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  1. Most of them are but there has to be some that can be reached. That is the only place I disagree with what you are saying so I get it.
  2. That's a tough one. I'll have to think about it.
  3. Same here. This was a really good thread.
  4. Your post in the thread you cited is what makes me believe Satan is currently bound by the Gospel of Christ. Really good posts.
  5. I have difficulty with this as well. I agree that he is bound with respect to the Body of Christ. That may be the intention of the Scripture.
  6. Thanks for the interpretation. I have heard other interpretations of the First Resurrection but yours is really good.
  7. Agreed. Can you explain how this is the First Resurrection though? I am interested in that.
  8. I think he is bound in the sense of the gospel being spread to the four corners of the Earth.
  9. Good point. I understand but it is also our duty to bring the Word to them.
  10. See the link in the second post and below. Biblical prophecies - RationalWiki RATIONALWIKI.ORG
  11. I agree that this is the unforgivable sin.
  12. Who else is appalled that this is happening to our President for years now?
  13. I think there is an ongoing counterintelligence operation against the POTUS and his family by the CIA and the FBI and their NWO controllers. I think that is the proper term for what is going on. Call it spying or whatever; it's a counterintelligence operation.
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