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  1. I do not expect to be able to vote for people who uphold every scriptural command, but surely it is not too much to argue that politicians should refrain from telling lies. I do not need this site. Carry on voting for liars you morons, and hope and pray that their lies do not harm you. Can I terminate my site membership? If so I will.
  2. To be honest, I find that extremely offensive. I refrain from voting not because politicians might lie, but because they almost certainly will. I have already said that I will consider voting for a political party which supports honesty. For example, I would like MPs to be legally bound never to tell lies, and to lose their seats in parliament if they do tell lies. Does any party support that? While you vote for whichever lying scumbag is closer to Godly tenets, people suffer, and will continue to do so. I am close to quitting this site, and I urge you to consider an unreserved apology.
  3. Exodus 18:21 is an excellent text. It tells me why I should not vote for dishonest politicians. No, but at least I can truthfully say that I did not put them in office.
  4. Politics in the USA is dominated by two political parties, which both tolerate abortion. Politics in the UK is dominated by two political parties, which both tolerate abortion. They are also both committed to dishonesty, and do not get my vote.
  5. It did not give a mandate to dishonesty.
  6. It is hardly a question of left or right. It is a question of honesty versus evil. Why should we let evil triumph?
  7. In what sense? I will consider voting for a political party which is committed to promoting honesty, but which party is that? As for Becky's point about the lesser of two evils, that is akin to surrender. The Democrats and the Republicans will thrive in the USA as long as people will vote for the lesser evil. The Tories and Labour will thrive in the UK as long as people vote for the lesser evil. Justice will triumph when we stop voting for liars.
  8. By we I mean the people of the United Kingdom as a whole, although I accept that similar situations exist in other countries. By we I suppose I exempt anyone who does not vote, which includes myself. I did not vote in either of the last two parliamentary general elections in this country. I did vote in the most recent council elections, but only for two independent candidates. I would be pleased if even just one political party committed itself to the cause of honesty in politics, but sadly I have yet to find one which has that ambition. As a Christian I feel that I should not encourage dishonesty, and that is one reason why I tend not to vote.
  9. A solicitor called Adam Kemeny has been struck off from practising as a lawyer after admitting evading train tickets to the value of hundreds of pounds. A rich financier called Jonathan Burrows is also unlikely ever to work in finance again, after being caught evading thousands of pounds worth of train fares. And yet we allow the most brazen of liars to occupy even the highest of political offices.
  10. Maybe I didn't answer your previous point very well, but of course I am British, and do not know very much about medical insurance. Yes, if you have the choice between medical insurance which defies God or medical insurance which does not defy God, then we should choose the latter.
  11. That is another issue. By refusing to buy a national newspaper, I am harming no one, except the dark interest groups which own those newspapers. If I've got it right, every national newspaper in Britain is owned by a multinational corporation - with the possible exception of The Guardian. Last time I read The Guardian, one of their columnists appeared to be saying that anyone she didn't like was a fascist. Not buying into medical insurance might cause unexpected harm, and so I will not comment further on that one.
  12. Sadly I don't expect that day will ever come. But it would help if all Christians in every country refrained from buying newspapers which do not glorify God.
  13. So far as I can remember, I have not bought a national newspaper since the spring of 2007. It was The Daily Express. I read newspapers online if I can do so without paying, and I often read The Metro - a free weekdays-only newspaper in the UK. Although I often enjoy reading them, national newspapers are not our friends. They serve another deity. I would like to buy a national newspaper which does not belittle the word of God. I would like to buy a national newspaper which urges its readers not to vote in elections for politicians who defy the word of God. I cannot do much, but I do what I can, and I do not buy national newspapers - ever.
  14. I just realised that I mis-spelt a word in a previous post (here for hear). That is very unusual for me. I accept that Jesus often offended people, but Jesus was right. By contrast, when I am offended it is usually by someone who probably hasn't even bothered to think through their position.
  15. I once began reading a biography of Saint Paul, and the author was convinced that Paul was a divorcee. If so, then he must have been a young divorcee. He was a young man when he first appears in Acts 7, and nowhere does Acts say he had a wife.
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