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  1. Sorry for my delay lol but I see Becky replied. Whenever I’m using my phone, it’s not as easy as when I’m on my laptop. Thanks for your reply. 🙂
  2. This is a good thread question, and very relevant when thinking about how we can grow in our faith. I listened to a sermon recently that really changed how I see my connection with God. It is about obedience, am I obeying God's word? Am I even reading God's word on a regular basis? Once we saturate our lives in God's word and prayer, things seem to flow more naturally. I find that I catch myself almost immediately, if I'm not obeying God's word. It's important to be a reader of the Bible, because without that nourishment, you simply don't know where you're falling short, and you'll start following the culture's voice and narratives, thinking...well, I'm not hurting anyone, so... Truth is, obeying God is a form of love for God.
  3. Matthew! That is the best encouragement and advice. Thank you! I’ll wait on God. Sometimes, I want to hasten his plans but I’ll remember your post here. Really what I needed to read.
  4. Why isn't this sermon longer??
  5. Just a quick update...well, things got better, then they got worse again. I've been working on my resume and praying to God about the whole situation. What I've learned about my faith throughout this whole thing, is that God just wants our hearts. As long as we don't lose our peace or joy in Him, as long as we don't stop following Jesus, it honestly doesn't matter where we work. (as long as it's legal, of course) God cares about our holiness, and I've grown closer to Him during these past several months of this weird roller coaster ride with my job. I've also learned that the corporate business world is a dark place. There's not much light there, and we need to shine the light of Christ ...it's definitely a mission field of sorts. Thank you for your prayers, everyone.
  6. I'm happy that you have a good team of doctors to help you, Mike. Praying for you. Thanks for updating.
  7. Sorry to hear, Becky. Hope everyone is doing well. I've been doing really great, in terms of my faith walk. Feeling peaceful and happy.
  8. Hi, hope you all had a great 4th holiday and are enjoying life. 🙂
  9. Had a trying week, but things are better today. Beautiful weather outside, and I'm going to work out, soon. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend so far. 🙂
  10. I've been talking to non-believers lately, and there is such a hatred for Christ. Such a mockery of God. I try to be understanding, but I remember Jesus saying to shake the dust from our sandals, if a village doesn't accept what you're saying. I've decided that prayer is the best thing to do, now. I pray for their conversion of hearts, and that the holy spirit will come upon them, and change how they see God. Amen.
  11. Deidre

    Prayer Request

    Praying for you as well.
  12. Happy Easter and may it be a blessed one for everyone here. 🙂
  13. That's an excellent point. Happy Easter everyone!
  14. I was listening to a podcast that touches on this topic - and it was a little sobering in that the speaker was talking about how all of the activities that we are involved in, and charities ''for God,'' outreach and missions really don't indicate that we ''know'' God. There is a difference between knowing of God, knowing ABOUT God and knowing God. As to love Him. I feel that I'm finally growing in my faith, after spending my childhood and part of adulthood in the Catholic Church, going through the motions. But, in my defense, the brainwashing of the RCC is pretty convincing, and you just believe that following the Catholic way, will lead you to Jesus. 😞
  15. Thanks everyone for your replies. It would seem to be the obvious and perhaps even ''easy'' choice, to accept and follow Jesus. But, I strayed away from faith a few years back, and felt a sense of indifference. But, now that I'm very much into my faith again, I can't imagine leaving. I can't imagine turning my back on Jesus.
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