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  1. If you want to see an example of false prophets, then check out JW Broadcast, which it the Jehovah's Witnesses independent tv station. If you have a roku you can find it there. Notice how when they speak, they put their word above the scriptures.
  2. @William Please do start a topic on Identifying a cult, I would love to follow what others have to say.
  3. @CDF47 Really just withdrawal of friendship and association.
  4. Doctrines, is what spins my head around the most. lol
  5. Jeremiah, what a beautiful name. Sweet Jesus bless this boy with your grace and love, and help his father to be a loving example and motivator to receive you into his heart. I command it in Jesus name. Amen.
  6. Hello everyone. Please Pray for Cathy, she is my step mothers sister in law and she is on dialysis, but is also going in for a hip replacement tomorrow. The thing about her kidneys is a very complicated thing, the doctor does not know yet if she meets the qualifications to get doner kidneys, so she might have to be on Dialysis for the rest of her life. For anyone who does not know, you usually have to go in the hospital every other day for a four hour session of blood filtering. My main prayer is that not only will she qualify to receive new kidneys but also be able to find a doner who has passed on, or two living doners.
  7. Thank you all for your kind words. I really try to hold back using the word cult when I talk about JW, but that is exactly what they are, and yes very works based. More like Hierarchy based, with women and children being on the bottom. I am glad to know that God is not angry with me. I like the analogy on the ship sailing on water, its very true, if I had to describe my mind right now, its drifting all over the place, but I am starting to settle my mind back on Christ my Savior. And I am very happy to be a part of this group.
  8. I would have done anything to have gone to a Billy Graham convention when he was still alive. I was however privileged enough to attend a Gaithers Concert when they came to my city.
  9. @William thank you, thats definitely a scripture to remember.
  10. Thank You so much for your replies. Prayer is something I need to develop more, and it is something I struggle with. I am looking forward to fellowshiping with everyone on this site, and maybe make some new friends. Woman's Prayer group starts in my church this coming fall, and mom and I are going to try to make it a practice of going each week, as well as going to church service too, though we seem to have a hard time getting up in the morning lol. Thank You for your prayers and kind words.
  11. Hello Everyone. I have recently come out of a five year bender being with the Jehovah's Witnesses. It has been an overall devistating expereience for me, especailly coming out because I feel like what I was hoping for has been ripped away from me, and I was living under tight rules for nothing. I am two years out now, but I feel like my soul has been burned, I still have the mindset, that God is going to be angry with me if I do not do things the right way. Prior to joining I was raised in a baptist family and currently attend a baptist church with my mom. But I feel as if I can't get back to my basic faith and beliefs. I was hoping I could receive some prayer and guidence from this site. Thank You for the opprotunity to tell you my experience.
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