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John Calvin puts forward a very simple reason why love is the greatest gift: “Because faith and hope are our own: love is diffused among others.” In other words, faith and hope benefit the possessor, but love always benefits another. In John 13:34–35 Jesus says, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Love always requires an “other” as an object; love cannot remain within itself, and that is part of what makes love the greatest gift.


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  1. Trysch

    Alternatives to Traditional Healthcare

    Hi Knotical. The first two options you mention are employer-provided health plans? Beyond the cost of the monthly premiums, you need also to look at what the plans give you. A couple of years ago, I spoke with one of our patients who was in treatment. He was looking at the Covered California plans, and trying to decide between the 3 levels of coverage that Blue Shield offered. Because he was in active treatment, we compared the cost of the monthly premiums together with the number of visits he was making to our office, and his radiology appointments. If he paid for the plan with the cheapest premiums, he would have a higher deductible and higher copay. If he paid for the most expensive monthly premiums, he would have no deductible, and his copays would be much lower. With what we knew his schedule was, there was virtually no difference in the cost of the two plans over the course of a year. We had true facts to look at. If you are basically healthy and don't anticipate any medical issues outside of perhaps a checkup, then the cheaper plan seems like the best deal. But unfortunately we have too many patients who "have never been sick a day in my life", and then they get a cancer diagnosis, and they don't have sufficient insurance coverage. So I think the best advice is to thoroughly review the options: the monthly premium, the deductible, the copays, and even the prescription coverage. Then commit to the plan THAT YOU CAN AFFORD. I had to do a google search on MediShare, and I have heard of it - I think it's the plan one of our Bible Study friends is using. He's self-employed. But he also gets some medical coverage from his wife's employer, so he's not totally reliant on it. I hope I've been helpful. Feel free to ask me any other questions!
  2. Trysch

    Becoming Numb To The Inappropriate

    Um, I have to disagree. "Cocaine" by Eric Clapton way back in the '70's comes to my immediate mind. Much of rock music has had references to "sex, drugs and rock and roll", which is exactly why those three words have been coined together for so long. Even now, I listen to some of Neil Diamond's songs from the '70's and blush. He and Tom Jones made their careers out of sexual material, but it definitely was not as blatant as the current music.
  3. Trysch

    Becoming Numb To The Inappropriate

    I bought my first "brand new" car way back in 1982. It was a Toyota Tercel, and it included only a radio. I had a portable cassette player that I had received as a Christmas gift in 1975-ish, and I used that in my car for my "long" work commute of 35-45 minutes. It took some real thought to come up with these dates, mind you! Nowadays, my Hyundai electrical system sometimes doesn't allow me to use my radio/CD player/media/speakers (of course, it always works just fine when the car is at the dealer's, but the fix is for my husband to re-connect the fuse). So, on days when I can't use the car sound system, I listen to my iPhone iTunes while I drive. Without earphones or headphones, and without connecting to the sound system, it sounds just as bad as my Panasonic cassette player did 34 years ago. But I make do, because sometimes the void of music is worse than the bad sound. I like my iTunes music. I like Christian music radio. Sometimes I even like mainstream radio. But I don't like to be offended. I'll put up with silence much better than I tolerate offending lyrics/news/commentaries, etc. Explore your options! Decide what you're willing to tolerate, and just maybe a "poor sound system" will eventually be easier to tolerate than a daily deluge of filth.
  4. Trysch

    Giving Thanks

    Thank you! It's been a long process, and very happy to have achieved my goal!
  5. Trysch

    What's your hobby?

    Nice, Jennifer! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Trysch

    Hi I just signed on tonight

    Hi Christine - welcome to the Forum, and thank you for sharing your faith history. So very sorry for your continued pain in the loss of your son. We each grieve in our personal manner, and I can only imagine the pain you are confronted with each day. Hallelujah that you do have Christ, and your husband. And your cats. My Abigail is very comfortable on my lap right now, while I contort my arms to accommodate her. LOL I look forward to more engaging posts from you!
  7. Trysch

    Depression SUCKS

    I think the word depression is over-used these days. I choose not to use it regarding myself. I can reflect back on my life and realize that if I were "truly" honest with a psych counselor, I would probably be diagnosed as PTSD from an abusive childhood, and I would probably be prescribed medication. I agree with Cornelius - the rewiring of the brain. I'm 53 years old, and when I was a child, there were not as many "labels" as there are now. I think labels are currently over-used, and we either allow ourselves to be labeled, or we label ourselves because other people are using the label. I think that's one aspect of "rewiring" our brains and our thought processes - how we individually perceive ourselves, and what we allow ourselves to believe about ourselves. I firmly believe that there are correct diagnoses of individuals, but our current culture tends to "label" and over-use labels. There is "permission granted" for all manner of behavior and misguided introspection, and there is a general "elusive happiness" in our culture as we compare our own label to someone else's label. I prefer to refer to myself as moody.
  8. Trysch


    Thank you for your in-depth post, Penguin. The hurts and abuses we humans inflict upon others is evidence of our sin nature. What might be a "good intention" on one person's part, can be interpreted as abuse and shame by the receiver. And the intentional criticisms, emotional torments and physical violence that are inflicted upon us by our parents and other family members are abominations beyond comprehension. I praise God that you have been able to forgive. And though the memories linger, we each have the opportunity to learn and reflect. The love we share among ourselves is imperfect, but God gives us His grace and mercy and love in abundance.
  9. Trysch

    What's your hobby?

    Hi Army Wife - I took a photography class 'way back' in Junior High School, probably before you were born! While I was in high school, a new type of camera was marketed - a "disk" camera. Don't let the name misguide you; this was way before electronic compact discs. This little camera took pictures and produced negatives on a disk, a circle of negative frames. Have you ever heard of a 110 camera? I think the disk negatives were about that size, or maybe smaller. It was a cheap camera, and produced grainy prints. Those are the family and friend pictures I have from my teen years. Eventually I graduated to a 35mm camera. Pixels were still unknown to common folk! These were the days that every snap of a camera produced a negative, and the only way to see the picture was by developing the entire roll of film. So my children's childhoods are documented by pictures in photo albums, photos that have been cut by scissors in all sorts of sizes and shapes. The next step of course was digital camera, and the pixels have increased incredibly for clear pictures even by a "camera" within a phone! So I've rambled, and it's been fun in this post, to share my photography hobby. I just want to encourage you that any picture of a memory is better than no picture. More than photography, I enjoy the hands-on approach to manipulating my photos into pages of scrapbooks. I enjoy the tactile nature of feeling the photo, reminiscing the emotions behind the photo, and providing that photo with color and style to enhance it.
  10. Trysch

    Please pray for our OUT REACH WORKS

    I pray for God's direction in your mission to reach small villages. May this ministry be centered on His Holy Word, and may He rise up Christians with a genuine, focused desire to serve and teach. May He be the provider of the needs the teams require to evangelize. May success be measured by God, not by man. Thank you for this opportunity to pray.
  11. Trysch

    Please pray for me

    Hi Army Wife! Glad to see you active in the Forum! Welcome! I have prayed for your nervousness and comfort - may God in His wisdom be the provider for your family. May you rest in His blessings, knowing that He knows your needs. I pray for your job search, that God may direct you in your words and actions, and that you trust in Him as you await contact from AppleBees. And please don't keep us in suspense! Remember to return to this post with updates!
  12. Hi AlfieSama. I am certain that God honors each request we send him. He knows our hearts, our fears, our desperations. His response to our prayers is His wisdom. We may not feel that He is listening, or we may get angry that His will does not align with our own will. We have the apostle Paul from his own writings that tell us that Paul had a thorn in his side that he prayed for God to take away. There has been speculation throughout the millennia about this thorn, but no one knows what it was. But we do know that Paul did not lose faith, despite his awareness that God chose not to take it away from him. I pray that you focus on God's goodness, his gift of life, his gift of many blessings. I pray that you will feel loved by God. And I pray that God will comfort you as you seek a transformation of your physical features.
  13. Trysch

    Please help! Mama with brain damage.

    I can only offer my prayers; I have no knowledge about your mother's condition nor methods for accommodation. Romans 15:13 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 I think that we as humans want God's comfort in ways that make us more comfortable, that ease our physical or emotional hurts. But I think we focus on ourselves, instead of focusing on God. When we focus entirely on God, we have reprieve of our physical or emotional hurts because we are "distracted" from the pains by focusing elsewhere. Not to mean that God or prayer are to be used as distractions, but to use the tools that God has given us. His wisdom for our well-being. Like the joke about slamming your finger with a hammer so you don't feel the pain in your neck. God has given us His Word and His grace and mercy so that we can focus on Him. Our troubles might not disappear as we hope them to, but when our hope and focus is on God, then our troubles are smaller than they might appear when we are grieving or immersed in pain. I fear my words are inadequate and perhaps irreverent. I pray that your family will receive God's word from this humble believer.
  14. Trysch

    What's your hobby?

    Sunset pictures are some of my favorites - God's beautiful painting of the sky, an unlimited canvas!
  15. Trysch

    What's your hobby?

    Hi Jennifer - I enjoy taking pictures too. I just use my iPhone most of the time, so the quality of the photo is limited of course.I enjoy hiking so I have a lot of pretty pictures. I'm having user error issues right now, but I'll share some with you soon!

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