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  1. "Pray to the Father" . . . and then who do you think the Lord prayed to? . . . Himself?? . . . "but looking up He prayed to the Father" . . . for sure, call upon the Lord, but for me, prayer is always directed to the Father, in His name. Christ gave Himself upon the Cross to restore us to the love of the Father, He (Christ) is my Friend, my elder Brother, my Help in time of need, but when I pray, it is not just "our Father", but more specifically "MY Father . . ." For me, life on earth is only made tolerable by the close personal relationship I now have because of the Work of His Blood upon His cross. So . . . "pray to the Father."
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    My concern about tats and piercings is this . . . I believe both are a form of ritualism involving blood, and anything involving blood and ritualism is an opening to spiritual realms. "For the life is in the Blood" -- it is the Blood of Christ covering me that restores my soul to the Father's Love. Blood, Blood, Blood. Our Faith is the most intense Blood Based Faith of all time, Christ's Blood is a constant in all time and space -- the Life, His Blood Life covers me, and without it there is no redemption. And whether you agree or disagree, believe or not makes no difference. Folks absolutely Believed the earth was Flat for hundreds of years, the strength, power, conviction of a belief has nothing to do with its truth. So Anything involving blood ritualism has a supernatural power that is beyond our understanding, and tats and piercings involve blood ritualism whether you perceive ti that way or not -- and blood ritualism creates opportunity for negative spiritual forces to become associated with your life. So a True Believer should not get a tat, but the cross of Christ and Blood of Christ is sufficient for all sins, so if you have a tat, bring it to the Cross and ask the Lord to cleanse it and He will, and then move on knowing that the Father is able to do all we ask of Him.
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