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  1. Reading the Premise 1, it is applicable in the Universe but how can we know it is applicable outside the Universe. We don't know the laws outside the Universe and using our laws without evidence is a big mistake.
  2. What did John meant when he asserted Jesus to be Logos in John 1:1? Is Jesus the mind of God or a person separate from God the Father and yet one in essence? What is the implication of Jesus being the mind of God? Can we say mind of God had separate existence from God the Father? In Matthew's gospel, when disciples asked when kingdom of Israel was going to be restored, Jesus answered that neither the Son knows, only the Father knows. The mind is the realm of thoughts and knowledge, is it? If it is,then Jesus being the mind of God is not making sense.
  3. Thank you William. It helped a lot. Again, I have one more question, do God have free will to choose good or evil as we humans in God's image have the ability to choose evil.
  4. Serpardum, I don't know anything except that God is God of love and the gospel is the love letter of God for me. What I meant is that we should not discriminate them from coming to Church or attending any other thing. I'm against lesbian and gay relations. Its just another trick of Satan to defile the world. Those who are lesbian and gay can't destroy this bait of Satan on their own. They need to be preached the gospel of love so that love will set them free
  5. What I believe is that gays and lesbians are a shame to the covenant God created between Adam and Eve but if we reject gays and lesbians, how could they changed or transformed? We need to preach them gospel and the love of Jesus can transform them. Neither we can nor they can but Jesus can transform them. My request is not make them feel neglected but reveal to them the love of God which is in Christ Jesus that will transform them. I believe that God can change their desires and orientation too. Don't do discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.
  6. The argument that comes to me is that why Christ. But after a deep study of the false religions, it made convince that Christ is the way, truth and light of the world.
  7. Truly agree with you Smithee.
  8. I have the same question. We know that God knows our heart. We as Christians should be in union with Christ as long as we can. Its not setting aside a particular period ( its good for setting aside) but if worship God in our heart, talk to him each and every moment of our life, it would be good. But at last, we should do what encourages our faith in Jesus.
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