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  1. I wouldn't waste my good time trying to convince a group of ungodly atheist of anything pertaining to the Word of God . It's like trying to convince s free will "believer" that "Salvation is of the Lord." Ps.37:39.
  2. Thirty bucks ??? For that you could shave it all off and then start wearing a toupee .
  3. Amazing about what a haircut cost nowadays . Growing up we went to a major barber college in the city . A haircut was $.50 . All of the kids wore the same style . Sideboards shaved to the skin ,behind the ears and maybe a half inch or so on the top. Now if a person doesn't have floor length hair they convince themselves that they are out of place . But long hair is out in my home . Eh,,,Tattoos too >
  4. Learning a foreign language is not that difficult . What is difficult is to hold a conversation with a native that does know the language and try to understand them when they answer you . I know a lot of Spanish , but understanding a person from one of the Spanish speaking countries is difficult . The one country where the language is English is Jamaica . Personally I don't even know where Jamaica even is . :-(
  5. Welcome to the forum and also the U.S..
  6. In a sense that is somewhat true . But most commentators will refer back to Job chap 1:6-12 .Especially verse 12 where God gives the permission to Satan to test Job ,but does lay down one restriction ," All that he has is in your power only upon him put forth not your hand. In other words, 'Don't put your hand upon him."
  7. @Origen Let's not forget that it was laws like this that Christ suffered the cross for . So we would not have to . The laws of God were plentiful and very difficult to obey without some kind of renalty . We need to thank Jesus for His grace and mercy and fulfilling the laws that we do not have to .
  8. The pope may not be " the " antichrist . But one thing he certainly is and that is " an antichrist " . That 's where we stand in my church . M
  9. Hi Mike, sorry to hear about your misfortune . The thought of going through with that kind of difficulty scares me to death . But as you know God has his ways of testing us and sicknesses are among them . My prayers are with you and I pray you make a speedy recovery . M
  10. If Paul was a false apostle that would mean that every promise he made through the Holy Spirit was false . And Jesus has a name for that. It's called Blasphemy . So according to you one third of the new testament is false ? How can Jesus Christ allow such a thing . Also I noticed that you never indicated the faith you are associated with . Why not ?
  11. I'm reading through the book of Numbers right now . To my surprise the number of persons and the task they are assigned to are extremely large . For instance God told Moses to number the men over age twenty to serve in the army . After taking a certain number from the different tribes the total came to slightly over six hundred thousand men. I have always believed that the tribes in Israel were small in number . Including women and children the population would be in the lower millions .
  12. The problem is not the Whitehouse. The president sincerely wants to protect the American people . But every time he makes a move to protect our borders the liberal democrats shove another one of their "laws" in his face . The bottom line is that if the situation gets worst people living near the borders are going to grow tired and the worthless democrats and flood Washington demanding that they take action to remedy this major problem. Look at the danger the sanctionary cities are putting us in. It won't be long before we won't have any say in the matter and the liberal democrats build a voting bloc made up of illegals !
  13. This really is a crisis . If we continue to allow these people to invade our nation we are helping them build a whole new culture . And I seriously believe that most of these people are looking for a better life without having to pay for it. We are making a bad mistake by supplying them with the basic necessities for their "families " when most of them are coming here with children that do not belong to them .They aren't so ignorant as to not know the laws of our land by now . The ones that allow for a child led by a supposed parent that has made it through the border and can claim citizenship just by having the child in their custody. The laws need to change and Congress are the ones who have the responsibility to change them. But the leftist refuse to co-operate with the president who sincerely wants to protect the American people .
  14. I can't believe that the Temple spoken of her can be anything but the Lord . He was the Messiah (the Branch ) and prophet, priest and king. The passages cannot refer to anything other than the body of Christ, the Church. There is no reason given as to why these three individuals were taken from the captivity and chosen for this task. As to the crown and the placing it on the head of Joshua ,the only reason given was to display the properties of the Messiah , presenting Him as Prophet, priest and king. M
  15. Obama was sympathetic to the Muslims because Obama was and still is a Muslim. The visit to the Whitehouse and dinner with the president by Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu was proof positive that Obama was a Muslim. When the limousine carrying Mr. Netanyahu arrived it was forced to the rear entrance where Mr. Netanyahu was left for a long period of time parked while the president went to another part of the Whitehouse basically ignoring that he was even there. Thanks to Pres. Trump that we now have excellent relations with Israel and Mr. Netanyahu . Now we're faced with the uncertainty of what these two Muslim devotees in Washington are going to mean for the future of this nation . Could we be looking at further growth of this violent religion right under our noses ? M
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