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    Other watchman/Christians in Southern Vermont and South West Virginia/Western North Carolina


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    Current events/Bible prophecy, CB/shortwave radio


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    Bellows Falls

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  1. Welcome Sara from the cold Green Mtns of Vermont... :)
  2. Billy Graham and friends - a hidden agenda? by Dr. Cathy Burns.... a revealing look into Graham...
  3. George Bush Sr. openly/publicly called for and promoted "a new world order" 210 times in his 4 year reign, but then he being in NWO/global gov't club he knew...
  4. Sad but most of the Bill of Rights is dead or dying, States have surrendered their 10th amendment rights in exchange for Federal funds so they can try to retake their 10th rights BUT the Fed will simply cut off the $$$ and close all Federal facilities and see how a State operates then.... only way We the People could ever take back this nation would be to repeat the 1770's/1861... at this point in history and with time short and with all the surveillance technology and the progression of the Global Government its time no past time to be ready for the final death of freedom and hence Christians being hunted down. IF you are not familiar with the REAL ID Act of 2005 and its implications you best do so NOW! Its not the Mark but the precursor and once you take a REAL ID approved form of ID you are in the system. I gave up my drivers license 2007 and will NOT take a new DL/State photo ID period. I accepted Christ over 50 yrs ago so a NWO don't mean squat, they can take my freedom my life but NOT my soul nor my heavenly mansion.
  5. In a tough spot(homeless and have health issues) and ole devil has knocked me off the wall BUT trying to get back up there and get back into the fight so appreciate prayer....Thanks!
  6. Just joined been a watchman as per Ezekiel 33 vs 1-9/Isaiah 62 v 6 trying to warn and inform since 2000. Been limited to posting on my FB page but decided to delete it and return to forums/discussion boards.
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