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  1. I see you and I retired from Driving, so you can or should be able to, appreciate it when I explain that as a very young man I went nowhere without my Side Arm, was a Bleeding Heart Liberal Soldier. But leaving the service of my Fellow Citizens initiated a change in my perspective and by the time I was forty I was often labeled an Ultra Conservative that refused to be unarmed. The most important thing I learned was a lesson from my DI SSgt. Brown, administered behind the barracks without shirts or rank. it goes, sometimes like; "I am responsible for every word I speak, no matter how cute I try to come off as." Further, it is I that will be held responsible for any slip of the tongue as well as any thoughts that led to the effects that resulted. Your Channel 19 Quip would have left the channel roaring with peals of laughter because it was intended to be aq Catty Reply that might have led to two wrinkled old farts carrying on like two five year olds that would not figure out why momma still dressed them in diapers. I'm not up for this Kiddy Game but then, of course I'm not a goat of any breed. I asked, kindly, for you to define and you went all Babby Kitty on me. I'll do my best to just not read anything you have to say from now on. I pray YHWH molds your Spiritual Heart into a Grown-up Christian and if I can e of any help, please PM me but please remember, I am not here to address Snarky remarks nor to be led into childish contests that do nothing but to demean both parties demeanor, ruining the witness of both. May YHWH, Yashuah ha'Mashiah and Ruah, our Most High Triune Elohim touch the hearts of both of us.
  2. Sad, very sad retort and just reeks of the Holiness Movement out of the Heretical New Covenant and this Later Day, New Testament Only, New Testament Movements. Should I continue being civil or should kick the dust off and paste a label on you? My prayers are extended to you in either case for there are none righteous, no, not one.
  3. And so you no longer sin? (Rom. 3)
  4. Yes and no. YHWH has set many principles into the scriptures and one strong one is the thief on the cross. I fail you here because I have not my Thompson Chain at my side but you should be able to find the other important verses on the Internet. But the thief on the cross took Yashuah ha'Mashiah as his Savior hanging on the cross, fcacing certain death from the same spear thrust into the Heart Sack of his Savior. If your friends take what they already know to heart, in the same minuted they die, our LORD will save them anjd y7ou wil be there with them. Now, the no here is because of poor teaching. Hell, the grave, is where only the Sinners Spirit goes to await the Fin al Judgment and Sentencing, none Judgment none spend Eternity there. There have been an arguable number of resurrections throughout scripture so using only the Renewed Covenant there are four viewed or predicted, the final requiring a thinking, studying mind. The first is when Yashuah waited for Lazarus to pass over into the Buxom of Abraham before He came to his Sisters. Yashuah then called him out of the Grave, thus the First Resurrection. Then the is the Resurrection of the Old Testament, Jewish Bible, Saints in, I recall Matthew 27, about verse 51 and following, the Second Resurrection. The Third is still in the future and occurs when Yashuah will be seen the world around though He will not set foot upon the earth as He calls the Saints of the Renewed Covenant to Him in the sky. The Final Resurrection will occur somewhere during, just before or just after all life is extinguished by fire and then replenished and returned to the Original State of it's creation. I pray this eases your concerns and gives you reason to continue planting and watering where crops of the past have failed. May YHWH bless your family, your heart and your work for Him. Bill Taylor Bond Servant Killer Spade 806 CE
  5. There are geological divisions of Texas and mention one and any studied Texan can tell you their predominant political stance. O'Rorke O'rorkeis from East Texas where they drag their men of color down the highway behind their 1951 Ford or Chevy locked to the Trailer Hitch with 3/8" Trace Chains until he ceases screaming. I detect much of that same doctrine buried under Beto's hate speech. Aren't Liberals more fun to watch than a Goofy film?
  6. I don't know Harold Hudgins but he and I will cross paths in the Holy City one day and like Harold, I'm reasonably sure, I pray the offended disbeliever will have a heart changing experience and be there to laugh with us both.
  7. Gas Masks are the same reason I could never grow a beard in the Army. As a Forklift Technician, several Chemical Plants did not allow men with beards past the gate for the same reason. Wanna work... shave.
  8. The Judeo/Christian God, YHWH, has never been known as the Sun God nor the Moon God, a.k.a. the god of Islam.
  9. I found when I was still fortunate to be allowed employment that connecting with management was never a bad thing, as long as it was non aggressive and informative only. When I established my own company, I would dismiss people that knew, better than me how to operate my company and I also kept a promotion list and possible dismissal ranking, based on an assortment of items including inability to recognise talent under his direction. Just remember to approach upper management gently.
  10. All I have t say is a hearty heart felt AMEN!
  11. I am neither Catholic nor YHWH/Yashuah ha'Mashiah nor Ruah. I judge fruit, as per Matthew 7, and the church buildings, all of them, are over run with rotten fruit. At the same time, careful examination reveals some good fruit, all over.
  12. I stand miffed by your question. Can you explain the difference you perceive between the two categories?
  13. James, I'm not at all certain why you want any man to pierce your nose and to lead you anywhere. I have friends in different church buildings, around the world and looking at their Fruit, most all of them are lost and by the same measure, some produce the most Christ-like Fruit one can ever find. I have a couple of Catholic friends, one a Family Lawyer and another is a Driver and both minister through the RCC. YHWH calls those of us that listen into service where He choses.
  14. Caffeine has to be the weakest addiction in this world if it is an addiction. I consumed Army Coffee made in Tin Cans and drank Grounds and all. The single most difficult addiction for me to quit was the Cigarette. I stopped snorting, smoking, consuming and injecting everything that was available to me in less than thirty days. I quit Cigarettes every day for over a year before I became disgusted enough with myself and put them down. I have done without Coffee for weeks and months at a time and yet I get out of bed and go straight for my Coffee Pot and consume 16oz every morning, before breakfast. Coffee, Caffeine, is a habit, nothing more.
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