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  1. Please explain to me, William, how a man can claim believing that, for him in the least, Jesus is a Divine Being (the Living Son of God) while he insists that Jesus teachings/sayings are not enough for him to know the Truth he is looking for. But perhaps the Truth for most people in the world (of any belief) could be expressed like this: My Christian friends told me: We are saved because we accepted (believe) that Jesus Christ is our Saviour. The same way my Muslim friends say (also with a great confidence): We deserve ending up into Paradise because we believe Mohammad is the messenger of Allah (God in Arabic). Sorry, but this sounds to me as Magic... I mean one needs just to join a group of people who believe in this or that person and he is saved! The good news is that... all believers who are based on this criteria seem very satisfied of themselves. But it happens... I can't believe in Magic in any form :( My Truth (that I got fully, thanks to Jesus) is: Only the joy of living the True Love towards all others (hence living the Way of God) is eternal. ALL other things will end up to the state of void (the state before creation) which is referred by Jesus Christ as the "Everlasting Fire" (as we throw non-useful things into fire to let them return back to their raw state; surely not to torture them ;) ) . Anyway, I guess I am talking non-sense here to many people, not just you. After all, Jesus was condemned to death for talking non-sense based on men's justice... right? May God bless you. Kerim
  2. As you know, you (with millions) have to assume, for one reason or another, that whoever knows and accepts Jesus Christ HAS TO BE a believer based on faith. So I am sorry because I knew Jesus based on reason not faith :( I knew Him as my Perfect Divine Teacher (the Living Son of God) because it happens, to my big surprise, He agrees with me on all what I discovered about my being and the world as it is (only my Creator can do this). In fact, no other man in human history (and now) did it, even to a lesser extent. Also while I was learning scientific matters as in Math and Physics for example, I didn't believe in any axiom, theory, theorem... etc. just because some others (if not the world) say it is true. I had to check (since I was a teen) the validity and usefulness (to me in the least) of each of them first based on my personal logical reasoning (that God gave me of course). Yes, I know that my logic is not perfect (though fortunately it evolves with time) but I can't follow others blindly though many don't mind doing. If my point is clear, you would know that even if the entire world will prove that Jesus is fake or didn't exist in the first place, my belief in Him (based on reason) won't be affected in any way. It is like I will stop using Pythagoras Theorem in my designs if the world finds out, by solid proofs, that Pythagoras didn't exist. On the other hand, I guess you cannot change yourself to please me. Do you think I can change myself to please you ;) But I am real sorry that some of my words hurt you... like I, me, mine and myself for a few. It seems to me that you kindly suggest me to live on the safe side by throwing the ball on some others anytime I talk about a subject; personal or not also important or not. But I used to be the sole responsible of everything I say and do while leaving others say and do whatever they like :) As you know, this is how Jesus lived. Kerim
  3. In general what you tell me is very true.
  4. Does Jesus judge? He doesn't because only men do... not God (as revealed by Jesus after all ;) ) But Justice is very important for the sons of the world though not for the sons of God. Naturally, whoever lives the Unconditional Divine Love towards all others (friends and enemies) doesn't need any law to guide him. On the other hand, in the name of Justice, Jesus was accused of being the horrible criminal who threatened the existence of a whole nation. Yes, only once in history a nation fears just ONE person. I mean did you hear any similar case in human history ;)
  5. One among the crucial points which is not noticed by ordinary people is that ALL systems in the world are related to each other (claimed being allies or enemies before their people) and each of them is given a certain role to play in the global scenario... in every period of time . When people heard of the New World Order first, they thought it was just a joke. But actually it is not. In fact, this New World Order is presented to the world by another notion that we hear of almost daily (no matter where we live). Could you guess it? Well, it is the "International Society" that no one saw but even Atheists are proud for obeying its instructions and regulations. And let us not forget that in the actual TERROR (introduced worldwide on 9/11/2001) targets the people in the developed countries (soon their properties too) and not their systems (that get more legitimate rights and incomes after every serious attack against civilians, as the Presidential Veto Right on 9/11/2001). In case of a weak country, the International Terrorist Army (covered by U.N. naturally, as it happens in Syria) is allowed to destroy most parts of it and kill, as possible, most of its people with a few known personages of its system as scapegoats. Kerim
  6. I am a rational man so I fully understand that whoever couldn't listen to Jesus teachings and see his signs (as the unique way by which He let his flesh and message die for 40 days), he surely won't listen to me as well. After all, I am just a saved person, not a saviour ;) And the Gospel is now everywhere.
  7. Well said Smithee. Yes, God had to prepare first our primitive ancestors (being as the kids of humanity) by laws (before Jesus time). In fact, we have no choice but to raise our little kids also by certain rules so that they will have a clean healthy body, in the least, when adult. Then, they will be free to live (or not) the care and love of their parents towards others. Jesus came to tell us that True Love (the unconditional care and love towards others) and Laws cannot co-exist at the same time in/for the same being. Laws are applied on a group of people while True Love is personal and could be lived by independent free individuals only. Imagine a man loves his wife to please his father ;) I noticed that on the English Gospel, the word "Wassia وصية" in Arabic is translated to "commandment". The word in Arabic could mean an advice from a loving father to his beloved sons. But I am not sure how the word "commandment" is heard, practically speaking, by English/American persons. Kerim
  8. Sorry Smithee... Those who created ISIS won't let them conquer the world (perhaps just a small land only as they did for some fanatic radical Jews in Palestine). The main job of ISIS (actually Al-Qaeda) is to create bloody chaos in the world while destroying one country after another. I wish you live long so you can witness the re-destruction of Europe in the 20's (as planned since before replacing Communism by Terror of Islam on 9/11/2001... after sacrificing, with a cold blood, a few thousands of innocent American citizens in front of the entire world). I am afraid we are just in the beginning of what the future generations will call... the World Terror War (WTW). Those who created ISIS (and the successors of these creators) will end their diabolic WTW when the toll of their victims will be about a billion and all nations/countries on their list will be economically destroyed as well. Just watch the news about Europe now. The "International Society" is preparing the European peoples for the coming Terror by slowing down their economy which is already at a low level (by forcing Europeans to apply sanctions on others and themselves since year 2010 ;) ). The Terror of ISIS (actually the millions of European kids who were raised to play the terrorists in Europe also in the" War on Terror" series) will not invade Europe (from inside) before its creators (the powerful/rich world's Top Deceivers) divide Europe as it was. This will take, also as planned, about 4 to 5 years. Kerim
  9. You are right but I am afraid that you and I see this event differently. In any case, I respect your view because you know what is good for you much more than I do ;) So I re-phrase what you said: Without the way by which Jesus died, the resurrection of his teachings that oppose ALL men's laws couldn't be possible. I guess you know that the day Jesus was condemned to death there was not even ONE person in the world who dared saying he believes Him. In fact, Jesus knew how to let even Peter "his Rock" deny Him 3 times on that day. Jesus liked to show the world that both his flesh and teachings died on the cross. And to let this point be clearer, he let his apostles isolate themselves for 40 days (the period during which a widow may be isolated to prove she has no life in her from his dead husband). The miracle is that after this "total/confirmed" death (that happened ONCE in human history and can never happen again anywhere in the future), his teachings that oppose ALL men's laws were spread all over the world. We live this greatest miracle of Jesus (the resurrection of his teachings) even on these days. I mean while Jesus teachings (on the Gospel) are on our hands, no one in the world dares (lack of interest if he is among the men on top or having no permission if he is among the men on bottom) addressing the 'world' clearly and openly (hence not privately as I do here ;) )... 'exactly' as Jesus did. Don't you know why ;) Kerim
  10. Hi Smithee, If I understood you well, you found your Truth, as I did, in the sayings of 'Jesus only' who gave the last updated and complete version of all previous teachings so that whoever is created with a human living soul (besides the common human living flesh) could know, if he likes, how to live and deserve being among the sons of God, now and for eternity. Kerim
  11. To me in the least, Jesus Christ (as presented on my Arabic Gospel) is indeed a divine being (the living Son of God). He took a flesh as mine to save me from my ignorance (a weakness I born with; it is called by millions as the original sin) by his ‘perfect’ teachings, sayings and hints (besides other means). In other words, I saw in Him the Perfection of God and I didn’t need ANY other sources (said of men or God) to live in the Light of Knowledge (the knowledge about my existence and the world as it is). Without this perfect (relatively speaking) knowledge, it was rather hard (if not impossible) for me to know the Way for which I am created for. This is how I became an independent disciple of Jesus Christ. So, I wonder if someone here was able seeing the perfection of Jesus teachings as I did. But I understand that most people have likely more interest in joining groups that see Jesus as being an idol... to be worshiped and glorified in great ceremonies. Kerim
  12. I am afraid that the prerequisite of a real marriage (for life) is knowledge; the knowledge of the main natural differences between a typical male and female, socially speaking. Since English is my third language I am not sure I can explore well, with you here, these obvious differences (obvious when heard by a typical male or female ;) ). Kerim
  13. In fact, the "greatest miracle" of Jesus is that his sayings are spread in the world, for about 2000 years so far, while the most important ones oppose clearly the Law of any formal known system in the world (said civil, political or religious). Could you guess one of them? ;)
  14. Oh... They are very loving Christians then. They love even their worst enemies who apply Al-Sharia of Al-Qaeda by which, based on the White House story, thousands of American civilians in NYC were also massacred in daylight and in front of the entire world on 9/11/2001 (I personally can't forget their horrible fate I saw, live on TV via Al-Jazeera channel). Meanwhile, and likely by mistake, they keep attacking cleverly other Christians in the world, under one pretext or another... starting from the millions who used living in Palestine and ending to those living in Iraq and Syria lately. I live in Aleppo city and I am curious to know if these loving American Evangelists on power will also be able (or not) proving, sooner or later, that Jesus was kidding when he said: "That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it". No one can deny that ALL gates of Hell are opened against the Holy Spirit in Syria, the land from which the world heard of Jesus sayings (not from Palestine where he was rejected and crucified). And Obama can be proud for being the FIRST person who opened these gates against Syria in March 2011 by playing the World's Supreme Judge in the name of the American and Syrian peoples. So will Obama enter history for being the great hero who accepted openly (as Judas Iscariot did with Jesus) to defeat the Holy Spirit in Syria by the Islamist multi-national terrorists (introduced to the world by the two great TV actors, Bush and Bin-Laden) while they are also supported by the Israeli multi-national mercenaries raised in Palestine? Time will tell, and I pray God to let me witness the end of this international attack on Jesus land that cannot be other than what Jesus said to Peter. Kerim
  15. To me in the least, Jesus tells me about it: "And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd". Of course, since this saying is not very important relative to his other ones, every person can hear it the way he likes ;) Kerim
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