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  1. CDF47

    Matthew Henry.jpg

    Ahh, Matthew Henry. One of my favorite commentators. I always go to his commentary for reference.
  2. I think it is good to pray for unsaved people to believe in Christ while they are still alive. We never know who will be converted to Christ even in their dying minute. We are even to pray for our enemies.
  3. CDF47


    There is no comparison between marijuana and cocaine, heroin,... Marijuana is more like alcohol than those drugs. Although I believe marijuana is even less harsh than alcohol. I know there are risks like any other drug, including over the counter drugs, there is a risk of permanent psychosis with marijuana from what I have been told by a mental health professional. It's regulated like alcohol in my state according to the title of the law.
  4. CDF47


    Yes, but there is no comparison between them. Abortion is horrible. Marijuana is used for some medical reasons (when seriously taken this way) and is now State wide legal in 10 states.
  5. CDF47


    For people with depression, anxiety, and PTSD it helps them cope. Not saying it is the best coping skill or any thing like that but there are medical reasons for its use. It has a calming affect for mental health patients from what I understand.
  6. CDF47


    The state is the one enforcing the laws. I think it does matter if the state says it is OK. Well said. That's how I see it too.
  7. CDF47


    They are obeying state laws. The state says it is fine within certain limitations.
  8. CDF47


    Follow state laws here. I think soon it will be federally legal.
  9. CDF47


    Are you sure some of it is not conclusive? I read from some other sources which showed ailments marijuana treats and it included all kinds of ailments, including PTSD, and other serious mental health conditions, in addition to, physical health conditions. There are problems with it though. I heard it could cause paranoia for some people. I read it could even cause permanent psychosis for a very small few. It has it's risks like any other drug we put in our bodies. I guess I am OK with people using it as long as it is for real medical conditions which it does help with or if recreational legal in the state as long as you do not drive on the stuff and obey the laws. Biblically speaking, I put equal with alcohol since it is regualted like alcohol in my state and it has similarities. I think it is better for you than alcohol and I think it does serve medical purposes. In the Bible alcohol in moderation is acceptable. Our Lord Jesus Christ use to drink alcohol, as did many other Bibilcal figures including Daniel I believe. They use to make drink offerings to the Lord. Drinking is common still today with Jews on the Sabbath specifically. So I put weed along with that. Moderation is the key if legal in the State.
  10. CDF47


    I learned something from that article. It is used to treat many different ailments. I knew it was used for a lot but not that many.
  11. CDF47


    Wow, yeah it does serve some medical purposes.
  12. CDF47


    Yeah, I think medical is OK as well but recreational is getting passed everywhere. Next step is it will be federally legal. That's the way the votes are turning out. I hope not. Weed is not that bad but every other drug is real bad.
  13. CDF47


    It's about to be legalized in my state. I think as long as it's legal I don't have a problem with it like I did when it was illegal.
  14. CDF47


    I think it is fine for true medical use and for people that cannot drink alcohol for whatever reason. I think alcohol is probably worse for a person overall than marijuana. If it is legalized for recreational use then I don't have a problem with it either (as long as it's legal). I usually agree with Todd Friel but not on this issue, the age of the universe, or the age of retirement.
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