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  1. Sorry for my delay lol but I see Becky replied. Whenever I’m using my phone, it’s not as easy as when I’m on my laptop. Thanks for your reply. 🙂
  2. This is a good thread question, and very relevant when thinking about how we can grow in our faith. I listened to a sermon recently that really changed how I see my connection with God. It is about obedience, am I obeying God's word? Am I even reading God's word on a regular basis? Once we saturate our lives in God's word and prayer, things seem to flow more naturally. I find that I catch myself almost immediately, if I'm not obeying God's word. It's important to be a reader of the Bible, because without that nourishment, you simply don't know where you're falling short, and you'll start following the culture's voice and narratives, thinking...well, I'm not hurting anyone, so... Truth is, obeying God is a form of love for God.
  3. Matthew! That is the best encouragement and advice. Thank you! I’ll wait on God. Sometimes, I want to hasten his plans but I’ll remember your post here. Really what I needed to read.
  4. Why isn't this sermon longer??
  5. Just a quick update...well, things got better, then they got worse again. I've been working on my resume and praying to God about the whole situation. What I've learned about my faith throughout this whole thing, is that God just wants our hearts. As long as we don't lose our peace or joy in Him, as long as we don't stop following Jesus, it honestly doesn't matter where we work. (as long as it's legal, of course) God cares about our holiness, and I've grown closer to Him during these past several months of this weird roller coaster ride with my job. I've also learned that the corporate business world is a dark place. There's not much light there, and we need to shine the light of Christ ...it's definitely a mission field of sorts. Thank you for your prayers, everyone.
  6. I'm happy that you have a good team of doctors to help you, Mike. Praying for you. Thanks for updating.
  7. I've been listening to some podcasts recently by Timothy Keller, a Presbyterian minister, who is just awesome, imo. He talks a lot about how God doesn't really interfere with our decision making, instead, if we follow Him and have Jesus as the center of our heart - then our decision making will keep that in mind. We won't wish to make decisions that are immoral, for example. God is most concerned with us, having us belong to Him. Having us love and follow Him, and treat others with that same love. As long as our motives are about that in all things, then God doesn't really interfere with if you should go to have a coffee or not at Starbucks, or if you should leave one job for another. (unless your motivations are not in the right place) That said, I left a job last year that had me in a very toxic environment. I was there for a few years, did a great job, but it was just managed in all the wrong ways, had a lot of turnover, and this new job came along, offering me nearly double what I made there, and working from home. i felt like God was rescuing me, to be honest. I had been praying for a solution to get out of that last company, and that seemed to be it. I've been working here now for nearly a year, and working from home is a blessing. No more commute and the money is great. I actually love the job, itself. But, as we know, there are no unicorns (perfect jobs) so there's a guy who for some reason, is making my life difficult here. I think he feels threatened by me, not sure why, but the last manager we had, he seemed to like my ideas. I also feel that this guy should be let go, if I'm honest. I haven't told anyone that, but he just isn't capable of doing what is expected, yet he spins tales to always get him off the hook of his responsibility. Points fingers at me and others, and he's like 65. Time to retire, bro. lol I feel like I need to find something else. I told myself I would never let myself feel like I did at my last job, and I'm working hard and this guy seems to have it out for me. He talked with me yesterday, and I actually shared some of my feelings with him, and he said how much he likes working with me, he respects me, respects my work...etc. But, Idk, I just feel he's lying. When you start following Christ, really following Him, He reveals things to you...He makes you sensitive to the evil in the world and you can see things that maybe you wouldn't see if you just applied human understanding to it. I don't think he's evil, but I don't think he's a nice guy. I met him recently, at an annual event, and was not impressed. He was drunk and rude, and I thought to myself, why do they keep this guy? Anyways, please pray for me that I do the right next thing. I don't know what to do, really. Part of me wants to leave, that I should be able to find an employer who has its act together more than this one. I don't think the problem stems from this guy for me, I think it's a bigger picture as to the company just seems to be ill managed and no one is on the same page. Everyone is tattling, shift blaming, and that's never going to create a productive environment. Thank you in advance for any advice you might have, and for your prayers. 🙂
  8. Thanks for that, GG. I like how you conveyed that. :)
  9. Are they considered ''obsolete'' or ''fulfilled?'' I'd say the latter, tbh.
  10. The fact that the RCC leads people astray imo, makes it a false faith. Even if there are ''sprinklings'' of truths here and there, they lead people astray by teaching that one needs the RCC to pave the way to Jesus. Of course, ''she'' won't come out and state that, but it's in her teachings, that ''she'' feels the need to add and subtract from Scripture, and the Bible warns of that. There are many awesome Catholics throughout the world, but at some point, it becomes the responsibility of everyone to understand what it is that they're following, and contributing their tithes too, as well.
  11. Yea, Faber, even Jesus said if you go to a village and they won't listen, shake the dust from your sandals. I've just decided to stop debating with the person(s) who do this, because after a while, I realize that their intents aren't genuine, but rather to convince me of their thinking. Just admit you're a Catholic, so we know what we're dealing with. 😅
  12. If that's what they're doing, I totally agree. But, I can't help but wonder if their desire is to convert us, not the other way around. Not that we are responsible for converting anyone, that is only done by the Holy Spirit, but just that they are pro-Catholic, without saying that, and just arguing with us in hopes that we start to believe that Catholicism is the right way.
  13. This isn't to anyone in particular, but we (members here) shouldn't have to defend against Catholic apologists. I don't know why anyone on this site is defending a false religion like Catholicism. Makes me sad. If you're a Catholic and afraid to admit that, just own it. It would at least make these discussions easier. 😞
  14. It has not rejected indulgences. As a matter of fact, Pope Francis put out this elaborate 'letter' to all Catholics last year around Easter time, about indulgence, and all the rules that one had to follow in order to gain these special blessings from God. It's just blasphemy, simply put. But, that's what has kept the RCC in power for centuries - fear and magic. If *I* do these things, and follow what the Papacy tells me, I'll ''earn'' heaven. I'll earn my salvation. As if believing in Christ isn't enough. As if Jesus' death on the cross wasn't enough, *I* as a follower of Jesus, need to keep jumping through all these hoops that this one and only church throws out, and then...I will be saved. As long as the RCC tells me so. That's pretty much how ''she'' operates. Catholics would of course argue against that, but if you are believing that you need indulgences, then you don't know Jesus. I don't think the Pope knows Jesus, sadly, otherwise he wouldn't be suggesting to do these things. An article last year about the Pope granting indulgences. Pope gives indulgence to Irish pilgrims WWW.BBC.COM Pope Francis' visit to Ireland in August will be the first papal visit to the country for 40 years.
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