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  1. It's the only way we can save our country from being infiltrated by people whom we cannot delve into their criminal backgrounds. That's the troubling thing on many people's minds. And I don't have to go into the fact that these illegals will come here not knowing the language nor having any place to reside or seek employment . The Welfare system will be stretched to the limits leaving our own needy Americans with serious shortages in monetary funds and resources to sustain a decent living. My understanding of Canadian border security is that there aren't any real border walls separating the two countries. The only thing a visitor ,for instance is required to do upon arrival at the dividing line is pick up one of the border telephones that is connected to their "Border Securites" and tell them that you are a visitor and wish to enter Canada. Without proper identification the visitor is simply allowed to cross over. No questions asked . What if that person was a serious risk to the safety of the Canadian people ? Could we be facing the same thing at our own southern borders ? The Wall is the only answer ! M
  2. Thank you for your unique testimony and welcome to the forum. I know you will learn a lot here and have fun just being among us . M
  3. Hello , and welcome to the forum . I guess that we all at some time or another experienced the same kind of situation . I know the feeling as I too have suffered unemployment and a lack of sufficient funds to pay the bills. But in the end it was God who brought me and my family through those tough times . As believers we have to look at these things as God's way of testing our faith and patients. But remember He shall never try us beyond what we are able ,but with that same testing provide a way that we are able to bear it. Again, welcome to the forum and feel assured that we all here are praying for you . Matt
  4. Probably because these are not the ones in their fallen state . These elected to remain with God compared to their fellow angles who chose to follow Lucifer who as you know became the dreaded Satan . I believe that the ones who say , "Do not be afraid " or "Fear not" are in their glorified state and covered with the holiness of God. M
  5. I have to disagree you somewhat , bill . If we listen to the news we are led to believe that the majority of Americans are in favor of a socialist state . Obviously not fully knowing of the dangers associated with that form of government control . But we can't forget that there are many people who hold to conservative values and aren't so nieve as to believe that a socialist government would be in our best interest. Not everyone wants to believe that the surrender of private property while watching our freedoms and liberties being drastically curtailed has to happen because certain individuals are promoting their Marxist views . The liberal news only focuses on sections of the U.S. where the majority of the populations are liberal democrats that have been led to believe the horrible lies and deceptions about our president. The name of the game is CONTROL ! That's what their aim is and it CAN be stopped ! I firmly believe that most Americans aren't so gullible as to give in to the false assumptions hurled at President Trump and the desire of the democrats for a one party government. M
  6. Angles are incredibly huge creatures . I doubt very seriously if you have encountered one of those . And let's say that you did actually meet one. You would have seen one in the form of a man, not the heavenly seraph described by Isaiah in chap.6:2 ff. These are only mentioned in Isa.6 . I don't want to openly deny your claim, but if you are truly born again your first object of divine worship is Jesus Himself. Turning your attention to angles or any other thing can cause you to lose your relationship with Christ . God wants all of your being, not to be shared with anyone or anything other than Him . Just saying. M
  7. Yes, you're right. Baker is nothing more than a "Survival Food Salesman ". He tunes up his audience by scaring them into believing that the last days are upon us and how they had better stock up on his "survival food " before it's too late . As if the Lord is going to wait until Baker's admirers are going to have a meal of dried noodles and bottled water to usher in the event. His deceitfulness landed him behind bars for four years. And the only reason anyone ever watched him was when Tammy Sue Baker was still alive. Her make-up was the featured event of the whole show.
  8. I'm not a big fan of Jim Baker ,but happened to be surfacing the channels last night while he was promoting a new bible that highlights what many of our patriots in the past believed and compared it to scripture . ( I can't recall the name of the bible) He said that on the back cover ;" The book included one paragraph about President Abraham Lincoln and two entire chapters about Bill Clinton." I'm wresting with whether I want to get the book or not. :- ( M
  9. Without question. But the problem is that "My people" only represent a very small number of the world's population. I have never been one to judge the religion of another , but the Spirit of Discernment tries the hearts and minds of those who are truly born again and have Him indwelling them . Many will be surprised on the Day of Judgment that their self righteousness has horribly deceived them into believing that they were doing the work of God when in truth they were doing nothing more than serving Satan and his ministers. M
  10. Maybe that's what this country needs .Another WW II when people were devoted to the war effort and stood behind our fighting men in lands where they were complete strangers . But sad to say we now have the nuclear threat hanging over our heads . And we can honestly say that most of our enemies are either insane or they just want to make unprovoked threats against us to test our military capabilities . Knowing that they would be wiped off the map if they even dared to come within a hair whit of our shores . I know that they are crazy ,but I don't think that they are that stupid .
  11. The old testament is obsolete concerning the law and the inability of it to save and secure the lost sinner. That ended with the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. While the law and the prophets left gaps and inconsistencies in the spoken and written law , It was insufficient at the least . Only by the sacrifice of Jesus God would cover everything pertaining to life and salvation for all who would inherit the redemptive work of Christ on the cross. The death of Christ left " No stone unturned !"
  12. Prayers and God's graces to your mother . She'll be just fine .
  13. They have. It's called Gymnastics . Have you ever seen a man trying to balance himself on a parallel bar or do flips across the gymnasium floor ? I haven't.........
  14. "They party in their prisons and dance in their fetters ." Reformed pastor, Richard Sibbs . M
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