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  1. Racism at the Athens, GA, library Hi, my name is Jb, and I’m a Christian, as you know, the bible teaches about correctable and not correctable people, about saved people and lost boys, about children of the lord and children of the devil, in other words there are immortals and mortals, and both are evil, however immortals can change, I mean we can be less evil, unfortunately mortals can’t, I mean they can’t stop their rebellion, so one day at the library, there was and storm warning, and one lady that works at the counter came to tell me to leave, but she was very ugly, very rude because she was thundering her fingers, for that reason I didn’t leave immediately but I went to the restroom, and she followed me to the men’s restroom, then she opened the door to tell me to go again, and I have only one witnesses because there was another man named Jacob at the restroom, however we didn’t record anything but god did, indeed, he revels the sins of everybody, be correctable or not, so if you want to see her sin, just wait until your next dreams and you will see, on the other hand, If you like it, then shared, that way she will pay for her sins because she is very racist, Of course she is the problem, An storm was coming, and she put my live in danger because in the same day, a grocery store that was already closed opened the door in order to offer me protection, and also I know, that the library has concrete rooms to protect you from hurricanes. Pd: I don't know the name of the lady, but her boss name is Trudy green, know well, if you want to help me, then just comment this in your tv or radio program, and you will see. Jb your server.
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