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  1. I read about that once ... “He could not do any miracles there, except lay his hands on a few sick people and heal them. He was amazed at their lack of faith. Then Jesus went around teaching from village to village.” [Mark 6:5-6] 😉 [Just a little friendly teasing, no offense intended.]
  2. You are simply mistaken. First, you have presented YOUR interpretation of 1 Corinthians (which is A valid interpretation) as if it were the only possible interpretation of those scriptures. Your interpretation is not the only possible interpretation. “Perfect” is a word most commonly associated with God (often God the Son), so the Perfect coming could be the return of Jesus when we will live with God forever ... there will be no need for Prophecy or Tongues in Heaven, will there. As for the Bible being the ‘perfect’ ... we don’t have a perfect bible. The autographs (original writings by the Apostles) are lost. We have copies and all have small errors. Nothing serious, but a long way from perfect understanding. However, let us set this aside for another topic. I merely wanted to point out that your “facts” are only “opinions” and other people hold different “opinions”. Second, you state as a fact that “Miracles still do occur . But not in the way and manner they did when being performed by Jesus and subsequently by the apostles at the beginning of the Church Age.” and “Anyone who says that someone can be brought back from the dead or instantly healed of a dreaded disease without the proper medication is a liar !” You may chalk me up among the “liars” then, because I know all of the details of the resurrection of Mr. Newton from the dead during a church service. I could provide the names of the Doctor who attended the church that day, and the Bass Player who is an ER Nurse and the Hospice Nurse sitting in the back row that performed CPR on Mr Newton until EMS arrived and pronounced him dead at the scene. You could visit with people who were there at the time when everyone in the service thought he was simply “ill” and had stopped service to pray for his recovery. However, the details would be of no use to you. Faith cannot be proven and disbelief cannot be broken by facts. I can only speak of what I know. Two dead men got up and walked. One changed my life and another attended my church. Pentecostals never speak about what God cannot do ... like healing the sick or raising the dead. We just testify to what we have seen ... leukemia and death, both healed by God.
  3. mir·a·cle /ˈmirək(ə)l/ noun: a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency. As a Pentecostal, I very much believe that God is still in the "miracle working" business. As a theological Reformed Baptists, I find the eagerness with which we assign the term "miracle" to things like breathing or waking up in the morning cheapens the term. God parting the Red Sea was a miracle. Jesus healing a man born blind was a miracle. Raising Lazarus from the dead was a miracle. Finding a front row parking space at Walmart may be a blessing, but it is not a miracle. This is better described as a "vision" than a "miracle": It can be explained by "natural or scientific laws"; you would simply not like the explanation. Miracles are for the benefit of those that experienced it, irrespective of whether anyone else believes the story or not. The man born blind could see, whether the Pharisees believed in the miracle or not. Those who knew the man when he was blind and when he could see, like his parents, KNEW (with absolute certainty) that the miracle had occurred, whether modern scholars believe it or not. Visions are, generally speaking, for one of two purposes. The visions of Paul were to encourage Paul and he was NOT to speak of them; they were a gift from God to the individual to carry them through the hard times ahead. The visions of Daniel and John were clearly meant to be written down because they were not, primarily for the person receiving the vision, but rather they were messages for the benefit of the Church. As Presbyterians invest their time and energy becoming experts on Covenants, so Pentecostals invest time and energy becoming experts on Spiritual Gifts (part of the fascination with the Holy Spirit). So here is a TRUTH offered from a Pentecostal to the rest of the Body of Christ ... The function of the Holy Spirit is to draw people to the Father through the Son. Any gift that is genuinely from the Holy Spirit will bring glory to GOD and not to the person manifesting the gift. Any "spiritual gift" that puffs up the human being, is not from the Holy Spirit ... God will share His Glory with no man.
  4. Empirically. I AM saved. I HAVE met God. He DID transform my heart, mind and then Life. So how does what I am reading in scripture agree with other scriptures, with Christians that have thought about this before me (Creeds and Commentaries) and most of all, how does it align with the empirical evidence that God has given me ... that is irrefutable to me and uniquely mine. You cannot convince someone who was saved monergistically that God REQUIRES our permission - He did not have mine and God saved me anyway. You cannot convince someone that was transformed before baptism that water is essential to salvation - God transformed THIS sinner from dead to alive long before his baptism. "Never doubt in the dark, what God has shown you in the light."
  5. "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." [Proverbs 27:17] [ROFL]
  6. Why pay $1000 a day for 3 days when you can get the full 3 day package for $5000? When God repays that "seed of faith" 100 fold ... that will be like 50 grand! 💸
  7. "Bible Study" with you people is INFORMATIVE, but is sure isn't FUN ... 😛
  8. Could you provide a verse or verses in support? (I just want anyone passing by to know that we are not just making stuff up based on OUR prejudices.) I know that "God hated Esau" [Malachi 1:3 & Romans 9:13], so God is not ONLY capable of Love ... God is also Holy and Just.
  9. I had to chew on this thought for a while to decide what I really thought of it. On a 'logical' level, I couldn't really disagree with the structure of the argument ... but even the THOUGHT gave me chills. After some consideration, the conclusion goes beyond mere emotional appeal and gets at the core of a lot of issues. Is God really better than us? Those whose hearts and souls leap to answer "OF COURSE HE IS!" and really mean it as loud as they feel it, have a lot of 'tricky' theological questions brushed away like a gnat that is powerless to be more than a momentary nuisance. Do babies go to Hell? ... the question is really "Is my human conception of love greater than God's?" ... since God's love IS greater than ours, "hakuna matata" ('no worries' for anyone that didn't see "The Lion King"). Why do bad things happen? ... the question is really "Is my human conception of love greater than God's?" ... since God's love IS greater than ours, "hakuna matata". So I went back and "loved" that post. Thanks for the thought to chew on.
  10. I find it hilarious that God commanded Abram to "go by yourself", so Abram immediately complies by gathering as many hired men as he can, his nephew, and all of his nephew's hired men and sets out "by himself". 😀 Most of Abrams troubles later came from all the people he had dragged along. He really was just like us.
  11. Welcome, so was I once ... born and raised one. There is a reliable test involving chromosomes that is non-definitive in only a TINY fraction of a percent of cases involving severe genetic abnormalities. The overwhelming majority of the LGBQT Community does not fall into this group. For the majority, they have a gender that they do not like or wish to change. Partially because, like your posts here, you have a chip on your shoulder and came looking for a fight. Those that go looking for a fight can usually find one. Partially because human nature encourages the group to attack anyone that is different. This applies to far more than just transgender. The weak boy in the gym has always been shoved in a locker. Girls have always been merciless with those that stand out as somehow “odd”. As an atheist, you must appreciate natural selection art work. Christianity is one of those forces that seeks to swim against the flow of natural selection. This does not prevent people from embracing natural selection and claiming to be Christian. Hitler followed none of Jesus’ teachings and claimed to be Christian. PS. Most of those things “forbidden” in the Bible on your list are from the ceremonial law of Judaism. You can’t enjoy a bacon cheeseburger while getting a tattoo under Orthodox Judaism. You can as a Christian.
  12. Exactly right. Even Jesus got mad that the Teachers had added EXTRA burdens to God’s 613 Laws to make things even harder for the people. Paul celebrates the liberation from that bondage and I am personally grateful that the Jerusalem Council decided that Gentiles did not need to become Jews and keep the 613 Laws in order to follow Jesus. I was not speaking of my personal enslavement, but of the enslavement of God’s people under the Law and the lifting of the burden under Grace. As a former atheist, I find it fascinating that God actually raises the bar on his expectations under Grace (the two commandments are harder than the 613 when you read the Sermon on the Mount and see what God really expects ... anger = murder), while at the same time God makes it easier to actually DO what He requires and removes the axe hanging over the head of His people for stumbling.
  13. The city ordinance allows them to fly a flag as large as a 2 bedroom house, but Camping World claims that the VETERANS need a flag as large as a McMansion ... Really? This would have nothing to do with boosting the visibility of an Auto Dealership that sells RVs with the equivalent of the MOTHER OF ALL BILLBOARDS that happens to be a cloth American Flag, would it?
  14. There seems to be a bit of talking past each other going on. First, there is a distinction to be made between a Covenant and a Promise. Please correct me if I have misunderstood the terms in some way. A COVENANT is a contract, "If you do THIS, then I will do THAT". William is STRONGLY advocating that the biological descendants of Jacob have not kept their end of ANY of the Covenants that they had with God. On that basis, Biological Israel has broken ALL of the covenants and God owes the Covenant breakers nothing except the curses that come with some of those covenants. I am too ignorant of the details of most of the Covenants (except to generally know that they exist) to know if this is true or false. If you believe that God made a Covenant that Israel has not broken, and that God should still fulfill because it is intact, then I would love to hear your thoughts A PROMISE is a pledge from God that "I will do THIS". People cannot mess up a promise because God has simply pledged to do what God has decided to do. The "seed" of Eve to crush the head of the serpent is a promise [God will do it and no one can stop it.] Sarah will have a son is a promise [God did it and nobody could stop it.] I know William and Becky well enough to say that I do not believe that they would ever claim that any Promise of God had expired or been taken back. Most of what you have mentioned as the basis for your OT faith seems to be based on Promises rather than Covenants. I am more familiar with the promises: Noah didn't drown ... we still have rainbows ... the earth has not been destroyed by Flood. So the promise is still in effect. What were the details of the Covenant? (you can point to a chapter if that is easier) God made Abraham the father of many nations (through Esau) and gave his decedents the land that God promised (through Issac, Jacob and David) ... even though those descendants rejected God by demanding a king and offended God by worshiping other gods. God also made Abraham the father of many through faith, and his children of faith are from many more nations and too many to count and will inherit the new heaven and earth. That makes that covenant twice fulfilled. Which parts of the covenants have not already been fulfilled? Are they a Covenant? Anyway, nine of the ten were repeated in the New Testament and all are fulfilled in the TWO Greatest Commandments, so I guess that there is no doubt about them still being in effect and not passed away. The "Lord of the Sabbath" made some clarifications on the Sabbath that sort of abrogated the LAW part of it, and sort of strengthened the "Unto the Lord" part of it. We are now free to set aside EVERY DAY to worship God, not just one day. We are no longer enslaved by regulations that make God's blessing into a burden. So I will yield to you on what that means for "Remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy". It is certainly not forbidden and no one would argue that a day of rest dedicated to God is a bad thing. Most people here are all for it. They just have little patience for "You are going to hell if you do not celebrate the Sabbath from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday!" Legalism sucks. [can I say that?] THIS is what MOST here mean when they talk about the OT being abrogated or replaced. The Law, specifically the prescribed sacrifices to atone for sin, are no longer needed or effective or (since AD 70) possible. That is what the New Covenant has replaced with the Blood of the Messiah and Grace. Add these to the Noahic and Abrahamic Covenants as things I am unfamiliar with the details of. 😉 David was promised a king on his throne FOREVER. There were probably conditions for a Covenant with respect to the biological Israel, who we know how badly the broke faith with God. With respect to the PROMISE, it was fulfilled in the person of the Messiah who does sit on the Throne of David (and the Throne of God) and who does rule over Spiritual Israel (Jew and Gentile) forever. A fulfilled Covenant is not abrogated or cancelled, it is fulfilled. Are there parts of the covenants have not already been fulfilled? Anyone who takes this view, should be ignored and left to debate with a living Apostle using the KJV Only. 🤣 To the best of my knowledge William and Becky are not in this group either.
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