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  1. a great miracle has been given unto me. I have seen the spirit of the lord I beheld the heavens open up and the church of God come down from heaven. I stood in the Lord's presence, I am a living witness God has chosen me to see great wonders that only the prophets themselves have seen, I saw the spirit coming down with great bolts of lightning flashing all around him and when the lightning subsided I beheld the Lord's spirit come forth and I could see what he was wearing he was covered in living vibrating atoms even his clothes came alive .than the spirit began to lay hands on the people in the church that's where this miracle happened and there were many other spirits laying hands on the people .i have much more to tell you if you want me to continue.
  2. I was just wondering if you believe in miracles because I was blessed with a miracle but when I tell people about it they don't believe me .
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