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  1. Say one thing about him. A very good sniffer. Stay away from my wife. M-Bob
  2. Probably the only thing sexually that he is not tried? M-Bob
  3. Don't sound like a Bernie supporter. M-Bob
  4. Who's telling them no worries in this world and everything for free? Got to be the devil. Because the Bible sure does not teach that. M-Bob
  5. Some red-state Senate Democrats are fretting that the ongoing House impeachment inquiry could expand uncontrollably and become a “kitchen sink” of complaints about President Trump and hurt chances of regaining the Senate majority in 2020, Fox News has learned. Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Jon Tester of Montana specifically expressed concerns and have told Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., that leadership cannot allow liberal Democrats to push for the inquiry to include allegations about Trump illegally using his office to enrich himself or relitigate findings from former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of Russian election meddling in 2016. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Trump looking good for 2020. M-Bob
  6. He will either need to be rid of some of that ridiculous stuff before entering heaven or be a big hit down below in the hot place. Horns are not becoming. My goats would wish to head butt that guy. M-Bob
  7. I have never seen a tattoo on man or woman that I thought to be becoming. Wife thinks the same way. Actually these days it's nice to see a body free of tattoos. True fact -- most tattoos are plain ugly. M-Bob
  8. They never have evidence. Just more of the blind leading the blind. M-Bob
  9. When it comes to talking negatively regarding Israel, I always try to be very careful. M-Bob
  10. Why Cremation Is Pagan, Burial Is Christian WWW.CHRISTIANPOST.COM As Chuck Colson said, our worldview determines how we live. And even how we...
  11. His music is good but, I do not think I would be taking advice from Keith. Seems like throughout history was it not mostly the pagans that believed in cremation? M-Bob
  12. Going to be buried next to my 1st wife who died in a car accident. The wife I have now will be buried on top of me. Have always thought that being buried is the best way for christians to go but, do feel sorry for people that cannot afford a burial. As we know they can be very expensive now days. M-Bob
  13. As shone many, many times before. In time God will pull them back in line. Note -- can be painful. M-Bob
  14. You may wish to skip to the 55 second mark because, the 1st minute is just regarding Biden kissing people on the head. M-Bob
  15. As long as the church doesn't say that it was born that way. M-Bob
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