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  1. @Steve McEvoy I really enjoyed reading your 'spitting' story. Thanks for sharing. Your understanding of life's hardships, tragedies, losses is wisdom only from God. I came to the same belief. I love the older generation. I miss their stories, wisdom, love and warmth so much. It is all but lost in these days and times. Thanks for sharing again Steve. It touched my heart.
  2. Tolerance smallerance. I will continue to say "Merry Christmas". I will also continue to say "I'll pray" or "God be with you and keep you".
  3. I believe the Word of God is 100% true as well. Though, I feel that is a curt answer to non-believers when asked. Has anyone read the book "The Case for Christ"? It's pretty good. The man who wrote it was once a non-believer. He set out to disprove God and the Bible. His research led him to believe. I think it's written by Lee Strobel. A majority of my books are packed away till I can build more bookcases. A 6 x 6 doesn't cut it. Soooo many books. Lol. Funny how people will believe Cleopatra and others existed, but won't believe in Jesus. There are some documents, sometimes only a few or very little, to prove the existence of these historical characters. But ... there is an overwhelming amount of historical documents/writings that document the story of Jesus; correlating with the Bible. As you know, Kings of ancient times had scribes that documented their regions history. There are even ancient writings from non-believers that documented about Jesus. This book gives factual proof that you yourself can research. It's an easy read. So when someone asks you how you know God's Word is true ... you can give them facts, (Your feelings and beliefs as well. I mean, your hearts gotta show. Right.) Because an answer of "Well, I just believe it's true" is nice and fine, but to a non-believer it doesn't hold much water. ***Keeping it real.***
  4. ElenaCM

    Gun Control

    So the saying goes, "There's nothing common about common sense." I never saw a gun grow hands and feet and start shooting. Guns don't kill people. People kill people. I grew up in LA, CA. It would be ignorant of me to say knives kill people so we need knife control. They want to take away our guns. My ranch has no electricity and no running water. But it does have bears, mountain lions, coyotes, you get the picture. What am I gonna do to protect my family? Clap my hands and say shoo bear shoo? On occasion they've even had drug runners way out here. If they came on my land to do harm to me and my family, do you think a clap clap and a shoo shoo would work? Heck no. I'm packin'. God gives wisdom and understanding to those who seek it. Common sense people, common sense.
  5. ElenaCM


    I'm sorry you feel the need, Bill, to use so many descriptives of who I am and where my soul is. I do not nor will I ever condone drug abuse. The subject line was about opinions on marijuana relating to the Christian life (I would gather since this IS a Christian forum). I stated my belief. I would use a cbd with a small thc mix. It doesn't get you high. It doesn't boggle your brain or give you the munchies. It has no side affects compared to opiates to relieve chronic pain or any pain for that matter. You believe it's of the devil. So I guess you believe doctor prescribed opiates (which is what millions of people for years have been and are still being prescribed) are not of the devil. Have you ever read up on the case history of opiates? So I guess you feel opium is not of the devil. Yet it is still being sold and used black market. But it is an OTC. How can one say it is evil and good? It is the user who defines the right and wrong. The thc in marijuana (like opium) has medicinal purposes which helps alleviate tremendous pain. I'm not saying go get high and party ya'all by no means. Only that it has helped so many people with chronic pain, e.g. cancer patients, fibromyalgia sufferers. To say that these people, myself included, who suffer tremendous pain day in and day out, deserve all your brow beating and fist pummeling and God save our dooming souls, in my opinion, is .... For all my brothers and sisters who suffer ... my heart is with you. I know what you face day in and day out. I know the courage you have just to get out of bed and make it through the day. God be with you, comfort you, and strengthen you. Hugs.
  6. He has openly professed God. You are correct.
  7. ElenaCM


    OTC drugs are killing people. Plus the side effects can be monstrous. They have a CBD oil that has a small amount of thc. The thc activates the CBD and makes it effective. There is not enough thc to make you high. This treatment is helping so many people with chronic pain. Unfortunately, there are so many people that just want to get high. So yes. It is abused. So are opiates. I only approve of the medical use. Not the other. I hate dope and what it does to lives and families. It's so easy for people who don't live with chronic pain to be naysayers and condemn. But if you walked in someone's shoes who lives in terrible pain. You might change your mind. All opiates are drugs. I'd rather take something that doesn't have horrible side effects and makes me spacy. This is just my opinion.
  8. Thank you Mat the D. Thank you Matthew D.
  9. ElenaCM

    New Relationship

    Believe in yourself. Trust in your intuition and understanding. You made the right decision. This guy is oh so not being real. Don't let him con you with his twisted words. You sound like a pretty real person. Don't accept a man who's less than real. He said he was only testing you? Bull hackey. He was testing to see what he could get away with (with you). Run from this guy. I'm telling you girl, he's no good. Know the tree by the fruit. Be strong in the Lord my sister. Hugs.
  10. I didn't stay but so many do. I believe this concept of money grubbing has hurt true christianity. It turns so many people away from knowing Christ as their Abba Father. It is sad. We need to be transparent, real, and true. The church is a reflection of God to the world. We are a reflection individually, I know. One on one. But what the world sees, as a whole, is the church.
  11. I can't stand the prosperity giving thing. So, do you believe you should tithe solely to your pastor? What if the Pastor of the church buys $600 suits, $100 ties and $200 shoes? What if your pastor buys up land for himself, drives massively expensive cars, takes a matching 10 percent on his 401k from the church? Brags about the expensive Christmas gifts he's giving and receiving? While there are families in the church that have no money for gifts to give. Nor do they receive any. No holiday food. No winter jackets. No program at church to help the poor, or widows, or fatherless? One single mother cried because she could barely feed her children off welfare. The church never helped her once. They just told her she had to give her tithes or she was disobeying God. You get the picture. But the church teaches to give in faith. No matter what. They say its only your job to give. You might say you'd leave this type of church. Would you though? Why are so many people still there?The church, not all churches, says and does many things in the name of God. But it is not of God. And they hurt God's people. I'm not against tithes. I'm against the abuse, from a lot of churches, regarding tithe. The church needs to come back to God.
  12. It would have been wonderful to have married a good man. But it was not so. My first husband, claimed christianity. Oh how it was not so. He wouldn't work. I stayed till our daughter married and moved out, then I left. I worked 2 jobs, 7 days a week, to support us. I would leave early, and come back when they were asleep. I was killing myself working. In fact, at one point, I believe I died because I saw my spirit rise from my body. Then it floated there looking at me and then zoomed back to my body and I sucked air. I had to leave. It was a most horrible marriage. I couldn't love him. I couldn't respect him. I stayed because the church said me and my daughter would go to Hell if I left. Me and my daughter suffered tremendously by me staying! So I remarried 5 years later. So I guess there is no hope of Heaven for me because I remarried. We all might as well just give up, huh? I should have left my first husband years before I did. Then perhaps I and my daughter would have been fine. He screwed us both up. He used Hell, Hell, Hell, to control everything. My daughter resented that I was always working. I hated not being at home but someone had to provide. It was the church that pushed me to marry him. They mocked my intuition when I said I didn't feel I should marry him. So I obeyed. Just have faith and obey they said. I heard a preacher say once, that if a person was depressed, God wouldn't hear their prayers. This was man's way. Not Gods.
  13. I'm glad you see this truth. I find it strange/scary that so many, that call themselves Christian, don't see it. I believe people have to have a love for the Truth ... only then can the HS lead and guide us in Truth.
  14. ElenaCM


    I believe it is okay to use weed as a medicine; eg. chronic pain. As with other drugs, it can be abused. I would caution in its use though. I know someone who was adamant against drugs. They were on heavy OTC's for pain which caused them to pass out, etc... so they started vaping weed. Well, it led to more, and now they're addicted. They started bonging.
  15. I think the melanoma cancer has come back again. I have a docs appt. In Dec. That's the soonest they could get me in. I've been waiting over a month already.
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