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  1. From the perspective of the son of a legal immigrant, what is happening with the now 7,000 is not too much more than a political stunt, or testing our boarders. If you want to be an immigrant, then immigrate. That means doing EXACTLY what my arenas did. Submit the paperwork, follow the law and become citizens. Thousands of people storming a boarder are not immigrants, they are an invasionary mob. And need to be treated as such.
  2. Greetings, my name is Joe, I am a father of six, grandfather of two, husband of one (she is all I can handle). I have had the honor of being a minister for a number of years (32yrs) and am passionate about the things of God and very active politically. I was a Chaplain and moderator on another forum for a number of years, looking forward to some great conversations So, ask me anything
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