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  1. I admit I'm not a Trump fan but I don't think it'd be right for me to come on here and publicly slate him. I disagree with a lot of his policies but keep my counsel because he's President of the USA, where 90% of CF guys live and are very supportive. I'm in the UK and we have a quite controversial Prime Minister and for me the jury's out on him. But in the last week or so I'm struggling to keep my mouth shut. This time I think that Trump has made one almighty hash of Syria and I hear it has life and death consequences to our brother and sisters. Hitherto the villages in Northern Syria near the Turkish border have largely been spared the worst of the recent civil war, until Donald without consultation, warning or notice unilaterally decides he's going to pull US troops out of Syria, creating a power vacuum. Eyebrows rise in Ankara and Erdoğan rubs his hands in glee - opportunity knocks. So Erdoğan says he's off to reignite the war, and all Donald can say is: 'Bad idea.' Days later the death toll starts and hundreds of thousands are forced to drop everything and become refugees. A good proportion of those forced to get out of their shelled homes, maybe suffering injury and death are our Christian brothers and sisters and that's what's troubling me, greatly. It's like the West (USA, UK and EU) are just mildly concerned. OK, the language and words in the last day or two are starting to stiffen, even very limited sanctions and a couple of countries cancelling arms deals (temporarily) but that's more to do with the realisation that this was more than just a 'bad idea' ISIS escapes, Syrian army involvement and increased Russian influence are higher up the list of regrets than human suffering. If you feel as I do can I please implore you to pray for the church in N Syria and the safety of our brothers and sisters, write to your politician expressing your worries and if you've got some surplus, think about a financial support donation to Open Doors or the UK charity Barnabas Fund As war erupts again in Syria, help our Christian brothers and sisters BARNABASFUND.ORG Christians are fleeing the new war zone to places of safety. They are in desperate need of humanitarian aid, leaving homes and possessions behind. Thanking you in advance. Love Andy
  2. We take our dog a westie to church every week, sits as good as gold on the pew. Another couple take their 2 king Charles Spaniels. I can't say they are the most attentive members of the congregation, definitely not candidates for baptism.
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