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  1. They are incredibly fun and I pay some youngster in your linage cooperates.
  2. NO! Already I have a photo his mom was taking when a little blond ruined it by running up qand kissing him. His dad will have his hands full... and Ash is delivering him another girl killer?
  3. My wife is one of those, also, Becky. My granddaughter lives on an island off the coast and she and that rascal that stole my baby girl are due the second one around Christmas,,, both boys and both will be beach bums. LOL!
  4. Pure unadultrated lies, the book called Enoch has never been scripture and men of less knowledge than any today knew that.
  5. RC's point has long been my position and I have long felt the leading of the Spirit in that direction.
  6. John the Blind, Please note that I am nothing more than an Ear Pierced (Spiritually) Bond Servant of our Triune Elohim, YHWH, Yashuah ha'Mashiah and Ruach who, having infilled me, now indwells me. You have asked a question deserving of an honest answer. Anything wearing the name of Mashiah, in Greek, Christ, has serious conditions attached. As the Devoted followers of Yashuah we seek to attract Other Sinners, the Unforgiven, to join us to, ever, learn more of our Elohim. In spite of the standing Open Invitation to join us, there are unstated, save in the Scriptures, conditions concerning all aspects of life. Admitting that had YHWH called me to the Pastorate, He would not be perfect because I am, these, almost fifty years later, still the Short Tempered NCO that Daddy Himes, my Sargent Major created and do lean hard on Godly Church Discipline but our LORD is perfect and knew before I was born who I am and will, yet be. As for rights in this forum? We have a couple of Yashuah Following Moderators working this site and perhaps you need to speak with William and Becky. This forum has been laid on their hearts and we live here with the dictates our Elohim has given them to operate by.
  7. So much propaganda and not a single word of discussion, where has these United (once upon a time) States sunken into?
  8. th1bill

    Where do you land?

    Very sad and very true. If we do not live the instructions we are taught in the Scriptures we are an unsaved mess. Just as I am noted for, I teach YHWH's Omnipotence and Omnipresence of YHWH with a very difficult to grasp, it seems, on His Omnipresence and the lack of effect on our Elohim of our Time/Space Continuum, freeing, if such could be imagined. This lack of the Ruach led teaching has resulted in folk not under His Leading developing some hair brained theologies that still fall within the Accepted Pail of Orthodoxy, illustrating the depth of Incursion into the True Faith in the Messiah/Christ that our Triune Elohim delivered to us through the Chosen Children in Israel. May YHWH bless and open the Spiritual Ears and Eyes of the Lost in the services and the drunks as they recover from the ¿fun? of Saturday Night, just as you blessed this old drunk.
  9. PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!! Well spoken MD! He that does not know YHWH's Perfect Will for his or her life is, quite possibly, not studied, not filled by Ruach and, as sad as it is, not saved. I recall the beginning of the Infilling, very distinctly for until that moment, just as scripture notes it to be, the scriptures were full of mysteries. We all need to be in prayer for our friend's Spiritual Life. But again I say to you, "Well Spoken!"
  10. th1bill


    I've only been a Christ Follower since 1990 and the fights between the peoples, whose faith falls within the Pail of Orthodoxy. I do not see, in any of my translations where YHWH, Yashuahv or Ruah called me to be a Baptist and though I have run with a number of Carpenters and Drivers from a number of other Christian Sects that study their Bibles to follow our Elohim, no matter the error that might be taught from the pulpit. As long as we seek to follow Yashuah ha'Mashuah, I cannot help but wonder why we allow Satan to influence us so much.
  11. There are geological divisions of Texas and mention one and any studied Texan can tell you their predominant political stance. O'Rorke O'rorkeis from East Texas where they drag their men of color down the highway behind their 1951 Ford or Chevy locked to the Trailer Hitch with 3/8" Trace Chains until he ceases screaming. I detect much of that same doctrine buried under Beto's hate speech. Aren't Liberals more fun to watch than a Goofy film?
  12. Gas Masks are the same reason I could never grow a beard in the Army. As a Forklift Technician, several Chemical Plants did not allow men with beards past the gate for the same reason. Wanna work... shave.
  13. I am neither Catholic nor YHWH/Yashuah ha'Mashiah nor Ruah. I judge fruit, as per Matthew 7, and the church buildings, all of them, are over run with rotten fruit. At the same time, careful examination reveals some good fruit, all over.
  14. I stand miffed by your question. Can you explain the difference you perceive between the two categories?
  15. James, I'm not at all certain why you want any man to pierce your nose and to lead you anywhere. I have friends in different church buildings, around the world and looking at their Fruit, most all of them are lost and by the same measure, some produce the most Christ-like Fruit one can ever find. I have a couple of Catholic friends, one a Family Lawyer and another is a Driver and both minister through the RCC. YHWH calls those of us that listen into service where He choses.
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