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  1. I guess it depends how you define "Christian Nation". In the history of the world there has been, in my belief, no other nation that has been more unapologetic in talking about God and even Christ by it's Leaders and Founders. Israel might have been an exception. If America was as "Christian" now as it was 200 years ago, it would indeed be a MUCH different place however! However... some seemingly contradictory quotes are attached. Are they taken out of context? Of course, there is an agenda behind each... on both sides. This book looks interesting though!! "HISTORIAN DAVID BARTON RESPONDS TO HIS CRITICS HEAD-ON IN THIS NEW EDITION OF The Jefferson Lies. So many things that we are told today about our Founding Fathers simply aren’t true – such as that Thomas Jeffersonfathered the child of his slave girl, that he was an anti-Christian secularist who rewrote the Bible to his liking, and that he was just another racist, bigoted colonial. But historical fact proves otherwise – that Jefferson was a visionary, an innovator, a man who revered Jesus, and a man whose pioneering stand for liberty and God-given inalienable rights fostered a better world for this nation and its posterity. For Americans, the time to remember these truths is now. TheJefferson Lies reclaims the truth about this once beloved Founding Father."
  2. Hi All! I am a Brand New Member here and I must say WELL DONE WILLIAM!!! William is a former webmaster to a website I own and I asked him if I could post this here. Well, the website is www.SovereignGraceSingles.com and it was begun in 2004 and launched January of 2005. Please check it out if you know of any Reformed "singles" who might be interested! If you want to learn more about it, it was featured in Christianity Today (and attached) and Christian Renewal (attached) and other places online.: Here are a few Testimonials!: Looking for a Reformed Friendship or a Godly spouse? American Vision and Tolle Lege Press recommend SovereignGraceSingles.com. If you are reformed and single (but would like quality Reformed friends or to get married), we have found the perfect website for you. SovereignGraceSingles.com is a website for Reformed singles to meet and start God-honoring relationships. Unlike other "Christian" dating websites, Sovereign Grace Singles is a truly Reformed and Christian website, started and run by Reformed believers. Pastors and parents are welcome on the site, too! Go to Sovereign Grace Singles to create a free account and start browsing the profiles of other Reformed singles on the site. Quick facts about Sovereign Grace Singles: Started in 2005 Over 900 current members (as of 2006) Responsible for dozens of marriages Created and run by Reformed Christians What Reformed Pastors say about Sovereign Grace Singles: Dean L. Scott, in Tacoma, Wash., started SovereignGraceSingles.com (SGS) January 2005. The purpose of SGS is to give an opportunity for single men and women committed to the Reformed faith from around the world to meet other Christians of like mind and persuasion. SGS professes itself to be in contrast to other Christian singles sites where emphasis is placed more on personality profiles than a personal walk with Christ. Share this site with your single Reformed friends: www.sovereigngracesingles.com. ~ Dominic Aquila, Editor, PCA Newsletter/The Aquila Report Thank you for all your work on this website. You have done some very good work to put SGS together. I have given thanks to God for its establishment and will continue to pray that the Lord uses it and to let others know of its existence. Sincerely in Christ, ~ Boyd - OPC Pastor Sovereign Grace Singles is the best place I know, on the internet, for Reformed minded Christian singles to meet. ~ Pastor Arnold Brevick- PCA Four of my six children found Christian spouses via Sovereign Grace Singles. Along with proper supervision in a true courtship, this can be a very useful tool for people to meet Christian mates, and is a far superior method to the modern dating system. ~ John Ashwood, Pastor of Sovereign Grace Church of Muskogee, OK What has the Media said about SGS? Christianity Today's Interview with SGS' Founder, Dean Scott Restless, Reformed, and Single.docx An Internet Connection for Reformed Single1.docx
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