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  1. What do you do when you meet a Traditional Catholic in real life? Do the same rules apply offline or do you simply refuse to converse with them on religious topics? Why, and for what purpose? I'm sincerely asking. Can you imagine meeting someone and the topic of religion comes up. The person tell you that they would love to have a conversation but you're not allowed talk about your Protestant doctrines. They tell you that you can ask them about their interpretations of Scripture and ask questions based on their interpretations, but your own beliefs and views are to be set aside. I have to break the news to you. Every Catholic rejects Sola Scriptura. Would you kindly explain to me what is unreasonable about a Catholic coming into a debate with the premise that the Catholic Church is the sole authority and infallible interpreter of Scripture? If I wished to inquire about your particular Protestant sect (one among thousands of warring denominations) then I would do my own research. Frankly, I did not come here to be converted, but to engage in civil conversation and debate on religious issues specifically with those who do not share my faith. This is something I enjoy doing and take a real interest in for a number of reasons. It's too bad this forum does not allow the same kind of easygoing discussions that take place in real life among intelligent, religious-minded people.
  2. I see. Only Protestants. Okay, thank you. Thanks to everyone else as well for the welcome.
  3. Hello, Just a quick note to introduce myself since I'm new and wanting to ask if Traditional Catholics are welcome to engage in civil discussions and debates? -Anna Therese
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