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  1. "By their works you shall know them" If ALL Christians have indeed been baptized with the Holy Spirit America would not be the way it is and this world would not be the way it is For all of our preaching/teaching/salvation surely you see that "something" is missing. This "controversy" has been around for a long time -- ultimately it is a matter of personal experience, and I will post on that later. But what helps me understand this "divide" is a difference between "salvation" and "conversion." It is kinda like a lot of folks come to America to live, but do not become American Citizens. They like all that living here has to offer, but do not "join in" with sharing the responsibilities. Like wise lots of folks do not want to "go to hell" so they become "saved", but do not necessarily "join in" with the responsibilities of that new life. You can look at it this way, when Christ called Lazarus out of the tomb he came out bound hand and foot with a grave cloth over his face, and Christ turned to those who were with Him and told them "you loose him an set him free." Those being "saved" come with their own grave cloths and generally we do not "loose them and set them free." And there they sit, year after year, and gradually good preaching and good fellowship helps them forward and they become more free as the years go by. I know there is a "Baptism of the Holy Spirit" and, for me, it was a separate and distinct experience from salvation. Think upon Paul -- he has this experience on the road to Damascus, and was made blind. It took a separate act for his eyes to re-opened. How willing are you to know the truth? God knows just exactly how willing you are. And if you hold back even a little you will not get the fullness of what He intends for you, holding back even a portion of what is rightfully His -- what you have pledged to Him-- keeps you from His fullness. "I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live . . ." Crucifixion is a hard way to die . . . and we are not dead until we breathe our last. The "Baptism of the Holy Spirit" (as we have come to term it) is the resurrection and empowerment of the truly dead.
  2. Yeah, I think you are correct, "which in my opinion could be for the purpose of being God-dependent concerning its resolution, seeing this Adamic nature affects the whole man; which often taints our personal understanding (resulting in inaccuracy) concerning spiritual things of the Scriptures, requiring the “mind of the Christ” for understanding (via the Spirit’s teaching)." -- and I do not like it anymore than you do. Why I continue in this day-to-day trudge and was not translated out of this world into His at the time of my conversion is indeed a continuing mystery. Why am I still here? I have no desire to be here, this world does not entice me, there is nothing here that I want . . . so I must be here solely because it is His Will that I be here, and I believe that each day there is some purpose, some days larger, some days smaller, that I can fulfill that furthers His Will upon this planet called earth upon which there are so many lost souls. So I trudge on seeking His Will and juggling the responsibilities of my presence here (food, clothing, shelter, etc.) knowing that I must be observant and sensitive to the Spirit because as I make my way day-to-day I may have the opportunity to be an instrument of His Will, Plan, Purpose even when I do not "see" it. ,
  3. OK, someone will help me out I am sure, but wasn't this controversy brought up in Acts, and the resolution was something like, "refrain from blood, sexual immorality, and things offered to idols" followed by "no other charge do we lay upon them" when speaking of the Greeks coming to the Knowledge and Salvation of Christ? I am not "discounting" the value and teachings of the Old Testament -- a lot of "good stuff" in there -- but when was the last time you sacrificed a lamb on an altar?
  4. Well, I think the above posts kinda show what a "Christian Forum" is for . . . for me it is an opportunity to "check up" on the health of the Body in a kind of subjective way. This forum has given me a bit more insight into why "things" are the way they are. And perhaps, after a spell here, I may get a bit of a glimpse of where "things" are going, and maybe, just maybe some of my comments may be helpful or encouraging.
  5. Ours is a spiritual journey, not an intellectual one . . . and they are not the same, despite how we want them to be. I am trained as a scientist, it is helpful in doing what I do in this transitory world in which I find myself, however I am a soul, in a body, with a re-born and alive spirit and this world and all its amazing attributes are but a dim shadow compared to the world to which I am bound. I do not wish to be so "heavenly bound that I am no earthly good", but I also do not want to be so focused on the world which I am leaving that I lose sight of where I am going. While here, it is "Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done" day by day, moment by moment, and occasionally we catch a glimpse of His Hand His Wonders performing. I "understand" much of this world, moreso than 500 years ago, and less than what I may yet come to learn -- but, no matter how much I may learn or come to understand it will still be paltry in comparison to the depths of His Knowledge and Understanding.
  6. The Real God is the One who holds you up in the Time of Your Travail. And quite possibly you may never "know" the Real God until you have a Life Shattering Travail. Many people "believe" many different things, but the strength and conviction of a person in their belief does not make it "true." For many thousands of years most folks absolutely believed the earth to be flat -- their "belief" did not make it so. And today many folks believe a lot of stuff, and their belief does not make it true. Imagine, there is a chair on a stage, and you are invited to sit down. You approach the chair, and you sit down. Here is what happened, you saw the chair, made judgments in your head about the chair, comparing it to other chairs you have sat on, and deciding on your past experiences with similar chairs you had FAITH that this particular chair would hold you, so you acted on your faith, and you sat on the chair. And guess what, your Faith was Transformed -- it became Knowledge -- once you sat on the chair (as an act of faith) you acquired Knowledge --this chair holds me up, I KNOW this to be True because I am the Living Testimony of this Truth. I KNOW the Real God, more important, the Real God Knows me. This knowledge is not based on belief, but on experience, I have "sat" on the "Real Chair" and it has held me up, continues to hold me up, and will always hold me up. So, "who" is the Real God, it is the One who Holds you up in the Time of your Travail, in the Time of your Testing, in the Time of your Greatest Need. And it just may be that the Time of your Greatest Need has not yet come, so you may not yet KNOW the Real God -- just as Paul (Saul) thought he had a handle on things until he encountered the Real God, and you got to give Paul credit, he was quick to recognize the Real Thing when it came along -- very glad that I was too.
  7. Thank you for bringing this topic up. I thought I was, maybe, the only one who perceived a "movement" among women at this time. Obviously the root cause is lack of Relationship with the One True God, and, I think, anger at God for "permitting" whatever has happened in their lives to bring up the bile. For me, I tend to go back to the Garden and try to get a perspective from what happened there, since, to me, we all have some deep soulical connection to our First Parents and their actions. I think after the Fall and ejection from the Garden Eve possibly felt guilty (for being deceived), angry (at Satan for deceiving her, at God for "letting it happen" (?), at Adam for listening to her ("because you heeded the voice of your wife"), and just plan mad at herself. That is a heart load of emotion, and then when Cain is born, there is rejoicing that "God has given ME a manchild" [note, not "us" but 'me"] and then the firstborn murders his brother. That is just too much emotional roller coaster for me to wrap my head or heart around. I cannot really grasp it all, but I can appreciate the depth of it and understand how the frustration, bitterness, sorrow, anger . . . all was buried in the depths of her soul. And I believe that all women share some basic root with that primal emotion lodged in the depth's of Eve's soul. That viewpoint helps me get a bit of understanding of how, why, many women today are angry at almost everything, especially men (it seems to me). Somehow their expectations of a happy, joyful, successful life on earth is not being fulfilled and it must be somebodies fault -- it seems to me that most of us need someone else to blame for our own unhappiness and disappointment. And lo and behold, how wonderful it is to find that many others also agree with you .... "it must be so-and-so's fault, they are to blame" . . . and we are off to the races, as long as you stay on board with everyone else you have the solidarity of mob rule. And then, of course, it all comes back to the "sex" issue -- and of course, men are the problem. And this is not totally off base, men do need to step up and take their share of the problem. But it is not JUST the fault of men -- but "men" make the easiest target. So it is complicated, and as society has turned further and further from anything even remotely resembling "Godliness" it is bound to get even worse as the days roll along. No one is perfect, so no matter how honorable, well intentioned, peaceful you may be, trust me, someone will find something bad to say about you. We seem to have a root in us that "feels good" when we find a way to throw mud on a (perceived) "better" person -- the Germans have a word for it,"schadenfreude". Welcome to the human race. We sad sorrowful forlorn lost embittered souls on earth whose only Solace we consistently reject. Only the Cross, only the Blood, only the Love of the Father can heal the guilt, anger, sorrow in the human heart. And we have fallen into the trap of calling "bad" good, and "good" bad and I for one do not see us getting "better" anytime in the near future, despite the fact that the vast majority of just regular folks are really pretty dawg-gone good folks -- but we have become a media driven society, our "social consciousness" determined by who shouts the loudest and gets the most coverage. Think about this, what if ever Believer in America disconnected their cable, got rid of their "connection" to the world and its ceaseless propaganda and actually spent more time in prayer and fellowship with their neighbors? The world would change. We are in the world, but we are not to be OF the world -- the quickest, easiest way to disconnect from The World is to Disconnect, literally. I have not had a TV connection for 25+ years -- this world is not my home. So women are angry, the anger is very deep rooted, all the way back to the Garden, and is directed at anyone and everyone, but especially at men and at "God." In so many ways we are all children kicking and screaming and hollering just to get some attention. All we really want is the Loving Arms of our Loving Father to gather us up in the midst of our tantrum and Love us -- and THAT is what changes us and what changes the world around us. Love Never Fails.
  8. Large print, and I do like Christ's words in red. Have had the same Bible for 20-25 years, NKJV, lots of slips of paper in it, but almost no written on the page scribbled notes.
  9. Thank you for that William, a very nice "history" -- for me the "Year 2000" (2nd Millennium) is 2033, or (more or less) 2,000 years from the cross. I consider the Cross a distinct and real "marker" but I am making no "predictions" or attempting to describe what will or will not happen. The generation comment likened to 40 years got me thinking, after all Moses was 80 when he encountered the burning bush and Abraham was 75 when he was called out of UR . . . and 80 years (not 40) from 1948 is 2028. And then there is the rapidly increasing effects of "climate change" -- another 10-15 years of accelerating "change" could bring catastrophic events to the planet. And no matter what tomorrow, next year, or 10 years from now may promise (or bring) my goal each day still remains to get on my horse and join the Lord's Work wherever that may be, and hold on tight when the ride gets a bit rough. [In the immortal words of Anon, "I do not know what the future holds, but I do know Who holds the future."]
  10. Wonderful, wonderful hymns . . . many of them my "favorite" too . . .but one that always moves me to tears is "Fairest Lord Jesus" . . . partly because of the history, it was sung by the Crusaders on their way to Jerusalem. (I am not advocating for the Crusades, there is a discussion/debate no one can "win," there just are not many hymns that I know that have that depth of historical context. Our Faith is almost 2,000 years "old'" but sometimes I think we forget that.)
  11. I have nieces and nephews, every Christmas I make a point of getting $2 bills and "silver" Dollars and then pack them surreptitiously in among their gifts. It is also a delight to pay for coffee with a $2 bill, often the order taker is unsure if it is real or not -- and then of course there is no where to put it in the till. Also, apparently there is a new $2 bill issue in the works, hope to get a bundle.
  12. It does not "offend" me as much as bore me, and sadden me, that with all the Evil Darkness surrounding us our only "pitch" to draw those being called is to entice them with "riches" -- it is the Love of God that the brokenhearted need, not money. Perhaps you have not yet discovered that the most important, the most valuable things on this planet cannot be bought with money. Money has no value at all in the heavens. So no, I am not "offended" -- just deeply saddened that you and oh so many others do not yet see. Like Lazarus, the cloth is still covering your eyes and you are still bound by the gravecloths of your past life.
  13. Ah, the error of our ways, always ready to defend our desire by twisting Truth to fit our personal wishes. How easily we forget that "The LOVE of money is the root of all evil." I heard it once said by a wealthy man (FGBMFI) "I don't need more money, I don't want more money . . . I Need more of God, I want more of God . . ." Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done. I am so tired of the money "conversation" in our "Socialized Christianity" -- where, in our stony hearts, is the modesty of the widow who drops in her two mites and goes about her way, only our Lord knowing what she has done. And how about this, "Freely you have received; freely give" -- if, in your tithing, you receive and claim a tax deduction you have not "freely given" for you have received something for your "gift." When was the last time you walked streets where you were not known and handed out $5 bills, with an earnest "God bless you" -- just 20 Fives, a hundred bucks, but what a difference you could make to a life. All my money, all my possessions, all my being is not mine but His -- the challenge each day is to discover what He wants me to do with what He has provided, how can His Life and Light somehow flow through me into this dark and dying world. Enough with the "money" talk -- it is never about how much you have, but what you do with what you have.
  14. My two cents. Calendars in the Old Testament and in historical contexts were almost always based on when a ruler ascended their throne; ie., the fifth year of King David, the ninth year of King George, Duke Ferdinand, etc. Yet, our modern calendar is based (roughly) on the Birth of Christ, not when he ascended His throne. The Cross of Christ in my opinion, is the "marker" for the start of a calendar (not His birth), so, the "true" Second Millennium is on (or about) 2033 -- give or take a few years one side or the other. And as I look at the cataclysmic events of the world around me, it does seem like a lot of "stuff" is moving toward impending disaster/doom in the very near future. Works for me. Also I am very glad that our modern enlightened scholars decided to change the cumbersome addendum A.D. (Anno Domini, which is Latin for “year of our Lord” and nobody knew what it meant) to C.E. (the Christian Era). [Run that by your secular friends and see them twitch.] And lest we forget . . . "We may not know what the futures holds, but we do know Who Holds the Future."
  15. I am very, very sorry for what happened to you. I am an Army "brat" and also served form 68-73, I have a high regard for the military but what happened to you is not acceptable under any circumstances and I am also very glad that you are bringing this to the Light. I was converted in 1983 (35 yo) and was very fortunate to receive in-depth ministry from experienced elders patterned on the teachings of John and Paula Sandford ("Transformation of the Inner Man") -- basically it is the application of the Healing Power of the Holy Spirit to the deepest of inner trauma and permitting the Holy Spirit to "transform" and heal the deepest of inner wounds. This ministry grew in the mid '80's and '90's and became established as the Elijah House Ministry in Couer d'Alene, Idaho. Here is a link -- https://elijahhouse.org/ Modern approaches to trauma are not without some efficacy, but when the Power of God is brought into the deep hurts of the heart quite literally miraculous inner restoration and healing occurs. I look forward to reading a post from you sometime in the future filled with Joy and Freedom. I do pray that your footsteps will be guided to a ministering senior who will be empowered to help.
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