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  1. I don't think that's true anymore they learned their lesson, they're seeing more opportunities under Trump to better themselves. On top of that they're hearing all the rhetoric coming from the Democrats about open borders which would give more of their jobs to illegals...
  2. My guess is they "think" the plastic junkyard out in the Pacific ocean has been created by the big, bad, crappy, stinky, capitalist US? Would someone please inform them that it's Asia's fault not ours...
  3. That's not surprising most of the Never Trumpers don't work so they have nothing better to do when they're running around all night and sleeping most of the day...
  4. The media just needs a reason as to why the Dims are going to stink in the midterm elections so they're creating one. There has to be a reason "OTHER" than the Dims have no ideas and stink, it's got to be someone else's fault...
  5. You seen this yet??? This could end up being a very interesting can of worms if opened, makes you wonder who is in this can? And you have to wonder if this can be used to shut down the Russian meddling witch hunt, which the Dems need to keep going as long as they can? (What if Obama, Clinton, Mueller or some of their cronies are in that can, the scandal could be huge. lol...) But I'm kinda surprised at the lack of faux outrage over this proposal so far, usually whoever that has something to hide is screaming bloody murder by now... https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-russia-justice/u-s-says-russian-assertions-against-u-s-citizens-it-wants-to-question-absurd-idUSKBN1K82PB
  6. The company Crowdstrike that did the examination of the DNC servers said the information download was higher speed than would could be done via hacking on the Internet, I.E. it was a thumbdrive in a server port... Also the employee of Crowdstrike who did the work used to be an employee of the FBI and worked directly for Mueller. Which probably means the FBI has seen the report and are purposely lying about who hacked the server and the indictments are total BS...
  7. They would never admit to that even though it's very accurate, they would rather claim Republicans hate women than tell the truth...
  8. I think it's perfectly obvious that the tactic of hiring someone not smart enough to threaten your position has finally come to fruition...
  9. Democrats Warn That Defunding Planned Parenthood Will Reduce Access To Essential Campaign Donations BABYLONBEE.COM WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Republican proposal to withdraw Title X federal funding from Planned Parenthood could cause a dangerous drop in the abortion provider’s campaign contributions to liberal political candidates, Democratic leaders sternly cautioned during a press conference earlier today. “Planned Parenthood does much more than perform abortions,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told reporters. “They provide […]
  10. Farmer Tired of People Parking Cars on His Land, Gets on Tractor & Blocks Them In WWW.WESTERNJOURNAL.COM It's not clear how well-marked his property was, or whether he'd asked people to move, but regardless of what preventative measures had or had not been taken, the result was still the same: Cars parked on his property.
  11. Europe has been a mess for over 100 years now, it makes you wonder if they will ever install a plexiglass window in their stomachs so they can see better???
  12. The Antifa activists themselves are probably getting a bit nervous over this bill but I have no doubt that the "money people" could care less other than it will be harder to find fools to do their dirty work...
  13. It's because their countries are going to have to raise taxes more or print more money and cutback on some of the handouts, of course they're mad...
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