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  1. You're being ridiculous and beyond belligerent, to this extent here: Proverbs 30:33 And your supposed "question" had not one drop of sincerity to it; you weren't about to hear a word that was said. Neither have you addressed the point that was made! (It scares me that such thinking is allowed to vote)
  2. "Rightly dividing the word of truth" is something worth being passionate about! Notice from your passages cited that the main purpose here is to be ready to explain our great Hope, which pertains to witnessing to unbelievers rather than bickering between brothers, trying to prove one another wrong. That's an exercise I find is worse than futile, also being divisive to the Body. I think what's essential to the topic you raise is recognizing the importance of any given query. Is it a direct command, to be obeyed? Does it contribute to our worldview, affecting our Faith or perception of God Himself? If it falls into either one of these categories, God has probably stated and re-stated His point in multiple ways, hoping we might get it. If He's said it a bunch of times, it's probably because it's really important to Him! Even if our obedience is not at issue. For example, God's big on how we think of Him, even when that doesn't have direct and immediate bearing on our actions. There are many other things we can find in Scripture that must be less important than the things already mentioned. While there's nothing wrong with pursuing Truth, we need to be able to make space for both not knowing everything right now, and for our fellow believers to have different opinions. Church history is sadly riddled with Christians literally killing one another over such things. We need to be circumspect about that! It's easy for us to say nobody's been doing that for a long time now, but there are several problems with letting our guard down in this area. First, it hasn't been that long. (IRA, anyone?) Second, muslims still behave that way. We may like to say that belongs back in the middle ages, but the world is watching, and eager to lump believers of every stripe together. Is there really any difference between us? If we are going to think "of course there is," we need to be able to PROVE that, by our behavior. Not to please the world, but per a Scripture you've recently highlighted site-wide, John 13:35. All that is step one in our response to your point. Operating from that as a base, we have to find that's still not adequate. Scripture addresses all sorts of things, but there are also a lot of issues that spring up that it's absolutely silent about. We are to be able to recognize His voice! Of course applying ourselves to Scripture is the place to start, but we also need the Holy Spirit for lots of things we can't find in Scripture. And wow is He ever good at telling us what we need, and then showing us how it really IS in Scripture, in indirect fashion! I would hope everyone has that experience, but this is often where fellow believers turn on one another. What we need to guard against is turning on one another. We need to remain open to His leadership. That looks so simple in print ...
  3. Now that is a very interesting point! And not at all what I intend to address with my original comment, which I hope should be obvious. The answer is "line upon line, precept upon precept; here a little, there a little." Life is not black and white all the time, and neither is Scripture. No matter how much we'd prefer things to be that simple. If someone is totally unprepared to accept something another recognizes Scripture as saying plainly, there's a reason for that. God gives the increase - and I ain't Him! So I don't feel led to try to shove Truth down someone else's gullet, which is what engaging this sidebar squabble would amount to. And there's nothing Salvific about these details, either way; I've just never encountered anyone who fails to recognize Saul's past before, so I thought my little comparison would be effective communication. Obviously I was wrong. The point here remains that Trump's actions from 2015 back to when he was a boy are irrelevant to the current administration, and I would hope that Christians understand forgiveness can be extended. Even to someone they disagree with. Even if that person happens to be Donald Trump.
  4. That's simply not the way Scripture was written. This is a very basic misunderstanding. Modern journalism is supposed to address the 5 W's, and refrain from opinion. Scripture was never intended to read like a newspaper. ANE literature would enrich your understanding of Scripture greatly; theirs was a culture about as different from ours as possible, and can only be properly understood through that lens.
  5. Nope, not even close. I'm not about to argue with you, and it's as simple as that. You don't get to tell someone else what they "would or would not do." Someone willing to make a mistake that basic is likely to miss a lot of other things that are pretty simple, and be unreasonable about it. You also fail to address the point. Is stirring up strife really that important to you?
  6. Origen, I cannot believe you honestly fail to realize Saul would've been found guilty of murder in a US court of law. While not committing the act, he gave the orders. A mafia boss is sentenced more harshly than the hitman he hires. Jesus made it clear that Stephen was anything but a lone event. So yes, Saul was a serial murderer. And used of God, greatly. The point being that Trump's past life has no bearing on his actions in office. Further, in line with "actions speak louder than words," his policy decisions since taking Office are quite different than his words, which are still blusterous too often. Perfect? Lol no, far from it. Yet his policies are doing a great deal of good!
  7. Oy vey. This is more than just "one verse," and should be common knowledge. The point is, God forgave Paul all the horrible things he did as Saul, persecuting the Church. At his worst, Trump could never compare to that and therefore we should not suppose God cannot forgive even the Donald. God even forgave Peter, who was a great big problem child, even AFTER knowing Jesus! So we all have a chance. Even Trump
  8. Amazing how people try to turn the Helsinki meeting into something. It was just for show. Posturing. Nothing more could come from it. Russia's offer to help us investigate those we indicted is a huge achievement! Not that anyone would serve time or pay any fines, but the cooperation and chance to see how they work would be valuable. I take it that offer was rescinded because we won't help them prosecute our own?
  9. I think we need to be a little more British here; these sides need to break out in a fistfight, lol. There's only clearance Strzok deserves, and that's to clear the uprights, right off the end of my boot ...
  10. He's always top flight! Trump can't afford to lose him. Have him replace Sessions ... What criminal in their right mind wants to face Gowdy?
  11. This shouldn't be limited to embarrassment. This should define who is "the swamp" in this organization.
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