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    I am a Presbyterian America believer. I attend a Presbyterian Church that is built around and teaches Reformed Doctrines
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    Fellowship with fellow believers . Love a good argument once in a while


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  1. OK James ,let me put it this way. I'd become a Muslim before I would be a Catholic. Seriously though . I was raised in a Catholic family and went through all of the motions demanded of my religion . However there was always an air of uncertainty hanging over my head. Until I met a Baptist family in 1967 in Santa Ana California that I became quite fond of. After several repeated invitations to attend their services I begin feeling God pulling me towards their church . I went to one of the evening services because the crowds were usually small. I was so attached to the CC that I actually believed that the pope was eyeing me up as I entered that church. Seriously ! But God changed all of that when He drew me from my seat and had me kneel down with a gentleman holding a bible. God can be attributed with everything pertaining to my salvation. After that I saw the CC for what it was. Filled with lies, deceptions and blasphemies against God and our savior Jesus Christ. I begin studying the bible and before I knew it I was teachings others too . I love my relationship to God and thank Him for His gift of salvation and fellowship I have enjoyed with Him since my conversion. My family still is part of the CC . I pray for them catholic because I know the horrible untruths they believe . I suggest that you never give any consideration to attending or joining a Catholic Church .
  2. Jerry Brown must have blotted out the article. I cannot seem to pull it up !
  3. No it's not a matter of random selection that you take upon yourself to do . God is Omnipotent, Omniscience , Omnipresent and Immutable. He is the first cause for all things no matter what they are. God uses His Divine Providence to effect His plans and purposes that will eventually come to pass . His foreknowledge never implies that He looks through the annals of time and space to see who will come to Christ and who will not . Because He has already chosen a certain number of individuals who will inherit salvation . They are predestined to life eternal .Rom. 8:28-31 The sinner is born into sin and in sin he will remain unless God takes the incentive to use the agency of one of HIs saints and puts it into their heart for His purpose to use them to affect His plan of salvation for the one He has chosen to redeem . The final act of the salvation experience is the absolute sovereign guarantee that one will never lose their salvation. And God does this by His personal indwelling of His Holy Spirit in the heart of the individual He has chosen to save. I have many scriptural references available . Just remember one important thing that will never change . Once a person is saved they are eternally saved and can never lose their salvation. You become an eternal child of the living God forever . M
  4. Let me see.....so if a believer does happen to fall into sin and lose his fellowship with God , does that mean that there is no hope for him to recover from his fallen state ? And salvation is lost ??? No, if you are implying that salvation can be lost then you need the following scriptures . Or should I go through the trouble of writing them down for you ? M
  5. I have heard several reputable ministers say that preparations are already under way . Even going so far as to say that the actual instruments used in the services are constructed and ready for use. I am wondering if they will be using actual blood animal sacrifices or if the offerings will be of another nature . Shows you the insistence of these people that refuse to believe on Jesus Christ our Lord. M " Lumping everyone into a boat ?" Please explain that one, I'm confused ....... :-( M
  6. Yes,you should find them under your current server .Have you tried channel surfing ? You may stumble upon it by accident. My problem is that I have channels that I never use. Ones that aren't worth it anyway . I'm listed under the Ultimate Plan. I need to roll back to a plan that covers only the channels I like . As for movies I only watch the Turner Classic Movie Channel. Old movies from the forties and stars this generation never heard of.
  7. The man is under attack from the liberal democrats because they wanted a socialist government and never got it because Hillary Clinton ,their champion , lost the election. They have been crying over it ever since he won and Hillary didn't . Now I think it is a good time to stand behind him and allow him to continue going forward with his plan to Make America Great Again. He has done some remarkable things for this nation . And people are catching on to the obnoxious tactics of the democrats because they are sounding more and more like they have no other purpose than to see this nation ruled by a dictator . God forbid that the poor and uneducated will believe the ruthless democrats that actually want such a person to lead this country.
  8. I like my Biblical Illustrator . It is a twenty two volume set of sermons by Reformed preachers from Calvin and Edwards to Arthur Pink. But when I light into a subject that deserves investigating and arouses my interest I can't rest until I can fully understand what I am reading . I just received a shipment from one of the suppliers you may like. Its called A Method of Prayer by Matthew Henry. I am intrigued by the way he breaks down various verses in scripture and makes suggestions of their use in prayer. It's only two hundred and fifty pages, but one of the best I have read on the subject of prayer .
  9. I wonder what these climate change people will be saying when they discover that everyone who is supposed to die in twelve years from now are still alive. Judges are going to receive the most severe part of God's wrath when they stand before Him and are asked to give account of their lives. They will receive the greatest torments when they enter Hell and discover that they were supposed to be keeping the law, not making it from the bench . I know as a former law officer I have witnessed some of the most unfair and unjust decisions being issued from the bench by judges that thought to serve their own purposes and literally ignored the law as though it never existed . Judges and false religious figures will receive the brunt of God's wrath when He judges them .
  10. Just curious Farber, but if you ditched the president what would be your reasons for doing that ? At first I had a negative view of Donald Trump. I felt that he was too insulting and exhibited pride and arrogance over people . Like "Lying Ted '" and "Little Marco " " Crooked Hillary" (That one I didn't mind ) . But as time went by I begin to realize that he was a successful businessman and had to be stern in his dealings . Now I picture him as truly wanting to serve the American people . The Wall tells me that he really wants to protect the people from foreign invaders ,but has no vested personal interest in it other than that . He needs the money to protect the eighty eight percent of our citizens that want the wall . Now I am pro Trump and will have no problem voting for him in the 2020 election . M
  11. Yes, by all means you have my prayers for a safe journey and that God will give you the faith and courage to shed the unpleasant memories that your present state has left you with. Are you going to pastor an established church ? Praying that you will have a willing and devout congregation to receive the Word of our Lord and His Truth as clearly written in the Holy Bible. It is amazing that we have such evidence for the biblical record all around us. I envision the dry and mountainous places in the western part of our country and can see the evidence of the Great Flood just by imagining what it must have looked like under water and now what it looks like as dry land. The evidence is clear . Its there . Again, prayers and thinking of you and your family. M
  12. Amazing. If it was the other way around the liberal news networks would be handing Omar a trophy .
  13. One America News has two shows that you may enjoy . I try to catch The Daily Ledger with Graham Ledger and The Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler . I catch them on Direct TV channel 347 . All of their news is conservative though you may find that some of it tends to repeat itself on occasion. It's a twenty-four hour non stop news channel .
  14. Send this camel groom back where she came from. Did we expect anything less than a devout Muslim Palestinian to not say derogatory things pertaining to the Jews ? She got away with it a few times so expect more in the near future . And don't think that the democrats won't be running to her side defending her . They will be tripping over each other . And it will be for the negative things she says about the president ,not particularly the Jews since they tend to vote for the democrats no matter what they do .
  15. Yes, that was a shocker having heard the news that the ultra liberal Brazile joined the FOX team . But I admire FOX for their anti MSNBC, CNN, and other liberal news sources. I wonder what the first debate with Brazile will be like. She is going to have to defend her liberal views while FOX is going to have to defend their conservative ones . And btw, what am I hearing about FOX jumping on the liberal wagon headed for socialism ? I do watch FOX , but I also like to watch One America News Network as well.
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