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  1. Couldn't believe my eyes when I was drinking my morning coffee and started to read the news. Been once in Notre Dame - it is (was) a very beautiful cathedral and such an important symbol to Paris with a priceless historical value. I hope they'll build it again.
  2. Of course, If English is an official language on a country, there should be services available in English. But are there regional differences in Philippines what comes to English speakers? For example in Finland we have two official languages, Finnish and Swedish and the Swedish - speakers are a quite small minority. We have Swedish - speaking congregations only on those areas, where there are enough Swedish - speaking people, that is mainly by the seashore. I think we do not have many Swedish-speaking congregations in Eastern Finland.
  3. Well, I think what is written about learning Finnish there, is quite right. But for example the latest group of immigrants that came here a few years ago, have shown that Finnish is not impossible to learn. I think these new immigrants have good motivation to learn Finnish, and because of that, they also learn it.
  4. Oh, well, on that case I think those circles in lutheranism I've beenn involved in, could be described as pentecostals. I've hardly never met cessationist lutherans. Oh yes, now that I think of it, I remember one, but he left the Lutheran church of Finland, and joined a small lutheran cessationist churh. The Lutheran church of Finland was too pentecostal for him, I think. With Baptists we do desagree on their common belief.
  5. Doesn't all pentecostals believe on two. baptisms?
  6. I absolutely agree. Of course the local church can also show courtesy towards people who don't know the local language. In Finland, we have some international fellowships where English is spoken. In local churces, translation is often used, not only to English, but to other languages too. As Ben Asher wrote earlier, the gospel should be heard in one's mother tongue. When travelling abroad, I think the liturgy helps a lot, if you don't know the local language.
  7. The dementia of my smart phone is progressing. Have to buy a new one. I think I'll by a Nokia 7.1., but I'm not sure yet.
  8. If TonyT is planning a trip to Israel, I recommend it warmly. Been there several times because I have relatives living in Jerusalem. May is very good month to travel there.
  9. In a couple of weeks we'll start with our agility group again, after Christmas break. It's a great way to beat stress. Hopefully it'll not be too cold then - we have a hall that is only mildly heated. Dog shows are also great stress-beaters for me, but I have to wait before we can start with shows again. I clipped the coats of my shih tzus last summer and it takes about two years to grow them to full show lenght.
  10. Did I understand correctly - you can have a passport, but not an ID-card? Why? And are they going to require both? Why? For example in the Schengen-area we need either a passport or an International ID, not both. I don't understand what would be the point in requiring both.
  11. We had warnings last week, that this week would be dangerously cold, but in fact it has been a lot warmer than the previous weeks. We have now only -3 C, and last week we had between -20 and -30C. The forecasts said this week we would have between -30 and -40C. We have quite a lot of snow now - wonderful weather for skiing, but I have my skiing equipment in our "summer" cottage.
  12. Yes, that is true. When do you think the Holy Spirit moves into a human being? For example, one of those people I wrote about, is a man who was an atheist who grew up in an atheist family and was not baptized as a baby (as most of the Finns are). Then there was this period in his life when he got interested in faith and God and he studied a lot about those issues but couldn't believe. But one day he woke up in the morning and noticed that now he believed. Then he thought he should be baptized and he went to the church office and told them that he wants baptism. They arranged some meetings with a pastor and after those meetings he was baptized. Now, when in this process did the Holy Spirit move into him?
  13. I have heard some people say that when they became believers, they just suddenly noticed something was different and then they realized that the thing that was different was that they believed now. They had been in a process where they had searched God, but before that moment they just couldn't believe. I have also heard some people saying that suddenly they just noticed that they don't believe anymore. They had been in a difficult process as believers and that process ended when they realized that they don't believe. I've been wondering, is the "something" that these people had noticed, the Holy Spirit who had entered/left them?
  14. Yes, we do believe in baptismal regeneration. I don't have the Book of Concord, but I do have Augsburg Confession and Luther's Large Cathecism. The statement about baptism in the AC is very short and doesn't include regeneration, but I think Luther's teaching in Large Cathecism includes the idea of baptismal regeneration.
  15. I I think they have some statistics about the visitors in that area. I know some people who have lived in Finland for ten or twenty years and they still don't speak or understand Finnish. I don't know how they do that but that's the way it is.
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