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John Calvin puts forward a very simple reason why love is the greatest gift: “Because faith and hope are our own: love is diffused among others.” In other words, faith and hope benefit the possessor, but love always benefits another. In John 13:34–35 Jesus says, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Love always requires an “other” as an object; love cannot remain within itself, and that is part of what makes love the greatest gift.


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  1. Pillar

    Baptist Church and Freemasonry

    There have been several Freemasons who have used this site as members, and there are currently two active members of the Vatican working on this site. I am not prepared to share my space and thoughts with these cold blooded pretentious human beings, destined for the destruction they deserve, so I am no longer contributing to this contaminated site. To the honest contributors, you need to be aware that your input goes nowhere while these creeps are on the net, it may seem like you are being heard, but the audience is much smaller than you think, especially as you are dealing with fake identities and sock puppets by the same.
  2. I can't cope with the thought of meeting God, even though he is and has been the prime comfort and protection for me. How can anyone stand in his presence? It's easy to discuss God at a distance, it can go on for hours, but knowing he is not far off at any time or place, causes me to remain silent.
  3. Pillar

    Genesis 1:7 The waters above the firmament

    Read Psalms 148 again, and it begins with God in the highest and ends up on earth, and places the heaven of heavens below the sun and moon. That agrees with Genesis and the waters above the firmament or our sky. Yet in another place the sun and moon are set in the firmament or sky. So it is a description from our point of view looking up. And looking up we see the celestial bodies and of course the universe. The only water I see is in the atmosphere - billions of tonnes of water. One hurricane can hold water in weight equal to the great pyramid in Cairo. I have heard that the waters are a supernatural substance, just like the initial light, caused by the word of God, from which all matter is produced. Genesis and Job 38 mention the waters and the deep, etc in the context of the beginning of creation. The foundations of the earth are these waters. Psalms says the earth is established above the waters, which are supposed to be up there...as well. If we look at natural water - we have water above and below as well. And if the waters of Genesis 1:2 is natural, then we have an earth or creation existing prior to the power of the word in verse 3. Old earthers have capitalized on this. However, if these waters are supernatural, or the invisible aspect of creation, then we don't have the idea of the earth existing before the creation begins in Genesis 1:3, but the earth only appears (the visible aspect of creation) in verse 9 or on the third day. On that day God names it "Earth." So is it possible that the waters are a primary substance which produces what we experience as tangible matter, that our elements are the visible aspect of creation, and that both the visible and invisible co exist in the whole of creation as said in the New Testament? Or does that sound too etherical and new age?
  4. Pillar

    Genesis 1:7 The waters above the firmament

    I hope it's not too late to respond to this thread. When you look up the words "Water" or "waters," "the deep," "flood," "seas" and firmament, you'll find that they are sometimes used in a way that doesn't make sense. These indicate that the meanings are more than just what people guess. For instance, "the waters that be above the heavens." Psalms 148:4. If the heavens are the starry sky, are there waters above them? Any thoughts?
  5. Where do you turn the spell check on bro? google spell check service in settings?
  6. Pillar

    Why did God allow sin at all?

    Christians actually don't have any topics - because everthing is connected to experiencing life in the universe - that's why we ramble .
  7. Pillar

    Baptist Church and Freemasonry

    Just a note on Masons. The Freemason society isn't a religion such as a registered church or persuasion, it is a society with memberships that cover a large sector of society - from all walks of life. It is a brotherhoodand which looks after its own. That may seem good, but too often it excludes non members, and can send businesses to the wall. Whole societies and even countries can be controlled and undermined because such a large group of influencial people, in Government, business and trades, have their way without realising the agendas of Satan who works from the top down. Some of the most godly men are Masons. Some read their Bible more thoroughly than Christians. By and large Mason's are good citizens. But the majority are unaware of the true nature of the secret society. Satan keeps up a good face for Freemasonry through various altruistic endeavors, which are also used as masks to cover crimes. But these activities are just the veins of the beast, lying well below a layer of acceptable lipids.
  8. Pillar

    Baptist Church and Freemasonry

    On the contrary, Masons are in church office in many places, just like the Fathers (Jesuits). Masons will use the Bible as their sworn book when they are in such societies, but the Koran and other writings take the place of the Bible wherever it matches the social demand.
  9. Pillar

    Baptist Church and Freemasonry

    Climbing up the ladder in secret societies, such as Freemasonry isn't always uniform in its results and activities, so not all 30 degree Masons acknowledge Lucifer as God. Some will breeze through the esoteric writings and ceremonies, without taking too much notice, and may not even have attended all of the meetings. On the other hand there are low degree Masons who have joined up with Satan early in the process. One of the reasons for this, is the different social situations and influences. Masonic societies encourage blending in. But neutrality in mentality tends to leave people open to suggestion and manipulation. For example, a member may not discuss religion or politics, the two areas which Satan is deeply involved in, and we know as Christians that being uncommitted and ignorant is dangerous. But that's how the devil subtly draws individuals in, leading them by the nose. So depending on the social situation, some individuals and groups are heavily into Satanism, while others are busy helping the community or whatever. But in general, the lower degree Masons are not exposed to the direct worship of Satan as God. In the higher ranks, which meet up with the higher ranks of other secret societies, some groups are exposed to various manifestations of Satan or his angels. Those manifestations are questionable and not necessarily real, but people are impressed...
  10. Pillar

    Why did God allow sin at all?

    You answered the question beautifully. I think Job lived around the time of Abraham, which was many centuries after the fall of Satan, which I think was just before the creation of this earth. Satan is an opportunist, and felt that he had a big enough case against God to be allowed in, which of course was otherwise impossible.
  11. Pillar

    The Vatican Is Looking for God in the Stars

    It couldn't have been too hard to find the devil if she was sleepng with him.
  12. Pillar

    The Vatican Is Looking for God in the Stars

    I don't know if the Vatican can find God out there, but they found the devil a long time ago.
  13. Pillar

    The only begotten Son of God

    I hope you don't talk like you write - whole magazines at a time. But yes, some people make the mistake of harboring the idea that the Son had a beginning, but when we read all of the references about the begotten - they are all in the context of Christ being prepared to come to the earth as an offering for sin, in the Old Testament, or in the New Testament a reference to him in the flesh on earth, and in particlular around the time of his crucifixion. You would think that the birth of Christ would be included here, but it isn't. The begotten was and can only be talking about Christ as the Lamb, slain for the world, and that by making a sin offering for the world, God would have One in whom the whole world is reconciled. And the same term is used for his priesthood, which began after he ascended. So "begotten" is a special application that has to do with God being able to redeem man, through a new man - the son of man. The human combined with the divine. It is a word of a victorious outcome, and not about having a baby.
  14. Pillar

    Jesus = God?

    No I didn't read the article because I pretty much agree with you. But I was thinking that people must have different ideas about worship, even as applied to Holy Spirit worship, and I don't doubt that you would be aware of extremes in that area. But what you have put forward indicates a reverence for the Holy Spirit, as to God, and that is the tenor of the scriptures for sure.

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