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  1. Thats because most of the americans here are bible literalists and YEC is the result of bible literalism but the catholic and protestant churches in europe considers YEC to be very inaccurate and invalid to the bible. You very much likely wont find a single christian who are highly educated in science who supports YEC among catholic and protestant scholarship in europe.
  2. I agree with you that most arguments they uses here against OEC are weak. I dont understand why YEC people thinks evolution is atheism when its not and most churches in europe have no problems accepting it.
  3. Not kind of answer i was expecting but thanks for the welcome anyway.
  4. Hi. my names Dennis from sweden and im new to this forum. Since i turned 14, i considered myself as a christian. although i would say im more of a agnostic theist than a gnostic theist since im not 100%. I've heard from a guy some years ago that big forums like reddit are bad for religious people because everyone there are hostile towards religion while religious people are a minority. I dont know anything about reddit apart thats its a regular forum where you can talk about anything, similar to the swedish forum Flashback but is it true that Reddit are dominated by antitheists? Im been exposed to antitheism by watching some of their videos on youtube like some guy named darkmatter or something that ends up insulting any religious people by classifying them as stupid or delusional, it sickens me how their subs applause them for it and it disgusts me just like any other intolerant movements. Is there any religious people who can share their experience with reddit?
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