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John Calvin puts forward a very simple reason why love is the greatest gift: “Because faith and hope are our own: love is diffused among others.” In other words, faith and hope benefit the possessor, but love always benefits another. In John 13:34–35 Jesus says, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Love always requires an “other” as an object; love cannot remain within itself, and that is part of what makes love the greatest gift.

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  1. I misunderstood what you were saying. I thought you were saying the gun laws we have now favor the criminals. Which I say they do not. Any of Obama's new laws, will favor the criminals. I agree. Ship Alone
  2. We do have the ability to have guns and protect ourselves from the Federal Government. Just go buy one, unless you are a criminal. You don't have to buy from a Firearms dealer. You can buy from a private individual who just wants to sell the gun. If your state has a waiting period, then that is them being leftest in their beliefs. The only waiting period the Feds have is if in your background check something comes up that is suspicious and they need more time to investigate. We do have restriction of sales to criminals and the mentally ill. If they lie on the form, that is what the 'background check' is for. If the Feds blow the background check, what can you say. We have everything in place but it depends on a Federal Government to do their job. Remember, 'fast and furious' and the illegal sales of guns to Mexican Cartel's, by our own Federal Govt? Guns exist. You are not ever going to be rid of them. Bad people will kill good people with them, and good people will have to kill bad people with them. Our laws are already in place. We need the Federal Govt. to do their job in enforcing them. We don't need new laws. And just because someone or some people get killed by a gun, doesn't mean we jump up and shed a fake tear, and try and make it harder on law abiding citizens to get a gun. Ship Alone
  3. Cornelius You say gun laws favor criminals. How? Ship Alone
  4. Three cheers for the great state of Texas. Ship Alone
  5. atpollard Well, you could have a functioning gun in your hand by just buying it from an individual that you knew in 1 hour. You don't need paperwork when buying from private individuals. If you have a gun, and I would like to buy it, then you can sell it to me. That does not require any background check. That's part of being a free country. Of course if you purchase a 'stolen revolver' , and you knew it, that would make you a criminal also. Im not aware of any 3 day waiting period for a long gun or handgun. It all depends on the background check. You could receive it immediately. The whole point you are making is that the criminal will always have guns. Your criminal actions will get you a gun. It is not that the laws 'favor criminals'. It is that the criminals will always break the law and get the guns when they want. Ship Alone
  6. Yes it is legal to own an unregistered Colt 45. It is legal to own any gun that is not registered. I know of no Federal law requiring registration. A background check is not 'registration'. Ship Alone
  7. atpollard You say our gun laws favor criminals. How? And what is this 'loophole' at the gun shows you speak of. Ship Alone
  8. Will What are you talking about? Of course the gun shows are open to the public. Because the 'general public' has a right to bear arms. And, what are you trying to say? That the gun dealers at gun shows are selling without background checks? That is 'bull'. Every dealer at the gun show has to require background checks. You have fallen for the Obama lie. And there is already on the requirements when one purchases a gun the question as to whether you have ever been admitted for mental health reasons. There is nothing new to be added. As to your statement about 'muskets', that was the firearm of the day to which either side can obtain. An equal access. Therefore the right to bear arms means the 'arms of the day'. Remember this, the first ten amendments were placed there, not because the framers of the Constitution wanted it. They didn't. They were placed there because the people of the states didn't trust these framers, and so they required a 'Bill of Rights' in order to ratify the said Constitution. In other words, the Bill of Rights is there to protect us from our own Government. The 2nd amendment is not to protect turkey hunters. It is to protect us from the threat of our own government. Which is why Obama and others are so against it. If you buy the leftist argument, you are selling us out just like the left is. Ship Alone
  9. Ship Alone

    Doesn’t Matthew 22:14 contradict Romans 8:29-30?

    Another way to look at this supposed contradiction is that the 'call' in Romans and the 'call' in Matthew are not the same call. The statement in Romans by Paul is certainly to the Church, the bride of Christ. But, in Matt. 22:14, we are dealing with a parable concerning the 'Kingdom of Heaven'. If, and I say if because most here will not hold to this, but if the Church and the Kingdom of Heaven are not the same thing, then it would explain the difference in the call. All in the Church who are called are chosen. But concerning the "Kingdom of Heaven", not all who are called are chosen. And the parable seems to indicate that also, as those who are called are the guests to come to the wedding. They are not called to be the bride. They are called to be guests at the ceremony. Ship Alone
  10. Ship Alone


    William Very good. I don't want to be in a thread that has been derailed. I will see if the subject surfaces again. Ship Alone
  11. Ship Alone


    Hello William I seldom like what someone else is saying. I would rather you tell me what limited atonement actually is. I admit, I believe I understand what it is. And I disagree, in part, with what I understand it is. But I would like to know what you understand it is. Ship Alone
  12. Ship Alone


    William What does the doctrine of Limited Atonement actually teach? Ship Alone
  13. Ship Alone

    Question about Noah's Ark

    Cornelius Being fed naturally doesn't explain the miracle. Im sure that the Ark landed exactly where God wanted for the purpose of the distribution of both man and the animals. The flood was miraculous as was the waters retreating. And they retreated where God wanted. He could cause the waters to retreat at a lower level until the animals all got to where He wanted. Then raise them again. Ship Alone
  14. Ship Alone

    Question about Noah's Ark

    The flood was supernatural. The gathering of the animals into the ark was of God, supernatural. The distrilbution of the animals after the flood was supernatural, from God. We don't need a 'scientifice' explanation for how God did it. Because He is God, He does it. And He did it as was written in Genesis. Ship Alone
  15. She should be fired for saying muslims and Christians worship the same God. Ship Alone

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