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  1. Now, I'm finding a bit funny. By the way, I find it good. I'll be thinking about it. The conclusions we are making are based on A theory of time and B theory of time dismiss it actually. I heard it from William Lane Craig. I have to decide what is more reasonable A theory or B theory.
  2. We have one problem, when we talk about cause, we assume time exists but before Universe ,there was no time, actually using term before Universe seems incoherent. I'll study on this. William Lane Craig has replied to it, I'll read it later
  3. I'm not sure. Genesis is youngest among that genre of that time I think
  4. You're confused between determinism and fatalism. We were not talking about atheism but theology right now. Yeah, still the implicit thing is they say free will illusion. I sometimes find it too as you can see when we're out of our mind or are very tensed we just do things without even knowing. Why? I don't know. I'm not biologist but not sure why. I had many incidents where I unconsciously do things. Still I'm not sure. Maybe our body too sometimes works on its own. Other thing I think is that if soul exist, how can soul be duplicated when we create duplicates of animals like Dolly.
  5. I was reading that it was since Augustine , predestination came into being. Before him, the passage had just this meaning that God predestined that salvation was through Christ. So, there's another much bolder interpretation we should consider too.
  6. Predestination has its own flaws. Then God made me for an example to you how a windward person is like. Then simply you can't blame atheist, it's God's fault then. Predestination and free will are a contradiction though omniscience and free will can reconciled though.
  7. I'd prayed about it already. I still think evolution is incompatible with Bible as we theologically believe death entered when Adam sinned but taking evolution to be true, it was because of death and new life, new mutations came about and humans evolved. What do you think? Or death was part of creation from the beginning? I don't think this to be the case Bible. What do you think? ​​​​​​I think the Bible should be interpreted literally.
  8. I would agree with you but that thing sometimes make me doubt as Yahweh 's most ancient worship or mention as god is in polytheistic context. We don't know who he was at that time. But I don't like when you all get rude. Why do people become atheist, are there rational reasons to become one? You were atheist because of emotions so you were not atheist for rational reasons but why some others are. Are all atheist because of irrational reasons? I still remember my mom used to tune up to a show on TV in which people from every religious background were telling their experience of god or guru.
  9. What I want is some solid background for me to be sure God exists and Jesus is the only way? My Hindu friend was remarking me that if you'll search for evidence for Hinduism, you'll find much more. Running toward God( true god) , by this statement, I first need to find who is true god. What if it's God's will that I should go through all this to find the true path with certainty. I have no problem to be under control of God, if he exists. That's what life is about if he is. I don't like when you accuse that people run from Christianity or God because they don't want God to let control . I haven't read the work of Nietzsche but read one quote where said that the evidence of God was not enough for to make him believe in existence of God . Do you think all people run away from belief in God because of what you were saying or some rational reasons too?
  10. I actually have read The Case of Christ earlier before the psychology section. I'm still working but you all are bewildered on me. Do you know how hurtful it is when you say to me I want to live my own way that's why I'm doing it. The Bible says, seek and you shall find. I'm seeking. I don't want to continue this discussion. I don't like the way you all behave when a person is asking reasons. You'll find me idiot, insane but remember these relative terms. I'm sorry to you all.
  11. That's what I don't like when people talk to me this way. You hold those high who were once atheist and we're searching for reason and come to faith in God and when I am searching for reason, you are just dismissing me. That is truly miracle maybe but the question comes there are many of other religions who say it.
  12. I will respect your beliefs. This is the argument of religious experience in the case of existence of God . But I don't always find it good for people have contradictory experience . In India, my one Hindu friends , who is part of sect art of living was giving testimony to the miracle done by his guru. Also there was a guy who was against my belief in Christ and was making and advising my tuition teacher to talk to my mom also cited his testimony how his life was in drugs and how his life is changed. He was asking to watch the scientific law of attraction( which is actually pseudo science). I think you should come to India and you'll find identical stories( testimonies). This actually argument of contradictory experience/revelation which is used against the existence of god. As defending the gospel, it's the moral duty of each Christian to defend it as it instructed in Peter's letter of humility and our treasure in Christ. One thing I'll say what Bart Ehrman also said, if you believe God created you, then you ought to believe that he created your brain and you gotta use it. Look how hard St. Paul worked in preaching the gospel all over the world. How we communicated with other cultures,etc.? So, being an apologist is for everyone. But certainly, not able to defend our beliefs don't make them false.
  13. Glad to hear that you came because of evidence. I know a atheist who became atheist because of problem of evil and I don't think it do any harm to concept of God in the Bible. I'm not accepting multiverse as absolute truth. I was simply replying to the notion that there's a way out from ex nihilio creation and of someone argue that creation out of nothing is impossible based on Aristotelian causes, the universe will have only efficient cause from a theist god but for a pantheistic or panentheistic god, it will have both material and efficient cause. Something can't come out of nothing also implies a material cause you should heed it. I sometimes think, a panentheist might regard multiverse as god. Also I was asking how can we know out of Universe there's nothing. Also, I should reply to the question do I believe that an impersonal force can create the universe, I don't know for I'm not claiming it happened such so . For multiverse, I think we have two beings who can explain what's around us, multiverse or God . We have to check the circumstantial case for God. Also, I reading an argument about unintelligent design that there are some parts of various living beings which are highly optimal and are just unused which some atheists is unintelligent design. I don't know, for evolutionary Christian , I think they can regard that it was used earlier by God but now not. BTW, what do you mean by last line? I didn't get what you meant?
  14. Hey man, you're not in your mind. It's not non scientific as it can explain what we need. You're right, we can't test it. But it's not like what you're saying its much more sophisticated and based on current known physics. I think you will treat existence of atom as conjecture. I wasn't rejecting to use historical argument but I was saying that first we have to create a circumstantial case that God exists and only can then we can accept the hypothesis that Jesus rise from dead.I hope you understood that we have to first build a circumstantial case for existence of God. and please don't use rude arguments. I don't want a debate but answers to my questions and reasons to believe. And please, I'm sorry if I was rude. I want everything in sophisticated way. I'm sorry. It's not a debate but discussion. If I acted like I'm debating, I'm sorry.
  15. Yes, this is a hypothesis that can satisfy that current known physics. The question must God exists is better or multiverse. I won't claim that the concept of God can destroy the current known physics. Theism is too compatible I think. So, the question is can we make existence of God more probable than multiverse. I think one of the things is that since ancient times people claimed existence of supernatural makes case of god a bit stronger.
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