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  1. Well, Swedish belongs to the Indo-European family of languages and so it is related to many other European languages and has similarities with them. The only similarity with Chinese that comes to my mind could be intonation - Swedish that is spoken in Sweden, so called rikssvenska, is spoken with "singing" intonation, and intonation is important in Chinese as well. But those Finnish people who have Swedish as their mother tongue, don't sing Swedish, they speak so called finlandssvenska, that is Swedish that has same rhythm and intonation (or lack of intonation) as Finnish. What comes to the similarities between languages, Finnish, which is my mother tongue, belongs to the Finno-Ugric family of languages, having Estonian and Hungarian as relative languages. So all the foreign languages I have studied are from totally different group of languages than my mother tongue. Edit. To be more specific with Swedish, for an English - speaker it would actually be quite familiar. They both belong to the Indo-European family of languages and both belong also to the subgroup of Germanic languages. English is a West-Germanic and Swedish a North-Germanic language.
  2. Have to admit that hockey won - haven't been following the elections since the game started. We'll, maybe now I will start with the elections. We won!!!! We are The Champions!!! Of The World!!!
  3. It'll become an exciting evening - the results of the European Parliament election and the finals of Ice Hockey World Championships at the same time. Maybe I should rest a little before they start. 🤪
  4. I'm not sure if I agree with this. I think in many situations the conversation is easier with a native speaker. Or could it be that it is easier to speak with a native if you are a little bit more advanced with the language, and more difficult if you are not that familiar with it. For me, I think Swedish and English are easier with native speakers, but German and Spanish are perhaps easier with non-natives. But You told you know Spanish well, and it is still easier with non-natives. Does it depend on the language, then?
  5. We have beautiful weather too. I've tried to find out, what's new in Stockholm. I'm planning to do a one-day shopping trip there with a friend of mine. We'll take an evening ferry, eat well and sleep at the ferry and be in Stockholm in the morning. Then an effective shopping day there and with the evening ferry back home.
  6. MEP = Member of The European Parliament.
  7. Learning languages is not only fun, it is also important. What the lady in my previous example was saying was the fact that a MEP misses the hardcore of the decision making process, if s(he) speaks only English.
  8. We have European Parliament election this month, and a lady who has been working 20 years in the European Commission adviced that a MEP should speak not only English, but also French fluently. And Spanish and Italian would be very useful too. These languages are important in conversations in the corridors, where the meps don't get translations. Only English -attitude doesn't work in Brussels.
  9. Yes, The Finnish Lutheran Mission started working in Japan 1968. And before that, The Lutheran Evangelical Association of Finland ( LEAF) started working there about one hundred years ago.
  10. My first dog was a believer. I still have the Bible she tried to eat in her hunger for God's word.
  11. Even year 2019 we have areas in the world without a Christian Church in any language. Ben Asher wrote about the situation in Japan. Over one hundred years for example Finnish missionaries have worked there and still it is a very hard soil for gospel. Always, when the Finnish missionaries have started working inJapan, the first thing they have done there has been learning Japanese. It's not that difficult to learn new languages.
  12. Even if there wouldn't be any Christians in a City? Should non-Christians provide this service just in case someone would like to attend a Christian meeting in English?
  13. I remember I did this in high school. There was one boy on our class, who was always mocking believers. At some point I started to pray for him, and after a long time I noticed that I had started to like him. What comes to The Bible Verse Becky quoted, I think doing good to those who hate you is quite easy. You can just decide to do good and act rightly towards them, you don't need loving feelings when doing good. You just act according to Your own values. But praying for them and blessing them is much more difficult, when Your feelings say you would be happy to see them going to hottest hell possible.
  14. This meme reminds me of another Baptist claim, that infants can't believe and therefore shouldn't be baptized. And all The Time that baby is happily diving in God's Grace 😎.
  15. I think I'll reread The Complete Yes Prime Minister by Jonathan Lynn and Anthony Jay. I've read it several times, but not for a while.
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