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  1. Because it's not only illegal, but immoral, to simply shoot a Jehovah's Witness that rings your doorbell. Indeed. It's sort of like the Catholic versus Protestant arguments that continue to rage and haven't change, since, at least, Luther. So many topics are like the proverbial deja vu, all over again, and again, and again... A lot of things can more make one sleepy. On the web, I've seen a clear tendency there are many people that simply love to fight and bicker, regardless the fact they're not going to change each other's positions, could stage the same debate, everyday, until planted at Forest Lawn. This regardless some debates hundreds of years old, that haven't changed, truly dead horses, pounded to glue or something. (I am almost certain there's a Bible translation extant, with 1 Timothy 6:4-5 and Philippians 2:14 redacted.) There are the "Christian" cults, determined to churn out more twice children of hell. Those dudes never letup, trying to recruit people to their doctrines of demons. Some Christian forums, they're like the plague. Funny thing is, they hide what they really are, don't say, "Hi! I'm a Jehovah's Witness, here to tell you about the new Jesus-lite we invented." Or, "Hi! I'm a Seventh Day Adventist, here to set you Sunday devils and God-forsaken carnivores straight." The latter even instruct their proselytes to not reveal what they are, when trying to recruit, have many websites they somehow think are anonymous by hiding their "church" affiliation, as they list all of Ellen White's talking points. If you ask me, I've never been accused of being Sherlock Holmes, undercover, and it's a rather lame, ineffective coverup. In addition, if they're so Christian and comfortable with what they are, why do they feel the need to hide it? Seems more a devil doing the angel of light sort of deceptive behavior, sneaking around, lurking out there, to surreptitiously snatch Bible believing Christians bald? This is most always what's going on, when somebody's doing, "Is Jesus really God?", or, "Is the Sabbath for today?" sorts of threads.
  2. Amen, and amen. John 8:58. John 10:30. Isaiah 9:6. Also that's all. John 20:28-29. Doesn't appear the Lord Jesus corrected Thomas. That's all, too.
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