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  1. Please don't resort to threats...
  2. Names and titles are ALWAYS capitalized.
  3. All grammars and lexicons agree with my position. Wallace, your very own example, is in complete agreement with my position. Furthermore, there are legions of other passages that proclaim the same...but, you don't want to look at those...:)
  4. 'Names and titles' are capitalized. But....why do not these renderings capitalize 'Devil'...? The only thing 'misleading' was your assertion that Wallace declares 1 Peter 5.8 to refer to 'The Devil', of which, he clearly does not.
  5. Scripture never claims that Adam and Eve were created as adults. In fact, it declares the exact opposite. Can you please share scripture that says that they were created a full grown adults?
  6. Not at all. Adam was formed from the earth...how is that being created as an adult? Eve was formed from the side of Adam...how is that being created as an adult? 🙂
  7. Fact: Wallace mentions 1 Peter 5.8, in his grammar book, one time, on page 249. Fact: Wallace mentions 1 Peter 5.8, by name and number, only. Fact: Wallace declares that 1 Peter 5.8 is monadic, only. Fact: Wallace NEVER even declares that 1 Peter 5.8 is 'The Devil', to begin with. Thus....you are performing your own unsubstantiated eisegesis upon the text. That is why I have requested either Wallace's exegesis, or yours.... Simple enough...:)
  8. Firstly, 9 out of 10 renderings use lower-case 'devil'. Secondly, proper exegesis requires not only grammars, but lexicography, and concording of the term(s) in question...
  9. Sure... Luke 22 John 13 Job etc, etc...
  10. Scripture informs the reader that Adam was literally created from the ground up. Thus...it would be pretty hard to state that he was created as an adult, same with Eve. The text is condensed, but still maintains that each was raised as a child, with Yahweh being their parent.
  11. I'm Amillenial, and conclude that Satan is bound today!
  12. indeed, we can agree....Jesus, as God, has always blinded whom He will. Peeps may not want to hear this, but it is scriptural truth. Most, however, reject this truth, and then apply it to Satan - essentially raising him to deity status, albeit inadvertently...
  13. Most have lower-case 'devil'....which means demons....so no issue here...
  14. If Eph 6 is used as support of 1 Peter referencing Satan, then it is wrong, entirely... The reader is informed that a spiritual battle is going on….NOT between us and The Devil (because he is presently bound), but against the deceit (plural ‘methodeia’) of The Devil. The text actually mentions an epithet for Satan, himself (The Darkness), and then lists-out the ‘powers’ of Satan that our battle is against – again, absolutely NO mention of it being with Satan, himself! If this battle was against Satan, himself, then the text would have plainly said so, on a singular basis. Instead, the plural deceit is listed out in plural fashion demonstrating the demonic forces which are roaming free. This passage ends with the way it started – reiterating that we are NOT in battle with Satan, himself, but the darts (plural ‘belē’), demons, that he is launching at us.
  15. OEC is the only viable interpretation of God's General and Special Revelation...
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