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  1. As you may already know the books of Revelation and Daniel etc. prophesized the Beast country, to be appeared in End time. Many people says about it: S ome say it is EU (Europe Union) or other says it is UN (United Nations) or other says it is resurrected Roman empire etc. For me, I convince that USA, America is this very nation, end time beast country. You can see this explanation at below: The book of Daniel depicts this country as: 1.The country which has strong army (strong horn): America is the strongest war nation in the world. No country can fight with it. 2. which makes war with other country and destroyed them and opress others: : This is what America is now doing. 3. which Makes war with saints (christians) and get victory over them: America is the nation which make war against christians and its teaching and getting victory (prohibit street evangelization and remove 10 commandments stone and force to accept homosexuality and abortion to christians) 4. which unites and captures all of the world nations and govern them: Everybody in the world knows Amarica is the strongest and war-like country in the world and America is always invading and destroying other countrys, 5. which hope to make the world as one world and hope to capture all the world and to be king of this world: Amerca's intention is revealed in its one dollar bill. They need one-world and goven them and to establish anti-christ. https://remnant153.jimdo.com/
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