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  1. No matter how repentant or sorry a person is, it does not undo the act done. If genetic predispositions, personality disorders, etc. aren’t an excuse to do wrong, why would repentance and owning up to what one does be enough? “I’m sorry” and genuine penitence isn’t enough. It doesn’t take back what’s done. What’s uttering a few words (no matter how genuine) gonna do? Sorry doesn’t cut it.
  2. What’s so vile about it? What’s vile about secretly wishing you were a guy surrounded by beautiful women and that you’re completely dissatisfied with being female?
  3. No, I’m not here to promote an lgbtq agenda. I’m just here to tell how I really feel.
  4. Didn’t a Christian say that the unregenerate heart doesn’t want God or Heaven? So what will they regret?
  5. I know I have the choice to indulge in SSA or not, so I make the choice to do it. I pick up other girls and fool around with them regularly. I do it because sex with another woman feels amazing. I want sex so I do it. I love it and enjoy it. As I said before, I could easily choose not to act on these feelings, but I do it anyway. Because I can. And I don’t want to stop doing it.
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