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  1. The beginning of human life has started in the garden of Eden where God designed and put everything in place so that mankind could live in peaceful atmosphere free from suffering, pains, bad health, death, poverty, selfishness, crime, and many more problems we are facing today. . But He also gave them a positive divine law of prohibition – Gen. 2:16-17. Man disobeyed God and lost everything God has designed for him to live forever.... Gen. 3; Isaiah 59:1-2.


    Our loving God quickly put things in place through His only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ that whoever hear and do what He says, that person will surely spend eternity with Him. My brothers and sisters what are you waiting for? Stand up and obey Jesus' command today! Your wealth, pride, prestige, power, reputable position, etc, will never save you on that Great Day - Matthew 16:26. Note that we are under military training on earth very soon those who pass out successfully will be granted a crown of everlasting life...


    Life is possible through Jesus Christ.. if we preach Jesus we have to preach His law as well... if you are not ready to preach and obey His law you won't be qualified to be with Him - 2John 9. We are living our lives on earth for God to see those who qualify to be with Him - 2Tim. 2:19. If your life does not match with the rules and regulations in heaven you will be disqualified to be with Him in heaven - Matthew 7:21-23. You can only find and train yourself very well in the church of Christ which He has promised to build and also promised to give the keys to Peter to open the door for everyone who obeys Him - Matthew 16:18-19; 1Tim. 3:15. He told Peter whatever he will bind on earth has already be bound in heaven. In other words, the kind of training we will receive in the church for us to be qualified to go to heaven has already been established in heaven. And whatever he shall loose on earth has already been loosed in heaven. In other words, the bad characters, the unfaithfulness, greedy, ungratefulness, and many more are what Peter needs to tell those who are under training in the church to eradicate. Because God has already sacked Satan and His angels from heaven otherwise, they will spoil our happiness as they did to Adam and Eve if they still remain there. So God vacated them from heaven.


    My brothers and sisters do not follow the multitude into sin... Just obey Jesus' simple command today concerning your salvation... and start training yourself in His one and only church to be faithful until He comes back to take us home.... May the Lord bless you for making a wise decision today.. Amen!..


    Visit the church of Christ near you for more studies on God's word. You can also visit our website (www.eben4christ.com) for more lessons... Thank you.

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