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  1. Hi William, you will be pleased to know that I will be leaving your site as you and the forum members are just too much at this time of my understanding. You have made me unhappy with the amount of pressure that you have put me under, I want to sleep at night, I didn't expect this from a Christian web site with a discussing verbal attack from Becky. May God bless you in all you do. With Love, Wnl
  2. Hi Becky, with your post you have obviously taken a judgemental dislike to me, Jesus Himself asked questions after having received a question. You can't have read my earlier post as regards Jesus in my life, Infact you don't even know me. Tell me how can I answer questions that I know little about, or I'm not really interested in. I can't believe a Christian would use words to that degree, shouldn't we Love our enemies. It seems obvious to me that you would like me to leave this forum, if that's the case just say so. With Love, Wnl
  3. Hi Origen, I've done a bit of studying on the subject and the answer is YES The Word trinity is found in my KJ Bible cyclopedia 3694. Quoting Mat. 28:19. Jn14:26. 15:26. 2 Cor 13:14. 1 Pt 1:2 With Love, Wnl
  4. I think you missed my post to Origan which reads I believe in the deity of Christ. With Love, Wnl
  5. Sorry Becky for my mistake as I have not been perfected yet, Thankyou With Love, Wnl
  6. I believe in the deity of Christ, but could you help me with your question, can you tell me where the word Trinity is in the Bible, l would be much obliged if you could, Thankyou, Wth Love, Wnl
  7. Hi Fabre, of coarse I believe in the Father, son and Holy Spirit and Thankyou for your explanation. With Love, Wnl
  8. Hi I was simply drawn in to answer your question ( wish I hadn't) because no one did, you probably new the answer already. l simply won't waste my time discussing the status and names of the trinity. All I know is that Jesus died for me and loves me, setting me free from myself and causing me to serve and love others instead of my selfish self. I simply want to follow His example, He will always be Jesus to me, my saviour. With Love, Wnl
  9. Hi Fabre, I believe in the doctrine of the forums staff written by Becky. With Love,Wnl
  10. @Innerfire89 I always thought that Jesus was the son of God, he came from, from, from the bosom of God. Are you saying there are two Gods. Jesus came to set an example that we might follow. As regarding His sacrifice, the message is that the wants you too to nail also your worthless flesh that most people live to, to your own cross. Die of self and live, If you die of self, no one can hurt you anymore because you are dead, you can't hurt a dead person and a dead person to self can't sin either. Your flesh is going to die one day so why live to it, live in the spirit of Jesus Christ and rise again from your selfish and worldly being. From this place you too can say forgive them for they know not what they do, even your enemies. Remember Jesus came to set an example for you to follow, so get dying. With Love Wnl
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