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  1. Is atheism a Asian religion? because according to statistics, 76% atheists reside in Asia. china hosts largest atheist population.
  2. I would say just look at the Islamic world and see the tolerance level they have for other Muslims, who are different from them, and tolerance for Christians and other religions. There is serious superiority problem over there, they consider themselves clean, rest are unclean. And Muslim women are not free. nor there is any other freedom over there.
  3. johnwayne

    What's for Supper?

    Only super bowl for me is always Wrestlemania
  4. Yes it is a big problem. we should think before we speak in real world and cyber world as well.
  5. No border wall is not immoral. because without border wall, US will commit suicide. And suicide is immoral. build the wall, and save the country.
  6. No. They are violent creatures and can harm you, if they recognize that you are not Muslim. they think they are superior to everyone else and anyone who is not like them is nothing for them. tolerance is not there in Islam. And Muslims don’t think like we Christians do. “Entering enemy’s temple...” yes they all hate christians and are our enemies.
  7. Thank you everybody for responding. yes it is terrifying to see democrats are now anti-American and anti-Christian party. i wonder how moderate and religious Christian survive in New York City.
  8. I use reddit and other liberal dominated social media platforms. but you have to be very very careful. you can be influenced by them. and come in their trickery. becareful be selective very selective of the subreddits you select.
  9. Can a Christian be Democrat, in current circumstances when left is bringing Muslims and trash into the country and harming the structure of western civilization ?
  10. 1000 times worse. they are pumping drugs into our veins. bad people. Just build the massive wall first, then drones come later on.
  11. As long as you believe Jesus is your savior I guess. Not expert
  12. US must not let this happen. expanisionist communist China is against our interest.
  13. No it is not terrible. It is very necessary. Southern border must be secured. Hezbollah is in backyard. iranian backed terrorist group has long presence in Latin America. it is no joke. Drug cartels and hezbollah work together sometimes.
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