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  1. The 70 AD destruction would make sense. Sorry I was on my phone when I asked that and it would have been difficult to get to Matthew Henry at the time I posted.
  2. What do Matthew Henry and other interpreters have to say about that verse?
  3. That is what I believe as well. I don't think He was referring to a third temple.
  4. It doesn't make sense to me that Jesus will be standing around as people are dying all around him. There will still be disease,...
  5. I don't like when certain Christians act like that either.
  6. CDF47

    The Book of Hosea

    The greater the population the more sin.
  7. I voted no. No, but the 1000 years cited may be. I believe it is actually. The book is heavily symbolic but not all symbolic.
  8. Oh, I did not know that. Yeah, they were very rude on that site. I haven't been on there in years.
  9. Yeah, I understand the addiction. I picked it up when I was 15 and didn't quit until 35 (I quit for one year in between this time so I really smoked for 19 years).
  10. That's good to hear you turned back to the faith. I see, you still have friends there. That makes sense. Most people there do not like me. I don't know, maybe it is my approach. We just debate endlessly. The good news about the forum is the mods never banned me. I was banned from TTA, another atheist forum, for no good reason at all. They said I was proselytizing even though I was being asked religious questions and I was just answering them, LOL.
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