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  1. I can't tell the difference. Is the dog just playing with this critter, or is he dead serous in keeping him off of his turf ?
  2. A person's eternal destiny is contingent upon the pre-determined will of God. Faith plays one of the most important rolls in justification . But if that faith is compromised by human co-operation it is unfit to offer to God as a pathway to justification . We are told ; "By grace you have been saved through faith ,and that , not of yourselves ,it is the gift of God not of works, lest anyone should boast." Eph.2:8 ff. Any attempt at gaining the necessary faith that leads to justification is nothing more than works orientated and cannot sufficiently satisfy Divine Justice. We must have Saving Faith .And that only from God at the appointed time in His plan for your life . Faith is subjective to belief . Then we can claim the rightful obedience that follows . But to follow through with works that do not meet God's approval is being submissive to dead works and amounts to nothing. No one can enter into God's rest without actually being one of His true people . But there are those who have actually experienced salvation ,yet because of the hardness of their hearts have fallen away into sin . This is not saying that they cannot be reconciled back to God . One thing the unbelieving cannot do . Many people hear the gospel message and turn away because they have the unredeemed sin nature that is controlling them and cannot repent because there is nothing in them that would cause them to repent. "All have sinned and fell short of the glory of God and etc,, " Rom.8:23 MD
  3. The country is still strong morally because this group represents the majority of what real Americans believe in. Rather than the leftist perverts that think everything should be free, buying back guns they never owned, legalizing dangerous abuse substances, opening boarders and paying government handouts to the people who manage to enter into our nation illegally and ignoring the needs of natural born citizens, abortion on demand and of course leaving God out of the lives of everyone who demands that we educate our children in religions that endorse murder , lying , stealing , and killing anyone who dares to leave its deceptive practices . Do you approve of everything this group stands for ? M
  4. Liberalism is not winning the war against Christianity . There are too many fair and moderate Americans that still hold to a nation that observes the Constitution and our American way of life. I am referring to regular folks who share different opinions concerning religion and strong values that lean heavily towards our freedoms and liberties . As long as they as well as the Christian communities ( actual or "professed" ) remain loyal to the Republican Party , without any variation in the voting process ,we can win this madness that looks to turn our nation into a socialist monster ! M
  5. Salvation can only be fully accomplished by the Lord . There is nothing we can do of ourselves to satisfy the Divine Justice . Everything such as the faith ,belief and repentance that produces justification is from God . And any attempt by us to meet these requirements by our own initiative is considered works orientated . " For unto you it has been granted on behalf of Christ ,not only to believe in Him but also to suffer for His sake, having the same conflict which you saw in me and now hear is in me ." Suffering and persecution are tokens of our salvation. Matt.5:11,12 . See also Eph.2:8 , M
  6. Of course it was . As R.C. Sproul once said; " I never understood my own salvation until I was hammered with the book of Romans." All sins, past present and future were forgiven and forgotten when I received Christ. I don't think that all new believers completely understand that at first. But time and experience in the Christian faith convinces us that when Jesus died His death was satisfactory to meet the Divine Justice . Now our only struggle is with persistent sins that hinder our relationship with God. But God has granted to us the ability to confess and reconcile our faults and experience restoration to fellowship and related graces . M
  7. While murder is obviously a sin, it is not classified as the worst of sins one can commit. The worst sin anyone can commit is the denial and rejection of our Lord Jesus Christ . That stands as the one that has eternal consequences . Not to say that subsequent sins are given a free pass. Because they are not . The unbelieving are held accountable for every sin they have ever committed . MD
  8. " All Israel shall be saved " is very misleading . Only the elect Remnant shall experience salvation in Christ. MD
  9. I wouldn't say that they are both true believers in the sense of being born again. I doubt if they have both experienced the saving grace of Christ. I do support them both however and pray to God that we will not suffer a liberal reprobate president that brings us straight into a socialist state. If that would happen Trump and Pence would be the last of any future Republican administration. I do admire them for their courage to invite a variety of clergy to make regular visits to the WH and offer spiritual advice on a variety of important subjects. Unlike the previous administration that arrogantly refused to meet with the Prime Minister of Israel , but had no problem hugging the hate filled Louis Farrakhan . My continual prayers included with my regular ones ; ' Lord, save our president and our nation '. M ,,...……… MD
  10. Purgatory is a false doctrine that teaches that after one dies they enter Purgatory for a "final cleansing." None of the bibles used in protestant circles teaches any such thing . The doctrine literally makes the sacrifice of Christ and His justification of believers null and void. That would nullify anything having to do with justification through the shed blood of Christ from the first prophecy recorded in Genesis 3:15 to the actual fulfilment of it when Jesus suffered the cross for all of HIs people. John 19:30. Fire, used in 1st.Cor.3:15 also is misleading because it has nothing to do with actual cleansing from sin . The Apologetic bible has a clear meaning of what Paul was saying. " If anyone's work is burned up it will be lost. { No reference here to the eternal state of Hellfire } . contd. But he will be saved ;yet it will be like an escape through fire ." Purgatory is a fictitious invention by the popes that is designed to tell the faithful that they have nothing to worry about because what was not repented of on earth can be rectified in purgatory. The unbelieving will enter Hades to await Judgment .The redeemed shall immediately enter Heaven upon their deaths.
  11. No ! Because there are still souls being elected and saved by grace through faith to this day.
  12. I've seen denials expressed in two ways when mentioning Jesus to an orthodox Jew . I've seen some sarcastically say; " But Jewish people definitely do not believe in Jesus." Or the new testament for that fact . Or I have seen them, upon being questioned about the deity of Christ , giving a polite smile with doubtful facial expressions of no means ,then turning politely and walking off. As for the ones who do show some interest in Jesus , they almost never believe in Him as the Son of God or even any affiliation with the absolute sovereignty of God . No less being God Himself ! But they seem to have no problem with mentioning Him as Messiah . They feel comfortable with that because Messiah limits Hs identity to the Man Jesus with no mention of Him being God Himself . As for the trinity ,orthodox Jews cannot effectively reason that God is in fact One, but in Three unique Divine Persons.
  13. I'm not disputing anything you're saying . But I do sometimes question the wording of the ESV. It's one translation that tends to be " Too English." It is one that I have hesitated to buy every time it is offered by my Christian Catalog Mail Orderr publication. As for the subject of the Rich man and Lazarus ,I still consider it an actual event that we can rely on for use in our Christian confessions . There is much to be learned from it . M
  14. William I have a copy of The Prayer Of Erasmus but I cannot find it. Maybe you can download it .You would love it ,it's a great piece of work. M
  15. The American people remain ignorant as to the what is contained in the Quran . At this point in time it would be difficult for the average American to understand that the Iranians are staunchly driven by a so called "Holy Book " that was built on what a false "prophet" wrote concerning the opposite of what is contained in our Holy Bible . The Iranians are untrustworthy, believing that it is permissible to lie ,steal , murder and consider any attempt at peace and friendship a cowardly act. That's where we stand at this very time . The president made a terrible mistake in trusting that the Iranians were a truthful people when in fact their Quran teaches just the opposite. The fact that President Trump approached them with peaceful terms was regarded by them as " Owning us and serving their interest." These murderers have no regard for human life and proudly display it in their insane "Honor Killings." The problem now is that once we made contact with them and very foolishly believed their lies and deceptions they have us where our option is growing closer and closer to open war with them and the countries that will gladly help them if we do happen to enter into war with them. They know that would be a World Wide War involving nuclear weaponry that the Russians would gladly assist them with . The undeniable fact is that God knows everything . And how unfortunate it is that so few Christians occupy this great nation . One doesn't have to approach God with all the turmoil we are facing because He already knows it. We need to include a very simple but effective prayer to Him that says it all ; " Lord, Save our Nation."
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