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  1. That's a good one "isolate the Persons of the Trinity" ….I'll give you three biblical witnesses for that,OK? How about 1 John 1:3, 2 John 1:9 ,Romans 1:7 "noticed the isolation/missing" the third person of your unbiblical Trinity.
  2. Brother it's the other way around, with two or three witnesses, the truth will be established...I gave you 3 scriptural text as my witnesses, where is yours? Show me just one verse that the Apostles baptized one believer according to Matt.28:19.
  3. Rev.3:8 " has kept my word and has not denied my name" , also in agreement with Acts 4:12 and Phil.2:9, 10..."Jesus the name above all names".....Acts 2:38 the CHURCH OFFICIAL and BIBLICAL water baptism formula.
  4. Good morning brother, first of all, I can only type with two fingers, lol? And when I right click to paste text it won't work ,even if I hold control +V...show me how please? Now back to "logic" ... "I will build my CHURCH" which "only officially started at "ACTS 2:1-47", and common sense reading of the entire chapter , noticeably water baptism formula the disciples used was "NOT" in the name of the FATHER, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. And to better understand why they didn't follow the water baptism formula of Matt. 28:19 , I read all the book of Acts and found out in many instances that the "formula really "CHANGED to "in the name of JESUS CHRIST" in agreement to Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other,, for there is none other "name" (not 3 titles) under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.....'Wisdom tells me that the very popular water baptism formula is "unscriptural". And that's the established/official formula of the Apostles doctrine.....Acts 2:38
  5. Then show me just one verse that the 12 disciples baptized according to Matthew 28:19----just one verse, it's connected to Revelation 3:8 "only the Church of Philadelphia didn't deny HIS NAME, while the other 6 had rebukes and repent or else they will left on earth during the great tribulation( verse 9) ,again only Philadelphia will not be on earth during that time period....how did the other 6 Churches denied JESUS CHRIST NAME? There is no other name given under heaven whereby man should be saved (Acts 4:12).
  6. Bravo! So you're doing your homework diligently, I'll accept that Luke was something else, Anyways, I have another possible denominational headache? In Matthew 28:19 ,How come none of the disciples, including Matthew obeyed Jesus command to baptize in the name of the Father ,Son and Holy Spirit? None can be found in the entire bible? The very first CHURCH at the day of Pentecost baptized according to Acts 2:38 "in the name of Jesus Christ"? (That's why I'm thinking, altered/revised by the Council of Nicea to fit the Empire approved religion?)
  7. My original claim is I rather claim to be a "BELIEVER" instead of Christian.....My scripture for the claim John 3:16 and Mark 16:16, and like somebody said, that "Christian" was/is a derogatory word of pagan people of Antioch. Anyways, I edited the other reply...how about the question Matthew 28:19 , how come none obeyed Jesus command?
  8. sorry, the evidence of the temple ,besides the wailing wall....the name of David and Jesus or Yeshua .
  9. Archaeological evidence? hummm, maybe they already found(for sure) the existence of the temple ,name David, all I know they found mostly "fake" names of Jesus families, and other artifacts, of course you will say, it's all by faith and I do believed by faith.////And I believe there are Greek manuscripts that pre-date council of Nicea, but it doesn't mean " THe Bishops didn't altered some of the original wordings from the gospel, to pleased Emperor Constantine ,plus they did the translation in a hurry? Example: Why do you think, none of the disciples including Matthew who wrote Matt.28:19 ,how come if that's Jesus command to baptize in the name of the Father ,Son and Holy Spirit....tell me why none of them obeyed the command? none can be found anywhere in the bible, zip! But all helped baptized according to Acts 2:38 IN the name of Jesus Christ? Now tell me about that one, it's a biggie disobedience, don't you think?
  10. Because I believed the Hebrew version of "ma'aming b'Moshiach (believer in Moshiach) ,based on scriptures John 3:16 and Mark 16:16, rather than the Greek version "Christian"?
  11. Surely it cut both ways....yes we have many translations of the new testament in almost every languages and dialects of the world….but to cut the chase .so many Christian denominations doesn't believed the Mormon and Jehovah's witness new testament version either, right ? So, let us call it a "draw". Anyways, I still believed the New Testament in whatever language version it's written, I speak, read and write in 3 languages. I AM A BELIEVER of the GOSPEL>>>>1 Cor. 15:1-4 and Mark 16:15-18....water and Spirit baptized according to JESUS own WORD, John 3:3-5. Acts 2:38 . Strick, "the "doctrine of Christ"
  12. All I know according to scriptures, the 12 disciples mostly unlearned fishermen, except Dr. Luke...all old testament written in Hebrew and there's no Greek speaking author in them, If you can show me by scriptures that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are all bilingual ,then I'll admit I'm wrong and say, I'm sorry. OK? By the way "ARAMAIC" Hebrew composed of Phoenician, Arabic and Hebrew....never mention pure Greeks.
  13. Then if there's none Hebrew manuscript of the Gospel, then Matthew, Mark, Luke and John didn't wrote them. And we are in trouble, Vatican and Emperor wrote them! No wonder the majority of Jews never believe Jesus Christ as the Messiah?
  14. Maybe you can ask those 1,200 Bishops of Rome that attended Roman Emperor Constantine "325 A.D.Council of Nicea" that started Christian EMPIRE religion according to "HISTORY books". Maybe the original 4 Hebrew Gospel still hidden in Vatican secret vault?. Maybe they still have the original epistles of the Gospel authored by those Hebrew disciples, written in their Hebrew dialect.? One thing I know, the 12 original disciples of Jesus spoke and wrote in Hebrew. , for sure they're not Greeks, I'm 100 percent sure!
  15. Nowadays, our current events are all rooted in derogatory words, like the "N' words the shooter in Kroger, the "K" words for the Jew shooter in Pittsburg, and the democrat hater in Florida "IED package sender>>>> so why whole heartedly accept the pagan Antioch name of followers of Jesus? Why not accept the scriptures "Believer" or even born again" ?
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