if we do not believe in Him in His entirety, how do we expect Him to walk with us? Our disbelief must really disappoint Him a lot. It's a good thing He's a patient God.
  9. Precisely. promiscuity has no boundaries as to sexual preference. That being said, I must add that I am a little disturbed by what I've read in this thread. Are we supposed to just accept homosexuality as the 'normal' situation for some people? When did we Christians stop looking at homosexuality as a sin that is clearly labeled as such in the Bible? By 'hating the sin and not the sinner', we are not stating that the sin has to be morally accepted by everyone, including us Christians. We are supposed to accept a homosexual relationship as being a person's most stable partnership? I don't think so. The last I knew, we were supposed to stand up for moral values whether they irritated a certain group or not. We Christians are supposed to accept homosexuals as part of the world, and as part of the human race and we are to love them (hopefully) into the Kingdom of God. We don't do that by fully embracing their standards. No, we do it by being gentle with them, loving with them, and delicately showing them the correct, God-given, natural ways that children of the One True God are supposed to follow.
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