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  1. During my youth I was befriended by a Collie my family rescued rescued off the street, starving. Next was Hienze, a Cull Beagle, rescued by your's truly from being buried neck deep in the soft soil, just under the edge of an empty, decaying all wood house built on piers of Concrete Blocks. Since I married my second wife and left my prefered profesion I have not lived a day without a dog or a cat in our house and my full blooded wolf that took up with us, having passed over, we have two dog in my chair with me.
  2. As a man with nine tattoos I regret doing it and in my case Faber hit that nail with a 32 oz Rig Ax and drove it home just as I used to do with 6 and 8 penny nails before the MS took so much out of me. But, to the point, insecurity is why I got every one of these Blood Letting permanent drawings on my body. Funny thing is, the reason I learned to repair aircraft, became an NCO in the Military and le4arned to love the Guitar and that gitl catching Microphone is also insecurity... I just had to figure my way to the top of my group. We, people do the strangest things in this life.
  3. My personal choice is burial six foot deep. The basis of my preference is also based on Genesis. It will draw shouts from the range of Atheists through the unstudied (intentionally ignorant) and including a litany of assorted New Believers but I like Gen. 9:6 and the surrounding verses for more reasons than Capitol Punishment. We are commanded to take the life of the murderer for it is with or without thought that he/she has dealt the death blow to the Image of YHWH.
  4. Hi long time friend and sister of the faith. You nailed what it is to be a Christian with your references. When I walked into the House of YHWH, in search of a relationship with the Being that was breaking my heart, over and over. I walked off the stage a whiskey swilling, drug shooting, snorting and smoking womaniser. Nobody needed me in their Church Family but because of a Baptist Pastor with a heart for Missionary Work received me and he and a single Deacon saw that I had arrived there filled with the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost. I married a Deacon's Daughter whose oldest brother was one of the Deacons of that Surbanwood Baptist Church that was unsure of me. But I had a hunger for the Word that would not be satisfied and today I pray it never is. So, what is a Christian? According to most of the members, if your name is on the Local Church Membership Roll, you are a Christian because you have publicly proclaimed the Christ, Yashuah, for your own. My, nagging, question is, what does Public Proclamation entail, as per YHWH and Yashuuah? I feel concern for those that remain unknown as Christian outside of the Church and I feel the greatest concern for the One Day A Week Worshipper. Do they truly worship their God? Who or what is their Supreme Being? The Words of Yashuah, Jesus, have requirements and are they seeking to grow into a closer, never ending relationship with Him that grows forever more? This is a very personal issue that requires External Concern and Love and ever more Personal Answers to our Maker.
  5. Hello Mike, I loved my bunch like they were my brothers and it nearly killed me when I discovered Heinen blown all over tent in An Khe after the November 3, 1966 attack on the Base Camp. And when that Hippie Creep spit on my forehead in '69, I knew I was "so loved" and meeting and greeting my former gang confirmed it when only two out of so many Red Necks were kind enough to allow me to purchase a Long Neck to consume with me. All that is best left alone and I wish my sleeping brain would do that. I must praise YHWH for your recovery. I, a former carpenter, turned truck driver, was pronounced with MS when I fell off the side of my mixer and was forced onto SSD. I went to the VA in the early seventies and instead of diagnosing me they taught me two important lessons. First, Vietnam Vets were not WWII Vets and we were not Low Grade Korean War Vets either! I still lead my crew and established a small company named J&B Construction and owning fifty percent and being Lead Carpenter, I had my way, most of the time. I earned more than my family needed and when the VA wanted me to allow Students from the Baylor School of Medicine, I remembered well my dad wearing that Torso Brace to the grave because of the success of those boys cutting three times on his back. That taught me to never use the VA until all else fails and I have not gone there until all my funds were depleted. My case of MS has moved from R&R and is now in the final stage known as Progressive and can only be managed until death. At 74, I am not upset about the death thing, I have lived a life that very few can say they have enjoyed life more than I have YHWH protected me, even when I was against Him in everything I did. I do pray my wife gets the new truck because the chair the VA replaced my old chair with is beyond the Weight Limitations of the Two Inch Carrier built on the rear of our GMC. ¿Someone forgot the requirements of the strongest hitch available when qualifying chairs for Veterans? I do not pretend to know but it made our Jimmy less than useful to my family. Thank you for the prayers.
  6. Yeah, it is just one year this month and as I understand it, every combat vet has a $37,000 life improvement gant and I do not see us getting a dime more than that. Someone mentioned, I believe, Special HC Vans for sixty and I'll be honest, with the evil in this world, I never expect to see $23,000, the payoff without tax, title and plates but whatever I manage it will be that much we won't need to worry about. Right now there is enough to take my wife and daughter to the Red Lobster, that's a little. Gentlemen, thank you for the suggestions.
  7. William, the last time anyone turned me loose on an open mike it took better than 25 years to get it loose from my sweaty palms... are you real sure about this?
  8. Becky, great testamony! If we will stop digging to discover heresies we will be run over by them and if we agressively resist, as I try to remember to do, we will see droors open and have questions to answer that will win souls. We have much more alike than different!
  9. Please sir, these moderators and I seek to never walk into the endless ravene of heresy and you'll witness that except trying to be polite in responses, we use the man made scripture addresses for the conviemce of the learning and the unlearned. 45All the circumcised believers who had accompanied Peter were astounded that the gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out even on the Gentiles. 46For they heard them speaking in tongues and exalting God. Then Peter said, 47“Can anyone withhold the water to baptize these people? They have received the Holy Spirit just as we have!”… Berean Study Bible · Download Cross References Mark 16:17 And these signs will accompany those who believe: In My name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; Acts 2:4 And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them. Acts 19:6 And when Paul laid his hands on them, the Holy Spirit came upon them, and they spoke in tongues and prophesied.
  10. There are two old friends on this site that have kicked my champagne off that I can never thank enough. I leave them out there, somewhere, in Hyper-Space but wish both to know my eternal gratitude... thank-you.
  11. Thank you Bengi, I gave a copy to my Paralyzed Veterans Rep. And until he admits defeat I believe I should g this route. I strongly believe I will receive a good deal less and will need the funds to pay the rest off. I do not believe I can raise the full amount but it would be nice to go for a brand new van and not the used one.
  12. I do not wish to be perceived as snutty but don't you mean Peter? And of course we are not to seek to follow any leader except they lead us closer to the Messiah.
  13. I understand that PV is trying for those papers and I have seen a few Government Employed doctors that have firmly established the Agent Orange connection and the, I pray, momentary, status of Legally Blind and still, no active response. That and without the program you referance, I would not have the GMC with the now broken lift. I may have pushed them to their limit.
  14. The need is sevier and if you can do nothing more than repost the link it will be greatly appreciated. I have already posted it on my th1bill Facebook Page and went so far as to ask President Trump on Twitter. If you feeel led, please help, the VA is forty miles away and some things must be done there as the clinics are not full service, Thank you for even reading and considering the need. Viet Vet needs Handicap Vehicle WWW.GOFUNDME.COM I stayed away from the VA as long as I could feed my family and pay for my recovery. But I fell off the side of my Mixer and was forced onto SS...
  15. Matthew, I was born a few months before Victory in Europe. If you have offspring you need to encourage their second generation not to listenn to these millenial knot-heads we raised but to learn how to play with their own possible offspring, they are a breath of fresh air, giving reason to everything.
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