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  1. “Age Gap Love”: The Normalizing Of Pedophilia By Mainstream Media In New “Reality Show” Excerpt: In one of the most disturbing moments we’ve ever seen promoted on television, the UK’s Channel 5 — which is owned by the media leviathan, Viacom — is promoting the relationship between a 16-year-old girl and a 44-year-old man. Instead of calling this what it is, the television network called it age-gap love. "Age Gap Love”: The Normalizing Of Pedophilia By Mainstream Media In New "Reality Show" » Sons of Liberty Media SONSOFLIBERTYMEDIA.COM A mainstream media station owned by Viacom is running a show accused of promoting pedophilia and spinning it to make people accept it as "age-gap love." Interestingly enough in the UK, particularly London England, there is a Muslim mayor and a huge Muslim population due to the refugee immigration from Syria and elsewhere. Muhammad, Islam's prophet, took Aisha as his bride when she was but six years old. He supposedly waited three years to consecrate the marriage when the child was but nine. Is this an effort to program pedophilia as normal in the UK? After all a so called prophet of god Allah had a child for wife. And it is tradition to this day in Islam. If a people can be made to think child abuse of this nature is natural through television programming, what's next in matters of law? A law that permits a child to marry an adult with (unfit) parental consent? This world is getting worse and worse everywhere we look. I see it as the Tribulation. That's just my personal view.
  2. https://youtu.be/8I7dDANKYbM National Moment of Remembrance This Memorial Day at 3p.m your time, whatever time zone you live in, is traditionally a time where a moment of silence occurs. Praying for those who were lost defending this nation. And for those who continue to serve in the armed forces. I also pray for our first responders. Some gave all so that we could stay free. Remember them. Soldier braves storm to place flag at Tomb of Unknown Soldier Moving photos capture flag being placed at Tomb of Unknown Soldier https://www.news4jax.com/news/soldier-braves-storm-to-place-flag-at-tomb-of-unknown-soldier
  3. FBI data shows Ilhan Omar’s district is terrorist recruitment capital of the US FBI data shows Ilhan Omar's district is terrorist recruitment capital of the US WWW.BIZPACREVIEW.COM One of two newly elected Muslim congresswomen, both of them known antisemites, reportedly grew up in what has been dubbed the terrorist recruitment capital of the United States. “More men and boys from a... Media Blackout: 8-10 Somali Teens In Jihad Rep. Ilhan Omar's District Attack "White People" With Hammers & Metal Pipes Media Blackout: 8-10 Somali Teens In Jihad Rep. Ilhan Omar's District Attack "White People" With Hammers & Metal Pipes - Freedom Outpost FREEDOMOUTPOST.COM In the district that terror-tied Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) represents in Minnesota, dispatch audio from the Minneapolis Police Department confirms that a report of “a group of 8-10 males chasing people with hammers” and... And to think, the Left wants to disarm Americans. What? So we can be butchered in our streets by terrorist Muslims like Mr. RIgby as on the streets of London years ago?
  4. Full Story Here:http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/04/update-democrat-ilhan-omar-under-investigation-for-using-her-campaign-funds-to-pay-for-divorce-from-her-brother/ Marriage and Immigration fraud. She should be impeached from office, jailed, and her entire family deported while she serves in prison. And after her full sentence is served, she too should be deported. A brazen public antisemite who is on the foreign relations committee of Congress. How could that be? Praise God, she may not be much longer.
  5. Hey, that's because the weird resonates with weird people. 💃 The gay theology in the list of heresies has a sponsor. Believe it or not, the gay bible. It was inevitable I guess. It's immoral theology really. Because at one time gay meant happy, exuberant, and like that. Then the word was changed to replace the clinical sounding, "homo-sexual". Then the rainbow that was the first sign of God after the deluge to show he'd resurrected a new world was stolen and made into the flag of the sexually immoral. It is marched in pride parades as a banner that heralds and celebrates damnation. The real fact of all this is, the homosexual pride march comes to a screaming halt at the gates of Hell. All the other heresies are in my opinion an example of the egocentrism particular to the human race.
  6. I advise to follow that pull. It is the holy spirit telling you you've arrived where the spirit wants you to gain nourishment in the word. Blessings.
  7. And candidate Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg is all for it. It’s Not the Equality Act, It’s the Homosexual Supremacy Act AFA.NET Don't be fooled by the word "Equality" in the "Equality Act." It is anything but equality. Text - H.R.5 - 116th Congress (2019-2020): Equality Act | Congress.gov | Library of Congress WWW.CONGRESS.GOV Text for H.R.5 - 116th Congress (2019-2020): Equality Act Trangender, Homosexual, are all immoral sins according to the scripture in the Christian bible. Those community groups are not entitled to special rights, or privilege, due to their sin. In a free country people should be free to identify sin as part of their religious inalienable right to religious freedom. Just as homosexuals and transgenders are now free to attack us and suffer no similar effects to what the straight community does in the reverse. As in, being forced to undergo sensitivity training courses in the work place if we do not agree to use the feminine pronoun to describe a man dressed as a woman. The inequality has been raising its ugly head for as long as homosexuals and tranny persons have been able to be publicly bigoted against Christians without recourse. They even target us if we own a bakery or a flower shop. There are ways to get around requests to support homosexual and tranny unions. But that's not the point of this thread. The point is, pray Pete B. doesn't get the nomination. And start using the terms, Christophobe, Christophobic, and Heterophobe, Heterophobic, to rightly frame the anti-Christian, anti-straight rhetoric of the LGBTQ communities hate speech agenda.
  8. Yes, that was it. Also linked to the full Genesis 1 chapter in the Jewish Bible. This then helps to understand there is no what if. There is no, Moses likely meant to say.... The earth was unformed and void in the beginning of God's forming of it further. Its shape and its surface.
  9. Genesis 1 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB) Parashah 1: B’resheet (In the beginning) 1:1–6:8 1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 The earth was unformed and void, darkness was on the face of the deep, and the Spirit of God hovered over the surface of the water. 3 Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. 4 God saw that the light was good, and God divided the light from the darkness. 5 God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. So there was evening, and there was morning, one day.
  10. Aww,thank you. :) To top it all off years ago SCOTUS determined that police are not obligated to protect & serve. This really surprised me but it is true. Applicants with high IQ's will be barred from the police academy. I.E. they can't be cops.
  11. 🙏 God ble 🙏 God bless us all. Amen. It is such a blessing to have a man of faith in highest office. There are even bible studies in the White house. Wonderful!
  12. Isn't that a shame. Law enforcement behaving badly. I remember a news report or investigative news report some years ago that featured the harassment of those who identified as Tea Party members. Notice you don't hear that much about them in the news now? Leading people to think the TP has dissolved. This one group of Tea members were having a meeting in this small town. Small town sometimes suffer small minded police. Sure enough there were the cops taking a ruler out and measuring how far the attendees had parked from the curb.And issuing tickets for those past the limit. And remember those towns that made news during the Obama years? Laws passed making it illegal to film police in the commission of their duties. But yet the long running show COPS was doing that very thing still. And now there is "Live PD". I don't know if the states and cities where Live PD films have those type laws but it is very odd that a citizen isn't able to film civil servants at work. Remember this from 2018? The harassment comes from many different levels . This is a representative of the people? Rep. Waters on Trump administration: 'Tell them they’re not welcome' And Ms.Waters knows when she instigates harassment and violence like this toward Trump administration people that her followers will not just corral their behavior to that arena. But rather they'll also go after those who wear MAGA hats, or have Republican message bumper stickers on their cars. Ms.Waters knows she can't call for harassment of Republican citizens. So she invites harassment of Republican officials knowing that type animus will bleed over into the public sector. What a Congress.
  13. Sun becoming black as sackcloth would describe a solar eclipse. However, in May of 2003 the black sun eclipse also appeared to fulfill the Revelation 13 prophecy. IMAGE LINK This year we will witness 6 black sun total solar eclipses . (LINK) Of course the series of earth quakes over the years speaks to the movement of the earth. However, the great earthquake , as you call it, can be said to have occurred in three different times and changed not only the rotation but the axis of the planet. LINK And that shortened days, as Jesus taught of the Tribulation in Matthew 24. Matthew 24 KJV - - Bible Gateway WWW.BIBLEGATEWAY.COM There are move verses in Revelation that refer to the great tribulation than just that found in Revelation 6. It does not occur in one fell swoop but over a period of time. If we recall God, a spirit that dwells in a different dimension than our own, John 4, does not reckon time as we do, what then would count as years in our calendar of time does not mean God concurs. As to leaders seeking to hide in mountains and such, every country has a special reinforced fortress for its leadership that they may seek refuge in times of disaster. In the U.S. there are two such locations. Mount Weather and Camp David. There is also the underground at the White house. Then for the rich and powerful that are not in government in America there are underground bunkers that are very richly appointed. YouTube Link And of course the persecution and slaughter of Christians is both national and international news. While that which is unrighteous is gaining rights in America and those that are righteous protesters are being persecuted for speaking out. And false prophets and teachers abound as we also know.
  14. A very good assumption. Though it is the same mindset that compels terrorists and suicide mass murderers to act. A cause much bigger than themselves that requires people to die. A phone, or a bomb, it is all violent intent to get one's point across. Whether they act as one or on behalf of many others. President Trump was elected by the people in a free Democratic process. These kind of behaviors show no respect for that. And worse, they're carried out because the actors preferred HRC! The MAGA slogan that can get a Republican wearing the slogan hat or a tee shirt hurt by mad Democrats opposed to the message is not a unique slogan attributable to Donald Trump. What those violent irrational Democrat attackers fail to realize is Make America Great Again was the slogan that originated with a Democrat from Arkansas in 1991. And again in 1995 in his bid for highest office; William Jefferson Clinton. You Tube Links
  15. Being how far it was away from President Trump when it was captured on film and hit the stage I think it could have been a test to see how easily it would be to throw something incendiary. Like something that could be placed inside a cell phone so as to appear inconspicuous. Until a detonation code is entered on the phone keypad just before it is thrown at a different rally. That's the first thing that I thought watching the video of this. I don't think Trump even realized something was thrown. He doesn't appear to take notice anyway. The SS arrested the person that threw the phone. But really, what a stupid move. What were they thinking? Hey, I'll throw my cell phone in protest and they'll never know who's it is. 👀
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