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  1. Discrimination. Plain and simple. James O'Keefe: Pinterest Listed 'Bible Verses' on 'Sensitive Terms' List WWW.BREITBART.COM James O’Keefe revealed how Pinterest placed the term "bible verses" on its "sensitive terms" list while censorsing dissident media outlets.
  2. Glad to see people speaking out about all this. So many are getting hurt and led around by lies.
  3. Fire investigators figured that out fast. I read it was still burning and they said it wasn't arson. France's churches are burning like crazy, but their government says nothing to see here...
  4. I just hate seeing this. Gives all us Christians a bad name. Hope all these ministries and this John Fornof guy come clean. Actor John Rhyes-Davies speaks at ministry at heart of scandal MEDIUM.COM Actor John Rhyes-Davies will be speaking at the Lamplighter Guild hosted by Lamplighter Ministries in June of 2019. It comes at a time…
  5. Nolte: CNN Loses One-Third of Primetime Audience WWW.BREITBART.COM The far-left CNN's ratings death spiral marched into last week as the fake news network lost one-third of its primetime audience. These guys have it coming. No one believes them anymore.
  6. Hope they hang in there. Those Venezuelans have suffered enough under that fake leader.
  7. Total craziness. Thought it would be a cold day in you know where, when men and women don't know who they are.
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