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  1. I’m pretty sure my church will perform a marriage for divorced couples (adultery). Not sure if a gay marriage would be any more/less wrong. Even so, I’d never attend a church that performs gay marriages.
  2. What is required for salvation is that you believe in Jesus Christ and you accept him as Lord and Saviour. (John 3:16, Acts 16:31). God doesn’t make you believe - it’s a choice that you have. A choice only made possible by the grace of God. It’s silly and doesn’t even make sense to think God makes everyone believe whether they want to or not . You’ve definitely been elected and you’ve definitely been predestined by God but no where in the Bible does it say God made you believe. Again, that’s silly and doesn’t even make sense. The fact that the more people that hear the gospel the more that believe debunks that. Did he make it possible for you to believe? Yes, without hearing and learning of the goodness of God you would have never known or searched for God. Without Him sending his son to die for our sins we would all be condemned to death. We’ve contributed nothing to our salvation. It’s is only by the grace of God that salvation is possible. God told Adam what the penalty for sin was (Genesis 2:17), So did Jesus (John 6:50), and so did Paul (Romans 6:23). You’ll find none of them mention what you seem to think is soooo important to believe. It’s a false Catholic doctrine that doesn’t even make sense. Burning up, perishing, destroyed, death, die, kill, destruction. Those are some of the terms they use to describe the fate of man because of sin. Taking a simple message and creating a man made fallible doctrine that over complicates the inspired infallible word of God to the point of not even making sense is Doctrine that should be re-examined regardless of how long it’s been a doctrine.
  3. I was referring to your interpetation of the topic - the one that isn't taught by Jesus or any author in the Bible...oh and that doesn't make sense
  4. I’m pretty sure It’s the heart that God is interested in.
  5. I apologize if you took it that way, that was not my intent...I brought up Baptists for the purposes of pointing out that my position is not unique but is the position that many Baptists also have. Officially the Baptists church has not taken a position from an Armenian or Calvanistisc view on predenstination.
  6. I’m not sure what you mean by this but A better question would be why is it that the more zealous evangelism there is - the more people respond?
  7. As a general statement Baptists do not believe in predestination the same way you do. I’m simply asking questions and discussing it. And no I do not reject praying for man - I support it wholeheartedly.
  8. No it means what God does for one for his purpose does not mean he does for all or needs to do for all. Faith comes by hearing. Romans 10:17. The first step is to hear the Word of God (The Gospel). The stony ground represents those that hear the word and receive it but when trouble occurs they turn away from it. I’m not sure where you got the part you added that wasn’t part of what Jesus said.
  9. Faith comes by hearing. God certainly can have as much impact in the process any way he wants - I just don’t see him doing it systematically the way you suggest. God doesn’t heal the sick systematically but he can any time he wants for whatever purpose he chooses.
  10. Your interpretation of what predestination means in the scriptures is a point of debate. I haven’t studied the topic fully yet so I’m not prepared to debate it but I will say it doesn’t make sense on the surface. But that doesn’t mean it’s not correct.
  11. Not trying to be funny but why - what would be the point? Either they are or they are not. That has been predestined and has already been determined according to that doctrine.
  12. Based on that statement would you say we shouldn’t pray for an unsaved person to accept/believe in Christ?
  13. Erik

    Are Christians on the left?

    Ok. So they worshipped the God of the Bible until Jesus was born. I think I got it.
  14. Erik

    Are Christians on the left?

    Do you agree that like Cain, the Jews worship God incorrectly?
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